Outsource School Review + Special Discount

Hello and welcome to my review of the Outsource School. Being here proves that you are on the lookout for outsourcing strategies to suit your company’s business. You must have come across the various programs offered by the Outsource School and wondered if this would be the perfect solution to implement in your organization. Or whether you will get the ROI if you subscribe to their paid courses?

Well, you are in the right place because today I am going to cover the various pieces of training and support systems offered by the Outsource School. Not only will we discuss the pros, the cons, and the costs of the program, but I will tell you about everything you will get when you buy their training programs.

NOTE – Before we move forward, you need to know that I never recommend a program without testing it for myself. I always try out the training programs myself, implement the learnings, and see for myself if the results are delivered as promised. Only then I review and recommend the program to my audience.


What is Outsource School?

Nathan Hirsch from Outsource School

In today’s competitive business world, efficiency has become the key to sustainability in the long run. All organizations are focused on making their organizations lean, without compromising on the overall effectiveness and preventing any failure on any of the business aspects. One of the best ways to maintain the perfect balance of efficiency and effectiveness is to outsource suitable tasks so that the focus can be turned on more significant aspects of the business.

Outsource School is a training service provider that has been able to provide the perfect solution to tackle these issues. They have developed a wide range of training programs, courses, and SOPs that will support your business with the recruitment process of virtual assistants and in scaling up your business with their support. Their actionable training programs that will not only teach you but also your hired VAs to carry out their tasks effectively. Their proven systems will ensure that you are taken through the entire process of setting up the suitable VA support functions for your business but also grow your business multifold using their established and proven VA strategies.

Who Is Behind Outsource School?

Outsource School was founded by the duo of Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, who brought with themselves years of experience in the e-Commerce business. They started by supporting businesses selling their products on the Amazon marketplace. But their gradual realization was that there was so much to do that it couldn’t be done alone by them. This made them look for alternatives, and they started outsourcing their tasks to various freelancing platforms.

Together they started their first business FreeUp and scaled it up to $12 million in annual revenue and did it with the support of an entire team of VAs. However, they constantly were on the lookout to help other businesses learn from their experiences and use the support of VAs strategically to smoothly perform their business functions. This is what led to them founding the Outsource School. With their years of experience in online businesses as well as scaling up their FreeUp business with VA support, the dynamic duo ventured into this new segment by founding the Outsourcing School.

What Do You Get Inside the Course?

When you enroll in the programs offered by the Outsource School, you get full access to their various training courses that are bound to help you get the best virtual assistant support for your business.

    • Cracking the VA Code – This training is ideal for someone who is a beginner when it comes to using virtual assistant support for their business. You get to learn here how VAs can help increase your business multi-fold and how offloading certain tasks to the VAs ensure that you get more time to focus on strategic initiatives to grow your business. You also learn here about the hiring process, where, and how to hire the VAs. Once you have completed this course, you will have a clear understanding and an established VA hiring system for your business that will include the entire interview and onboard processes.
    • Podcast Outreach Formula – This training is suitable for you when you are looking to grow your business. One of the popular ways to increase your brand’s visibility and get more leads is by appearing on podcasts. You will get to know in this course how to use VAs to get more appearances on podcasts, as well as specialist suggestions on how to best leverage podcasts to grow your business. Interview preparation, building relationships with podcasters, and other networking tips are also included in the course.
    • Lead Generation Formula – This course is another module that will help you gain more leads for your business. There are time-consuming processes to research for prospective leads; then these leads need to be contacted to ensure they progress further into the sales channel. And finally, with continuous engagement, these leads are converted into paying customers. After you have gone through this course, you will come to know how VAs will prove to be immensely helpful in supporting your business in all these processes. You can also replicate these learning to onboard not only customers but also your other stakeholders like vendors and social influencers.
    • Inbox Management Playbook – When you are dealing with multiple stakeholders and a large list of leads, managing and responding to your emails can become a tedious task. Even though this is something that may not require much expertise, but this is an essential part of your job to maintain engagement with the various stakeholders. By learning this course and following the SOPs that are being taught in this course, you will be able to get this job done without having to invest your precious time. Once you have attended this, you will know how to hire VAs for the delegation of your email management.
    • Calendar Management Playbook – This is another pre-built system tutorial being offered by the Outsource School to help you save time and better schedule your activities. The more you plan to grow your business the more time you need to spend on promoting your brand and other important strategic initiatives. Once you have gone through this course, you will get to learn the various SOPs you can follow to hire VAs for managing your meetings, calls, and other scheduled activities.
    • Partnerships Playbook – Many businesses use various partnerships and affiliates initiatives to grow their business by leaps and bounds. To form these strategic alliances that will be beneficial for your business, you need to identify the prospective partners, do proper background research, and reach out to them to take the discussion forward. Once you have been through this course, you will learn how to employ VAs to complete these initial steps of partnership formation.
    • Graphic Design Playbook – In any online or offline business, the brand’s visual presence plays a key role in the business’ growth. From a brand logo to website graphic work to various other marketing content, designing attractive graphics to grab the attention of the audience has always played a very central role. With this playbook from the Outsourcing School, you will now know the various proven techniques that you can use to hire the best VAs to get these projects executed smoothly.
    • Video Editing Playbook – Videos are one of the most critical components of content marketing. Nothing connects more with audiences than videos. Hence, video content always deserves a special focus irrespective of the business you are into. With this course, you will get to know how you can recruit the best VAs to get the best outcome for all your video-related projects.

How Does Outsource School Work?

The Outsource School offers the above-mentioned training programs and ready-to-use templates once you subscribe to their paid programs. You can use any of your convenient online payment methods such as PayPal and credit or debit cards. Once you have subscribed to their package, you will be onboarded by their support team. You will get access to all their training programs only if you opt for their full package. Learn through these packages at your own pace and then start implementing them in your business. You will get the necessary support from the Outsource School as well to ensure that the implementation is being done correctly.

What’s The Cost Of Outsource School?

The Outsource School is offering you a free 14 days’ free trial, where you will get the following benefits free of cost:

  • You are offered free access to the first 6 of the “Cracking the VA Code” course modules.
  • You are offered free access to the first 5 of the “Podcast Outreach Formula” course modules.
  • You are offered a free preview of the course titled “Graphic Design Playbook”.
  • You are offered a free preview of the course titled “Calendar Management Playbook”.

If you’re happy with the trial services, you can opt for the paid plans offered by the Outsource School that will cover all your VA needs. 2 plans are being offered currently:

  • $97 if you subscribe for one month.
  • A discounted rate of $997 if you subscribe for 12 months.

When you opt for their paid plans, you get the following benefits:

  • You obtain full accessibility to every training and SOP formulated by the Outsource School
  • You get round-the-clock access to the Outsource School’s private community
  • You get full success call support when you onboard as a paid customer.
  • You can develop your customized roadmap, which will be suitable to get you the desired results.
  • Additionally, you get full accessibility to the Outsource School’s in-house software support tool – “SimplySOP”



  • The entire course package is very comprehensive and covers all the aspects of using the VA support system to enhance your business.
  • The course is ideal for people who are at the initial stages of setting up the VA system for their business.
  • The program provides many templates and SOPs that can prove very beneficial for your business.
  • The payment plan is flexible and provides you easy monthly payment options.
  • The paid plan includes free access to the SimplySOP software, which could otherwise have cost up to $47 per month.


  • If you are in the advanced stages of implementation of the VA support system for your business, you will find a few course materials not applicable to the stage you are in.
  • The program pricing does not allow you to choose and pay selectively for the different courses they have listed on their website. So even if you want to learn only one course, you need to pay for the full program to access it.
  • The program does not provide direct support in terms of hiring and managing VAs.

Who Should Enroll?

The training programs and SOPs offered by the Outsource School are ideal for you if you are looking to increase your business at a fast rate but need to outsource your work to a reliable team. Even if you are just starting and need help setting up a team, their products and services will work perfectly for you.

Who Should Not Enroll ?

The training programs offered by the Outsource School may not be suitable for organizations that are into complex businesses involving confidential data and Government security information. Also, organizations that are already in advanced stages of VA deployment may not find these training programs much useful.


Businesses should find a lean organizational structure and not focus their resources on their core areas of business. Many support functions can be offloaded to the professional Virtual Assistants. But it is essential to know how to handle the VAs else it will be difficult to ensure that all functions are executed perfectly. I have found that the training programs offered by the Outsource School are ideal to recruit, onboard, and train the VAs to ensure that the most effective products can be obtained from these recruits.

It has been a learning experience for me, and getting to use their various templates to enhance business opportunities has proven to be very useful for me. I have found that virtual teams can be set up more easily and efficiently. Not only that, I had observed that even the consistency of recruits was significantly increased when I used their established systems and processes.

However, I have found that when delegating different types of tasks to the VAs, there was an inconsistency in the level of the performances which seemed to vary for each different VA. I am sure with more time and with increased adherence to the SOPs, I can get better uniformity in terms of the deliverables of the VAs. And again, the templates and free access to the SimplySOP software tilt my vote towards the recommendation for paid services of the Outsource School.

Moreover, their refund policy ensures that you get your money back within 30 days from the date of your purchase in case you are not satisfied with their services and pieces of training.


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How to Claim Your Bonus?

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What is Outsource School?
The program is priced at $97 on a monthly basis and is available at a discounted rate of $997 on an annual basis.

What is its Price? Is there a payment plan?
The Ministry of Freedom program is priced at $1497 in case of a single payment, else $897 per installment if the payment plan of two installments is chosen.

Is it a Scam or a Legit program?
This is a completely legit training program. You can even test the program’s suitability for your business by opting for their 14-day trial program, wherein you will be provided limited, but free access to some of their proven training courses.

What’s Refund Policy?
The Outsource School provides a 30-day refund program for their paid courses. They claim that their program will provide you 100% satisfaction. If you feel otherwise, just reach out to their support team at support@outsourceschool.com within 30 days from the date of your purchase, if you require a refund. They will process your refund request accordingly.

Where to get the help of the Support Team?
For any program-related queries or refund requests, you can reach out to their support team at support@outsourceschool.com. For paid members, exclusive access is provided to a private community where you will be able to receive 24×7 support.

How to become an affiliate of the Outsource School?
You can become an affiliate and get earnings of 40% for all revenue generated through your reference. Just log in to their website and apply to become an affiliate partner. Based on your application, the team of Outsource School will contact you for further processes.

I hope you have enjoyed my Outsource School Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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