Top Earner Mentor Review : #1 Affiliate Marketing Coaching Program

Top Earner Mentor Review : #1 Affiliate Marketing Coaching Program

Zach Crawford, the well-reputed Internet Marketer & Coach, very soon going to launch his own affiliate marketing coaching product Top Earner Mentor alias TEM.

The goal of Zach Crawford with his company “Top Earner Mentor” is to first teach people to sell any digital product or services online using both FREE & paid traffic sources. Zach said that this was his goal from day one to create products that help people dominate whatever they want to do.

In fact, Zach Crawford was supposed to launch this product line in February 2017, but his subscribers urged him to first create an affiliate program so that they can earn money by promoting it also. Thus, Zach had to go back to the drawing board and setup everything so it would benefit them as an affiliate too.

In Top Earner Mentor (TEM), Zach starts off the course by teaching affiliate marketing because it is the fastest path to making six figures online. Zach Crawford did over half a million dollars before actually focusing on his own products. It's a great way to learn marketing and to get experience. Once you learn how to market the world is your oyster as they say.

Top Earner Mentor - TEM

List of Top Earner Mentor Products:

The very first front-end product of Top Earner Mentor is access to TEM membership website, which cost $1 trial subscription for first 7 days, and later $47 a month. The value of membership contents is honestly equivalent to $1000-$5000 products, which currently selling in the IM niche. The training is of very high quality, and enough to get people off the races and making lots of money if they go through it and take action as per the course.

Zach said that he will constantly be updating and will make this training better with member's feedback.

Top Earner Mentor Membership Website

Upsell # 1: Lifetime Access to TEM (cost $497)

Once the customer buys the $1 trial, then they will be offered an upsell option to get lifetime access to TEM membership website for $497 or a split pay option of two payments 30 days apart. This special discount offer will remain valid only for 24 hours from time of purchase of $1 trial subscription.

Once the customer successfully placed the order, then from there, they will get access to the membership website, Facebook group, daily live stream coaching and value webinars.

Upsell # 2: Certified Partner or License Holder (cost $2000)

Once the customer gets access to the membership site, they will be introduced to how they can become an affiliate and make big ticket commissions and encouraged to schedule a call with Zach Crawford or one of the phone coaches. On the phone call, they will be offered the higher tier programs. The first offer in this funnel is to become a Certified Partner (License holder like franchising a Starbucks), and this will cost $2000. But, this will let them make 90% of the front end just like they created the products themselves without needing to deal with customer service or all the marketing side of things.Zach said he spend on average of $25k + a year on info products and coaching to raise his knowledge and instead of doing like most companies where they make you buy 100 products to get everything, and he is going to give you everything at the $2000 level. So he will keep stacking the value of this $2000 license.

People who don't buy the license will have the opportunity to purchase individual products if they want, but if you have the license you get every product and lifetime access as Zach create them.

Zach Crawford assures that he keep updating all of his stuff as methods change and trust him, as marketing is always keep changing. So there will never be a version 2.0, 3.0 that you need to buy, he hates this myself and will never do it to his customers.

Furthermore, when someone becomes TEM License holder, they will get a special bonus from Zach. They will be offered a custom blog/sales funnel/branding package, so they don't have to do all of this themselves which is what stops most people. Zach and his team design and setup everything. This is being sold in the industry for $3000-$5000 + on average. He does this for every license holder. The branding sites look like this …

Upsell # 3: Personal Coaching (cost : $10000)

Once the buyer, purchase TEM License, then they will be offered the second higher option which is personal coaching with Zach and his father Guy Crawford, which will cost $10,000 (one-time). This service includes:

  • 1 year working with Zach Crawford to help you plan and execute in your business. This could be helping you plan out promotions, restructure offers, tweak your emails and help you keep progressing to become a top earner much faster. Having someone to look at what you're doing wrong and just tweaking a few small things makes the difference of a little money or a lot.
  • 1 year of coaching via Voxer so anytime you have questions or need help 24 hours a day you have access to Zach.
  • Accountability with my father. Every week they will report what they did or didn't do and Zach will be following up with them every week on Voxer to make sure they're implementing what they're supposed to do. So Zach Crawford will be their marketing coach, while his father Guy Crawford will be their accountability coach to make sure they're taking action and not wasting time on things that don't help them.

Other Products:

Now to also go into the $2000 license a little more. There will be individual products that will sell for anywhere from $997 each, $497, $697 and up. These will be individual products like how to do product creation, webinar marketing, phone sales, create your own coaching programs. These will all be created this year. They're not done yet and will be created 1 by 1 at the highest quality.

How to Join Top Earner Mentor Affiliate Program:

Do you know that you can earn money by promoting Top Earner Mentor as an affiliate? As a basic affiliate, you make 50% promoting the products. Please note that this is a basic high ticket direct sales affiliate program, so you can sell what you own. No crazy pass up's or multi tiers or anything crazy to explain.  Zach believes if it's hard to explain to people, it's hard to sell for you.

Further talking to Zach, he said that his 100% focus is to sell Top Earner Mentor (TEM) and TEM-related products and services. So he won't be plugging people into other opportunities and concentrate on making both himself and you money.

How Hard-Coded Affiliate Program Works:

The best thing about TEM Affiliate program, that all the leads which you will send to TEM landing or squeeze page will be hard-coded. That means that once you send the leads to TEM funnel, they will be coded to you for life. So this means if you just sell a $1 trial or $7 front end product, then the person is coded to you for life. They will go onto Zach buyer's email list, and he will be making offers to them on the webinar, phone and even offering them live events in the future. You will make commissions on everything, once you gets fully positioned in Top Earner Mentor.

Zach further explains that, once you send your prospects to his TEM funnel, then he will do 90% of the selling for you, and you will earn commission without doing anything. Moreover, If someone becomes a license holder, they will make 90% commission on it (no one in the industry does this). So, Zach set things up, so it's like you created and own the products.

$50000 Matching Million Bonus:

To motivate Top Earner Mentor affiliates to work hard and reach their goals, Zach is offering a matching $50,000 bonus. Thus, when you make your first $50,000 in commissions. So this means once you make $50,000 you will get another $50,000 as matching bonus. So make $50k, and you will make $100k. This only qualifies for either 50 license sales or a combination of license sales and coaching sales to make $50k in personal commissions.

Zach honestly believes that anyone who works hard can get this bonus in 6-12 months. He used to be in a direct sales company selling a similar $2000 product, and he sold 200 of them in 8 months with free traffic. So he made over 200k in just 8 months and only had an email list of roughly 3000-4000 people from social media and blogging.

Zach designed Top Earner Mentor in this way that maximum goes to its affiliate partners so that they can afford to do paid traffic without needing to build your own products like he had to do.

TEM Affiliates have the option to just focus on promoting the front end products and let Zach Crawford sell the bigger ticket products for them, or if they want, they can also promote individual products and group coaching programs with their unique affiliate links.

Conclusion :

First and foremost Zach Crawford's Top Earner Mentor is not a business opportunity first. I've been in many of these, and they just teach you to promote them. They don't want you to truly learn how to become a top earner because then you will leave and do your own thing. TEM is best available coaching program in the market for those, who are looking to learn affiliate or internet marketing. By following the instructions and taking action on the training anyone can make money online with Top Earner Mentor. Thus, I highly recommend this course to all my subscribers.

Also, I am offering following bonuses, who will buy Top Earner Mentor through my affiliate link.

Top Earner Mentor Bonus Pack

Bonus # 1: HardCopy of Russell Brunson's Dotcom Secrets Book worth $12
Bonus # 2: Free T-Shirt worth $25
Bonus # 3: Affiliate Bootcamp Training worth $99
Bonus # 4: 60-minutes of FREE Consultation Session worth $299

Instruction to Claim Your Bonus

Step 1: Subscribe to $47/month or $497 Lifetime Membership Subscription by using my affiliate link.

Step 2: Forward your Invoice to: with ‘TEM Bonus’ in the subject.

Step 3: I will check and verify the purchase by logging to TEM affiliate back office, that I get credit for your sale or not? Once, everything confirmed, then I will send you bonus within 24 hours to your Inbox.

Step 4: I'll send you an email, which offers access to all bonuses. It's super quick and easy, isn't that awesome?

Queries/ Support

If you have any query or doubts related with Top Earner Mentor, then you can contact me at support[at] I will glad to assist you. Thank you. 🙂

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