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On August 22, 2017
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The Rookie Profit System works well for beginners because most of the work is Done For You. Thus, Highly recommended for newbies, who are planning to start a home based online business.

Steven Bransfield, a 22 Year Old College Dropout, has made his first $1 million online using the Rookie Profit System.

Steven, who is a Diamond Consultant in My Own Business Education, recently earned title of “Youngest/Fastest” Million dollar earner in MOBE history. In the past two years, Steven has used this system to generate over 22,000 online conversions, adding up to $1,376,421.03.

Steven Bransfield Commission

Back in 2015, Steven was a 20-year old college student in Tampa, Florida. He lived on his parents’ couch, had a “dead-end” job, and he only had $206 in his bank account. He took marketing classes, but always felt like it didn’t prepare him for the real world. So he started researching how to start a business online, and that’s when he discovered affiliate marketing. Then he found a mentor with a proven system for making money online… A mentor who had made over $150 million in six years.

Steven Bransfield Rookie Profit System

In last 27 months, Steven Bransfield become a Facebook marketing expert and has perfected how to find leads that are interested in high ticket offers. All he has to do is send leads and when one of his leads makes a purchase, he gets a commission on the sale. Commissions of $1250, $3300, $5000 and $10,000 add up fast when you know how to send leads!

The most interesting thing about the company behind this Rookie Profit System, is that they built the websites, fulfilled the products, and sold his leads into higher priced programs that he continued getting commissions on. And every time they closed a sale, he made a BIG commission of $1,250 to $10,000 per sale… sometimes more!

Steven Bransfield has given credit for his success to following :-

1) Find a Mentor – Forget the lottery mentality. Many people think they’ll wake up someday and get rich. But it will never happen if you don’t find a mentor and work hard.

2) Use Paid Traffic for Faster Results – “You need to figure out for every $1 you invest how much are you getting back? Then scale…”, said Steven.

3) Become an Action Taker – Take Massive action – Whether you’re ready or not, don’t hesitate with “analysis paralysis.” Instead, make a quick decision to go after your goals and dreams. If you don’t go for it, and take the risk, somebody else will do it and get the rewards.

4) Focus only on money making activities – Rather than wasting time building a system from scratch, Steven leveraged the system that Matt Lloyd, his mentor, already had in place and focused his attention on learning how to get leads.

5) Get uncomfortable – Every day, you need to push yourself to the next level, and do that one thing you’re not comfortable about. This helps you adapt, mature, and become a more well rounded person.

Steven Bransfield said, that when you use these five “mind-tricks,” you’ll get on the path to achieving your dreams. And if you want to achieve your dreams even faster, let me tell you about a Done For You system that’s perfect for “rookies” in the online marketing business.

Cons :-

  • Some Training modules are little longer.
  • Need to complete each step before moving to next steps. Only Your Coach will unlock those steps.

Pros :-

  • A Complete Done For You System. So, you don't have to worry about product fulfillment, payment processing, and customer service.
  • A simple 21-step training program that shows you how to send leads and earn up to $10,000 per month (even if you have no computer skills)!
  • Get Personal 1-on-1 coaching with a home business expert, who has used this same system to earn big commissions.
  • Done For You phone sales, so you never have to do any selling yourself!
  • Not a MLM, Scam or Ponzi Scheme
  • doesn’t require an email list
  • you don’t need any marketing or business experience
  • you don’t need to know how to code, build websites, or use complicated software.
  • works well for beginners because most of the work is Done For You.
  • 30 Days 100% Moneyback Guarantee – No Risk


Rookie Profit System is 21-step Online Course, which show you exactly how to launch and grow a wildly profitable online business. Steven has made over $1,376,421.03 till yet, using the same Rookie Profit system, and the course will show you exactly how he grew his business from $0 a month to $500,000 a month.

Rookie Profit System is ideal for newbies, who are planning to start a home based online business, as everything is already done-for-you, and all you have to do is learn how to find leads… a skill that every business owner needs to master anyway. 

Please note that the Success doesn’t come freely, you have to work for it just like Steven did. He found a mentor, worked hard, and took massive action. But, if a 22-years old college student can do it, then so can you.

Steven just published a new video that explains how he went from zero to $1 million in less than two years. Click here to Watch the Free Video HERE.

Rookie Profit System Bonus Offer

Rookie Profit System Review

When you buy Rookie Profit System through my affiliate link, I will offer you following bonuses :-

  • Special Video Training Program by Top 10 MOBE Producers (Value $4,999)
  • Four 30 minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions  to earn your first commission online (Value $699)
  • Access to Private Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Quick & Responsive Support to You via Facebook/Email (Value : PRICELESS)

How to Claim Bonuses

Step # 1 : Join Rookie Profit System, a 21 Step Training Program by clicking here.

Step # 2 : Once you have joined the course and paid the $49, simply forward your receipt to bonus[at]

3. After verification, I will then send over the bonuses to your INBOX.

NOTE: Please note that Bonuses only will be delivered, when 30 days money-back period gets over.

The Rookie Profit System works well for beginners because most of the work is Done For You. Thus, Highly recommended for newbies, who are planning to start a home based online business.