Savage Affiliates Review – Is Franklin Hatchett’s Course Worth the Price?

The affiliate marketing industry is growing strong for many years. Many successful entrepreneurs who started from scratch are making a substantial passive income from affiliate marketing. A lot of people have even left behind their existing careers to start afresh as an affiliate marketer. If you wish to do the same, it can be a very rewarding choice, but certainly not an easy task.

The good thing is that many training programs can teach you the A to Z of affiliate marketing. And Savage Affiliates is one such program that can guide you in setting up your own affiliate marketing business even if you have no prior experience in this field.

If you check the official Savage Affiliates website, you will get a surface idea about what it can offer. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get more detailed info about the program and its content before you even decide to buy it?

Well, that’s what I’m here for. Having purchased the program, I have learned and implemented what it teaches and wanted to share my experience and knowledge with my readers. I hope that it will help all you aspiring affiliate marketers to get an inside peek into the course content and decide for yourself if it’s worth your time and money.


Who Is The Founder Of Savage Affiliates?


Savage Affiliates is created by Franklin Hatchett, a well-established marketing personality. His story is not one of overnight success as he started from humble beginnings, much like most of you are planning to do right now.

Franklin used to work in the construction sector until he decided to shift careers and enter the world of digital marketing. He then got into dropshipping when it was still an emerging concept and slowly started making a good income. He also extended into affiliate marketing and worked hard to achieve success in this sector.

One of his most successful ventures has been on Clickfunnels, where he managed to make more than a million in sales, earning him the 2 Comma Club award not once but twice. In the present day, he is the owner of multiple eCommerce stores, an extremely successful YouTube and affiliate marketer himself, and the creator of top-selling training courses such as eCom Elites and Savage Affiliates.

His story is amazing and highly relatable as he once was someone who knew nothing about digital marketing just like we once were or like some of you still are. He journeyed through the highs and lows of multiple marketing ventures, got a firm hold of the industry and how to succeed in it, and compiled all his knowledge of affiliate marketing in his Savage Affiliates course.

So, one thing is certain – when you get this program, you will be learning from someone who has “been there, done that”!

What Does The Course Includes?


The course content of Savage Affiliates follows an excellent step-by-step learning process. All lessons are connected to each other, making a nice and easy roadmap for you to walk through as you start and build your own affiliate marketing business.

Here are all the lessons you will be learning in this course:

1. Starting the Foundation

In this lesson, you start things slowly by learning what affiliate marketing is, how it works and generates income, and how anyone can start their own affiliate marketing business. Franklin doesn’t beat around the bush and explains the exact process for a total beginner to turn into an affiliate marketing expert.

2. Niche Research Academy

The first step to jump into affiliate marketing is to decide one or more niches for promoting products. And that is what you will learn in this lesson. Choosing a profitable niche, understanding which niches have a high conversion, and knowing the demand for products in various niches are some of the points this lesson covers.

3. Website Academy

Once you have a niche in mind, the next thing you need is a website that will be your affiliate marketing business’s online face. In this lesson, you learn to set up a website from scratch, even if you don’t have any technical expertise.

4. Funnel Academy

Funnels are crucial in marketing – it’s how you turn visitors or interested prospects into paying customers. Franklin teaches you how to build sales funnels that will convert traffic to customers so you can make more commission through sales. And if that is still a lot of work for you, Franklin also provides one of his tried and tested converting funnels for free.

5. Email Marketing Academy

This lesson is all about learning how to use emails for boosting sales, commission, and income. Setting up automated emails, customer segmentation, targeting products to the right audience through email – these and much more email marketing techniques are covered in this section.

6. ClickBank Academy

This section is where you will learn how to start making money as an affiliate on ClickBank. Franklin shows you how to get started with ClickBank and the steps to start making money. He also shares the same strategies that he personally uses to make money on ClickBank.

7. Amazon Affiliates Academy

Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers, as they have literally millions of products to promote on Amazon itself. And this section will show you how to earn a commission as an affiliate by selling products listed on Amazon.

8. SEO Academy

If you want to drive traffic to your affiliate links and website, you must know SEO. This is where Franklin shares his techniques and strategies that will help you get your site ranking on the first page on search engines and drive tons of organic traffic to your site.

9. Paid Traffic Mastery

Even if you learn to master SEO and get organic traffic, you should still know how to bring in more visitors to your site through paid traffic channels. So this lesson includes all the different methods of bringing in paid traffic and teaches you to use each of those methods proficiently.

10. Free Traffic Academy

Who wouldn’t love to get free traffic on their site? Apart from SEO, there are many more platforms and techniques to channel free traffic to your site, and you will learn how to master those in this lesson. What’s even better is that Franklin shares many of his strategies to create a truly passive income from free traffic so that you can replicate the same for yourself.

So that sums up all the lessons you get in the standard version of Savage Affiliates. There is a Super version of this course as well, which costs more and provides additional lessons which are listed below:

1. Launch Jacking and Web Hosting Blueprint

If done right, Launch Jacking is one of the best and most profitable ways for beginners to start their affiliate marketing journey. Even if you have no idea about what Launch Jacking is, this lesson will teach you everything you need to know about it. Another thing you will learn in this section is how to make extra commissions by promoting web hosting offers.

2. ClickFunnels Academy (divided into two lessons)

Learn how to get started with ClickFunnels and slowly become an expert at it from the man who himself has earned the 2 Comma Club award twice. The lessons also include some readymade funnels that you can use to make sales through ClickFunnels right away.

That’s the overview of everything you will learn from Savage Affiliates, and you will also get access to Franklin’s private circle where you can interact with him and others like you in his community. They will be a huge boost in your journey as an affiliate marketer. It’s evident that this course has a whole lot of marketing knowledge that you can tap into.

How Does This Program Work?

Savage Affiliates is such a thorough program covering every nook, corner, and alleys of affiliate marketing. You can start as a beginner who has no knowledge of affiliate marketing whatsoever and build your steps to becoming a full-time affiliate marketer if you wish.

Choose your niche, set up your website, expand your reach as an affiliate in multiple platforms – Amazon. ClickBank, and ClickFunnels, learn to harness both free and paid traffic, master expert SEO and email marketing techniques and earn commissions through many different channels.

The best part of this program is that even if you decide at some point that affiliate marketing is not your cup of tea, you will still be walking away with incredibly useful skills in SEO and email marketing that will help you stand your ground in other ventures of the digital marketing world.

If you stick with this program and complete the entire course content, you can choose your own path in the marketing sector and create sufficient passive income working part-time or full-time, as you desire.

How Much Does The Savage Affiliate Program Cost?

As we have already mentioned, Savage affiliate has two pricing plans – the standard version and the super version.

Their standard version has a one-time cost of $197, and the super version has a one-time cost of $297. It’s a lot cheaper than most other affiliate marketing courses that usually cost more than a thousand bucks. Since both their plans have a one-time payment, you don’t need to worry about subscription costs and recurring payments.

The amount of knowledge and skills you can get from this course is truly impressive for such a reasonable price.

Savage Affiliates also has a 30-day refund policy. If you learn the lessons in this course, put them into applications as instructed, but don’t get results, you can claim a refund within 30 days of your purchase.


OTO/Upsells Offers

The only upsell in Savage Affiliates is upgrading from their standard version to the super version. If you buy the standard version and later decide to upgrade to the super version, it will cost you another $100. In return, you will get the following additional content:

  • Complete Launch Jacking course where you learn to make big sales by promoting recently launched and trending products.
  • Complete Web Hosting course where you learn to make an extra commission by promoting web hosting offers.
  • Complete ClickFunnels course where you learn to utilise the powerful ClickFunnels platform which is already being used by some of the best affiliate marketers including Franklin himself.
  • Lots of Done-For-You funnels so that as a beginner, you need not worry about building your own funnels but can directly apply readymade, proven sales funnels.


  • Highly detailed course that completely covers every aspect of affiliate marketing.
  • Beginner friendly program where every lesson is broken down and explained in a simple language so anyone can understand and apply what is being taught.
  • Very cheap and reasonable price compared to other popular affiliate marketing courses.
  • Learn from someone who has proven his worth and his expertise in affiliate marketing.
  • The course is focused on affiliate marketing but offers a lot more such as email marketing, web hosting, and SEO techniques.


  • Some lessons, such as SEO Academy as well as Paid Traffic and Free Traffic Academy don’t cover the topics in detail. While it’s good enough for affiliate marketing in general, deeper insights into these topics would provide greater value for learners.
  • This program doesn’t have a free trial or demo version. While they do offer a refund policy, it would be much better if they had a free trial so interested people could get a small glimpse of the program before they actually spend their money on it.

Testimonials By People Who Have Tried Savage Affiliates

“This is the highest converting funnel that I’ve ever seen and I get about 2 – 5 sign ups per day! Currently I have 70 active members and my monthly recurring revenue is at $3400+. I get all of this through FREE traffic.” – Shan

“After taking his course it helped me understand affiliate marketing better and how to use it in my Instagram business. Since enrolling I’ve gone from $0 to over $10,000 per month in passive income! All of this is thanks to what I learn inside Franklin’s passive income machine and taking action.” – Brent James

I have completed this course myself after purchasing the super version. My main reason for getting the super version is that I’m very much interested in ClickFunnels. I have used some of the Done-For-You funnels on ClickFunnels, and in less than two months, I managed to make s few sales.

It’s not much, and the commission I get is nothing worth boasting about, but it does show that his strategies are not just for show, and they actually work. Marketing is always a long-term effort and never a quick money-making sector. So I’m certain that what I learned from Savage Affiliates will help me make a good amount of passive income over the next few weeks.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is excellent for people who:

  • Wants to learn affiliate marketing from scratch.
  • Have realistic expectations to make a long term passive income and not just start earning money immediately.
  • Wishes to change their career path and fully focus on affiliate marketing.
  • Wants to learn everything about affiliate marketing and its different platforms, and then choose their own path.

Who Is This Program Not Suitable For?

This program is not suitable for people who:

  • Doesn’t have the patience to learn and implement the marketing techniques over the course of a few months.
  • Wants to make quick money.
  • Is not genuinely interested in digital marketing but are just jumping in the affiliate marketing bandwagon thinking they can earn lots of money.

My Final Verdict and a Concise Summary on Savage Affiliates

The main thing about Savage Affiliates that instantly caught my attention is its straightforward pricing. I had searched for enough courses to know that this is one of the cheapest I could find.

After that, I did what any reasonable person would do – research about the creator, Franklin Hatchett. Getting to know his story, his success on platforms like ClickFunnels, and watching his YouTube videos, I was pretty much convinced.

When I purchased and started this course, I wasn’t exactly a beginner at affiliate marketing. I had even tried out a few affiliates programs, but it wasn’t really working for me. Despite my efforts, I found it difficult to break the ice and really push hard for just a few sales.

Once I completed this course, I gained a lot of confidence, especially when it comes to drawing traffic from multiple sources and using sales funnels to their highest potential.

It’s been three months since I first started this program and my result so far is that my sales and conversion rates have gone up a notch. I even made a few high ticket sales using Franklin’s strategies and funnels, which was really exciting.

While I’m yet to tap into the true potential of what I have learned from Savage Affiliates, I can vouch for it and highly recommend it to my readers. If you want a low budget training course with just as much, if not more value than other thousand dollar courses, then Savage Affiliates is the best you can get.


— Special Bonus for Our Readers —

I have an exclusive offer for my website readers. Savage Affiliates is a great program, but still, you need guidance from someone, when you get stuck with tech things. That is why I created an awesome bonus package for those who will join the course through my affiliate link.

So, If you’re looking to buy Savage Affiliates… then I’ve got a special bonus package for you. If you purchase the product (by clicking any button on this page), then you will not only receive EVERYTHING that program creator is offering you (including his official bonuses), but you will also receive special bonuses for me as well for FREE!

Bonus 1: Access to my PRIVATE Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group ($1997 Value)

I have created a private affiliate marketing Facebook Group, under which you will get a fully transparent look at how I’m promoting different Affiliate Products. 

Also, under this group, you can ask me anything about affiliate marketing, which I have been doing for the past 10+ years. I personally answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION that gets posted. I don’t care if it’s purely beginner or super advanced, I’m going to take the time to answer each and everyone that you post.

This is a huge asset for you because this is a private invitation-only group. But, by purchasing the product listed on this page,  you will get access to this exclusive group. 

Bonus 2:  Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + White Label Rights ($297 value)

I’ve created a Google Sheet that currently contains a list of over 100+ lifetime recurring affiliate programs. I keep it updating this list as I find new programs.  

So, under the bonus, I not only provide you access to this list, but I also offer you exclusive white-label rights, so that you can use it as a bonus for your customers.

Bonus 3: 90-Days Email Support (Priceless)

If you purchase the product through my link, I’m going to give you the most valuable thing I have to offer: my personal time. 

You can send unlimited emails to me, under which you can ask me anything you want to know about starting an online business or affiliate marketing. This means you are going to get your very own 6-figure mentor, who will help you to grow your online business. So, whenever you feel stuck or overwhelmed or have questions, I’m just a quick message away. 

How to Claim Your Bonus?

  1. Clear your browser cache.
  2. Click this link to make the purchase.
  3. Send me your receipt via this contact form.

    That’s It! within 24 hours, I will send you an email with instructions on how to get your bonuses.



What is Savage Affiliates?
Savage Affiliates is a full-fledged affiliate marketing training course where you learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business from a complete beginner level.

How much does this Course Cost?
Savage affiliates cost $197 for the standard version and $297 for the super version, both of which are a one-time payment plan.

Is this Program a Scam, or is it Legit?
Savage Affiliates is a perfectly legit training course. It has been tried and tested by plenty of users, and many of them are also earning big commissions as an affiliate with the help of this program.

Is there any Refund policy on Savage Affiliates?
Savage Affiliates has an action-based 30-day refund policy. It means that if you follow the instructions and teachings of this program but don’t get the desired results within 30 days of your purchase, you can claim for a full refund.

I hope you have enjoyed my Savage Affiliates Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.


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