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Vicon Lead Review : A Revolutionary Video Marketing Software

Do you always find it hard to send traffic from a video to your website? Of course it is because you have to tell viewers that they have to click on the link below the video (or anywhere around the video) to find more details, to subscribe or to purchase. The inability to add clickable links within your videos on Facebook and even on your own website reduces your conversion rate to a significant level – this is a fact.

Imagine if you have the ability to add not only clickable links within your video but visually pleasing hotspots (by hotspots we mean attention-grabbing smart icons)? Imagine where your conversions will reach with a tiny hotspot placed inside your video that users can click to visit any other webpage. This is what Vicon Lead does.

Vicon Lead Overview :-

Vicon Lead is a video publishing software that publishes your videos to Facebook, to your own website and Fb App. These videos are viewable and even clickable from mobile phones.

Vicon Lead lets you convert boring videos into interactive and interesting videos by adding hotspots. Hotspots are icons that you can add in your videos. The software comes with several built-in hotspots which you can add seamlessly into any video. These hotspots can do a lot of stuff for you for instance;

  • Collect email addresses
  • Send visitor to a specific page
  • Call via skype
  • Social sharing
  • & much more.

In fact, you can add any type of link in your video via these icons. You can add as many hotspots as you want.

Features :-

Some of the features of Vicon Lead include:

  • Ability to add unlimited hotspots into any video.
  • WordPress friendly software.
  • Videos can be published to Facebook from within the software.
  • Autoresponder integration happens to be one of the best features.
  • All videos are mobile-friendly and works perfectly on phones.
  • Extremely easy to use software and user interface.

Price :-

The initial price of Vicon Lead is $18 (price increases every 24 hours). There are two OTOs.

Vicon Lead Pro : Vicon Lead Pro is the first OTO that is priced at $67. Here is what you get with Vicon Lead Pro:

  • 10 done-for-you hotspot backgrounds
  • Developer license
  • Highlighted hotspots
  • Analytics
  • Custom tracking
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • White label video rights

Vicon Lead Mastermind : It is the second OTO that’s available at one-time price of $97.

  • 30 done-for-you videos (for personal use or for selling)
  • 30 voiceovers
  • Video delivery white label system

Pros :-

  • It comes with full 30 days 200% money back guarantee. Yes, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will get two times the money you paid for Vicon Lead.
  • One-time payment makes it a very cheap software.
  • With Vicon Lead, you can now convert all those boring and dull videos into interactive lead capturing videos.
  • You can add unlimited hotspots in videos and can add any type of links including affiliate links.
  • It improves conversion rate like hell and that’s because of all those hotspots that you can add into your videos.

Cons :-

  • You cannot use Vicon Lead for your client websites instead you can only use it on your personal website.

Conclusion :-

Vicon Lead is a revolutionary software that will change the way you market, capture leads and get sales. You can convert any video in an interactive video with hotspots added into it. Capturing leads, building your email list and sending traffic to your desired URL is a piece of cake for Vicon Lead.

At such a sheer price and with 30 days money back guarantee, you can try this innovative software absolutely risk-free. The price of Vicon Lead increases every 24 hours so the more you delay your purchase, more money you’ll have to pay at the end to buy. Better grab it now and try it risk-free.

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