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WPEngine, a well-known name in the web industry for its hosting services. The name is well spread all over the globe that whenever any company or individual thinks about the web hosting services for their website, the first name that comes to the mind is the WPEngine. WP Engine has established itself in the market not only as a renowned name but is also famous for providing its clients the best in class services which are not usually provided by other hosting services.

Honest WPEngine Review

Established in 2010 by Heather Brunner and Jason Cohen, has added lots of milestones to their company. A company that started off with just two people now employs more than 300 to their work. WPengine has its branches set up all over the world and is the center of attraction for many investors like Northbridge Partners, Silverton Partners, etc.

The company has grown up with a pace that one could ever imagine for a new venture and due to its premium and customized services to the ventures they have made a mark in the web industry faster than anyone. The best part of the WP Engine is that they have something for everyone, the business strategy that the WP Engine has implemented is that they cater to startups, small and large brands as well. Some of the unique and express services are detailed below:

Features :-

  • Speed

The speed of your website is crucial and plays a vital role in ranking. Wpengine offers a fast website loading time.

They have Evercache technology which is known for increasing the speed of the system as it is based on the proprietary caching technology which enhances the scalability of your system.

They have partnered with a CDN system which provides your website the system which helps load the content on a faster pace. It contributes to access the contents of a website while sitting at any hour and any corner of the globe.

  • Uptime

Uptime is a very crucial aspect of your website as no one wants their site to be down as it hampers their reputation and traffic.

Wpengine is one of the most reliable WordPress hosting service provider in the market which provides 99.9% uptime rate. The uptime rate is very competitive and thus makes Wpengine one of the best WordPress host.

  • Security

Safety and security of the website are the basic requirement of any online business especially for those sites which involves transactions. Wpengine is known for its great security feature.

Wpengine scans your website on regular basis and automatically detects and fix the possible threats on the web. They provide a guarantee that your site will never be hacked, and if it is hacked, then they will fix it for free.

They automatically block the possible attacks making your website more secure.

  • Customer Support

The technical team at WPEngine provides an excellent customer support to its users. It provides US based customer support for its Web experts and caters to their problems on a one on one basis which goes to all extents to get you back online.

Though the chat support is available from 9 AM to 6 PM CST, but still you can get a quick reply from the experts by creating a support ticket anytime.

  • Daily Backups and 1 click Restore

WPEngine provides automated backups of your system and also provides easy restore and instant backup for your data so that your data is always safe with us, so you do not lose on anything in your business. They take backup of your hosting on a daily basis. If you get any problem with the server, you can restore it immediately without losing any data.

60 Days WPEngine Trial

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  1. Time Saver: Installing WPEngine saves lots of time for the user which can be put into use for other constructive purposes. As it is tough to maintain various codebases at multiple servers, especially for the small businesses. It also saves lots of time in setting up and maintenance of the same as it is not required in the WPEngine.
  2. Customer and Customized Support: WPEngine has a customer support which is operational at every hour of the day. According to the users, the customer support has been so useful and have several times gone out of the way to help them at the time of emergency. This is one of the features of WPEngine that makes them different from other products in the league.
  3. Less Site Downtime: Due to downtime the business tends to lose the customer, the existing customers cannot access the website, and new customers cannot visit them too. This situation not only results in financial losses but also makes the reputation loss too for the consumers. With WPEngine you will give a sense of stability to your website.
  4. Better Responsive results in better SEO rankings: The website responsiveness, increase the rankings of SEO. The rankings of the websites become high in the google search which in turn helps in increasing the business of the venture.
  5. Innovative Tools and Services: WPEngine provides lots more different tools like CDN and IPs. These tools provide the users the accessibility across every inch of the globe, where the people can reach them and can have the access from them as well. The tools like staging functionality are very useful for some business as they help in testing the same before making the website live as it can help the user to identify their flaws before their stage reaches on screen.
  6. WordPress hosting at its best: It provides fast hosting and extremely reliable. The server performance is according to the SLA, most of the clients are satisfied, and if not provided with enough uptime then you will be refunded for that.
  7. Large File Storage system: This feature offers automatic sync of all your files with Amazon S3 bucket which has been nominated already.
  8. Staging sites: This feature allows you to test all your stuff and redesign if required and fix all the bugs before you send it to the current operation site so that it will be error-free and high quality. [/color-box]

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  1. Restrictions to WordPress Website: The WPEngine is restricted to use for those websites, which are made up of on the WordPress platform and does not support any other platforms.
  2. Migration: Migration of your website to the WPEngine is not a cakewalk, a third party help is required in establishing the same. But the customer support of WPEngine can be of great help at this stage as they can assist you in the migration.
  3. Cost Effective: In ago the WPEngine can seem to you a bit expensive one, but when you start using the services the cost will not affect you as it will help you in smooth functioning and also accelerate the revenue for your venture.
  4. Storage: One of the major disadvantages is, it has very constrained storage space or capacity – only 10 GB space for the personal plan, 20 GB space for the professional plan and 30 GB space for the business plan are made available to use.
  5. Highly Expensive for Multisite owners: Compared to other products available in the market, this Wpengine is very costly to afford by individuals who have many sites.
  6. No email hosting: WordPress Engine does not have any facility for email or webmail hosting features. This is vital if the customer is interested in hosting a separate email account. [/color-box]

Pricing Plan:-

The best part of the WPEngine pricing plans that they are customized and fulfills the demand of every customer. They have five plans so far which are described below:-

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  1. Personal Plan: Personal plan starts at $29 per month. The personal plan is for the users who have the single website or just want to test the WPEngine for the future. This plan is an introduction plan where you can have the feel of using WP Engine and feel the experience of installing the same into your website. The plan is having a single WordPress install and 25,000 visits per month with 16 GB local storage.
  2. Professional Plan: The WPEngine Professional hosting plan cost at $99 per month. The professional web hosting plan is for those who is managing multiple websites or who is managing a single website with steady traffic. This is the next level top personal plan where visits increase to 100,000 per month and provides the facility of up to 10 installs with 20 GB local storage.
  3. Business Plan: The WPEngine Business Hosting plan cost at about $249 per month. This plan is for the serious businessmen, who are managing steady traffic on their websites and wants the advantage of the upgraded cutting edge technology like GeoIP. This plan supports up to 25 WordPress website installs and 400,000 visits per month with 30 GB local storage.
  4. Premium Plans: The WPEngine Premium plan cost can be tailored on demand, its more like a custom based plan where you can negotiate for pricing. This hosting plan provides the benefit of 150 installs and about 10,00,000 visits per month to the viewers with Unlimited data transfer and unlimited storage.
  5. Enterprise Plans: Enterprise can also is more like a Premium plan, a custom based one. This is a clustered solution and provides its customer's most powerful technology and WordPress hosting experience. It provides the visits to 50,00,000 in a month and a memory of about 400 GB storage.  [/color-box]

WPEngine Special Offer:-

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Conclusion :-

wpengine websiteThe WPEngine is a value for money hosting service which proves it's worth among other cheap contenders which do not offer services like CDN, Ever cache, and regular firewall updates. WPEngine has been one of the major players in the field for whom the customer satisfaction is the only key to success. So if you are one of the clients that have been looking forward to hosting their website or an established brand who wants to change their service provider, can look forward to the WPEngine as one of the brands that can take their dreams and goals to the next level. You can use a full refund trial that is available for 60 days, and there is also a money-back guarantee available if you are dissatisfied, that too without any cancellation fee.

Overall the WPEngine gives it's contenders a run for the money while maintaining the standard and integrity. What else are you waiting for? Click here and start WP Engine 60-days RISK-FREE Trial.

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