Planethoster Review : Other Web hosts Should Learn from PlanetHoster

I have written this well-detailed PlanetHoster review to share my experience with my website visitors. I hope you will found it informative and helpful.

OK ! So it all started a few months ago for me, when I needed to find a reliable Tier 1 Web hosting company for my new project. I have used a variety of different hosting companies before, and I have had problems with most of them in truth. I scoured the forums and also asked some of my Internet marketing friends. One of them recommended a web host called PlanetHoster. He told me that he had been using them for a couple of years and that he had not experienced any problems at all.  This was a revelation to me. No problems with a web host for two years? I dug a little deeper into the Web Hosting forums and found that other people were highly recommending these guys as well.

Planethoster Client Area

I had to Test them out

I am skeptical and never ever believe in the perfect service. I recalled the problems that I had with other web hosting companies, and formulated a list of questions. I then narrowed these down to four which I considered to be the most important:

  1. What is your published uptime and how do I know you will stick to this?
  2. What is the response of your support team via livechat, email and the telephone?
  3. How do you protect my files from hacking?
  4. Is there a good anti spam filter for emails?

The reason that I chose these particular questions was because I have had more problems in these four areas with other web hosts than any other.

The uptime was very important to me. I want people to be able to access my Web Site 24/7. Being an engineer I am practical enough to know that things do go wrong occasionally with computers, but a very fast response to fix any problems was what I was looking for.

Web hosting support has been another nightmare for me. Some of the hosts that I have used took days to respond to my email request. A number of them did not offer a live chat facility, and of those that offered telephone support I would often find that the phone would go unanswered.

Have you ever had any of your WordPress sites hacked? Well I have and it is not a pleasant experience I can tell you. Some of the hosts that I have used have tried to blame me for this. It is their server that has been hacked but they are questioning whether my WordPress sites were up to date and so on. They even wanted to charge me to fix the problem (I fixed it myself in the end).

Then there is email spam. I use Domain Name email for my various businesses. On some hosts I have found that my inbox just fills up with spam – a classic are those “undeliverable” messages that have supposedly originated from my domain.

My PlanetHoster Experience

I initiated a livechat session with PlanetHoster. With other hosts I have had to wait up to 30 minutes in a queue, but here I was talking to someone within seconds. I asked them the four questions and their responses delighted me.

For the uptime they quoted me the standard numbers – you know the 99.9XX% I asked them if they could prove that, and they said that the best way was for me to open a free account and test it for myself. A free account? Wow things were looking up.

On the support issue they told me that their engineers were very responsive and they would never take days to respond to a customer. They also stated that they always answered their telephones no matter what the time of day.

Then there was the hacking question. They told me that they had anti malware protection operating on their servers, and that any they could detect any hacking attempt within minutes. As for email spam they had effective anti spam filters in place.

I got a Free Account

I was so impressed I opened a free account immediately and tried it for a month. Everything was spot on. I sent support some questions I already knew the answers too and they responded very rapidly (and correctly). I upgraded to their World + service after this and everything has been great.

Planethoster Review

My favorite aspects of PlanetHoster are their World Control Panel which is different to cPanel (its better), the fact that everything is unlimited (disk space, bandwidth, domains, MySQL databases etc) and the best of all is the free account to give them a try. Other web hosts can certainly learn from PlanetHoster. So, If you are looking for Sold & Reliable Web Hosting Company, then signup with Planethoster by clicking this link >>>