EcomX University Review : An Affordable eCommerce Course by Moonis Ali

Hey Folks, Navjot Singh here and thanks for stopping by to check out my Moonis Ali’s EcomX University Review. For those who don’t know, I never review a product unless I actually get it first, go through it, use it, and pretty much make sure it delivers what it promises.

As we all know that eCommerce and drop shipping seem to always go together, whenever we think about online entrepreneurship. And naturally, the most common eCommerce platform that comes to mind is Shopify.

It is no doubt that a lot of online entrepreneurs are making a lot of money on Shopify, but has always been that easy to earn a large sum of profit online? Well, to tell you the truth, earning your very first profit will prove to be a challenge, not just for you, but also for other entrepreneurs who are not quite familiar with the basics of online entrepreneurship.

One might even think that selling stuff online is as easy as posting something on the internet and peg a “For Sale” sign beside it. If you have done that, you probably realized soon after that not a single customer even bothered to look at the product that you are selling—well, mainly because your product did not even reach their trajectory.

That is most likely the case other than having an uninteresting sales pitch.

That is why it is important to know your targeted audience and are familiar with all the proven strategies for launching your ad campaigns.

The question is, how does one learn the specifics of ads? Well, one thing is for sure; you will learn the necessary information through proven training programs.

One of these programs happens to be EcomX University.


What is EcomX University?

EcomX University is a Course that teaches you all the strategies on how to create the perfect campaign that will help you generate thousands of dollars almost every single day. You will be taught how to find the best product to sell in your online store.

The main focus in EcomX University is on marketing on Facebook, which is a bit of a disappointment because social media marketing usually goes hand in hand; therefore, it would be much more appropriate and engaging if Twitter and Instagram are included. But then again, that is just my opinion—or suggestion, rather.

Other than that, the training program also focuses on the Shopify platform. You will learn how to set up your online store, especially if you are still new to the platform. Plus, it is actually a great eCommerce platform to start with since a majority of the successful online entrepreneurs started on Shopify due to its popularity and accessibility.

Basically, you will learn the basics of eCommerce and drop shipping by going through the same process as what the course tells you to do while focusing mainly on Facebook ads for your targeting process.

Who is behind the eComX University?

Moonis Ali Course

Moonis Ali is an Indian drop shipper that managed to earn more than a hundred thousand dollars through pure hustle and bustle. Although it is true that he is not a famous internet marketer or rather an extremely experienced one, he still knows the technicalities of drop shipping and eCommerce, which explains his success. You can get more information about Moonis Ali, who lives in Bhopal, by visiting his websiteFacebook profile and Instagram profile.

Back in 2017, he actually failed at least 5 Dropshipping Stores all the while doing some side jobs just to keep the stores running. And with that, Moonis Ali never stopped hoping that someday he will make his very first sale.

Naturally, his first sale eventually came with an amount of $402. After that, everything fell right into place for him, and the cashflow went higher and higher every month until in January 2019 where he achieved a milestone of making $144K! It is amazing how hard work and effort can definitely get you to higher places.

Not much is really known about Moonis Ali other than his success story. But he does have something unique that will surely impress you; Moonis Ali has a rap song titled, Ecom Rap.

Yup, you read that one right. Moonis Ali actually dedicated a song on his own training program, which is EcomX University. You should definitely give it a watch.

You should to checkout Moonis Ali’s First Ever Ecom Rap – An Ecom Anthem Dedicated to All The Ecom Hustlers!

What You Get Under the Training?

When you enroll for EcomX University, you get access to the following contents:

  • Basic Module
  • Print on Demand Module
  • eCom Ads Mastery Module
  • 100k Secrets
  • Recommended Mobile Apps
  • Bonus Module – How to Increase Your AOV Overnight?
  • Six-Figure Funnel
  • Free Access to All the Upcoming and Previously Recorded Live Sessions. (Value Bomb)
  • Dedicated Facebook Group for All The Buyers. (Life Support)

What You’ll Learn Inside The Course?

Once you become a member of the EcomX University, you will have immediate access to all the contents Moonis Alis is offering.

ecomx university coupon

The first page will include the available content ranging from the Basic, Print on Demand, Ecom Ads Mastery, 100K Secrets, Recommended Mobile Apps, and lastly, the Bonus.

Of course, I will not be detailing each content because that would seem unfair to Moonis Ali since I will be spilling everything if I did.

ecomx university basic module

In the Basic section, you will see that it focuses clearly on getting you started with the platforms required to help you make money. These 7 modules should be the first thing you should take a look at, especially if you are just starting out. Under this section, you will learn about:

  • Setting up your Shopify store
  • Setting up your payment, shipping, and checkout pages
  • Store customization
  • Creating a Facebook Business Ad Account
  • Creating and Installing Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Ad Account Dashboard Setup
  • And the Product Research System

The next module is Print on Demand Module, under which you will learn about the following stuff:

ecomx university print on demand module

The Ecom Ads Mastery focuses on helping you launch your ad campaigns on Facebook successfully. From here, you will learn who to target, where to target, and how to target your desired audiences properly. Other than that, you will also learn when to kill or stop a failing campaign to avoid unnecessary losses.

ecomx university ad mastery module

Apart from that, you get access to 100K secrets. This section includes his personal tools, resources, and processes that he used in order to achieve and earn more than a hundred thousand dollars every single month.

ecomx university 100k secrets module

Under this module, you will learn about:

  • Moonis Ali’s 100K Secrets
  • Secret Product Research Tool
  • Best Spy Tool
  • Zipify Pages
  • Getting A Toll Free Number

The second last module in this course is “Recommended Mobile Apps”, which is self-explanatory since the contents are literally mobile apps that Moonis Ali recommends using for your online business ventures.

And lastly, you get access to a Bonus Section, under which you learn how to Increase Your AOV Overnight? It is a must to go through this bonus module since it will definitely help you in maintaining as well as increasing your AOV in just a short amount of time.

Apart from that, Moonis will also share a 6 Figure Funnel, An Exclusive Ecom Funnel to Handle the Competition and generate consistent 6-7 Figure revenue.

All of the topics discussed in each and every section are pretty self-explanatory based on the title itself. This aspect also says a lot about the information that is taught to you; it is easy to understand, and Moonis Ali is actually good in relaying each detail intricately. So, props to him!

Although, I cannot personally vouch for the “overnight” part since it is not something of certainty, in my opinion.

EcomX University Pricing

As of now, EcomX University costs a discounted price of INR 7999 Indian Rupees, which roughly converts to $111. It is pretty cheap compared to other eCommerce training programs. In fact, the price is actually worth the contents of the training program, especially since it has some limitations on some aspects like the sheer focus on Facebook ads rather than involving Google and other social media platforms. But nevertheless, it still is worth it.

The original price of EcomX University is actually INR 9999, but as of now, it is still being offered at a discounted price—and I honestly have the faintest idea on when the promo ends.

One thing to remember is that this is a one-time payment training program, meaning that you will have lifetime access on the contents available.


  • Very Informative Contents
  • Easy to Follow Training
  • Positive Testimonials
  • No Upsell


  • No Refund Policy.

What I Like …

  • The information offered is pretty easy to digest and apply to your online marketing processes.
  • The price is worth the contents available. It is not overpriced, as well as not overly cheap
  • It does not stray from what the training program initially wants to convey to its members. Everything that they promised to teach you are included in the EcomX University
  • Positive testimonials from other users.

What I Dislike …

  • The training program should cover more topics, specifically on social media marketing. Although it may seem complete, there are still aspects that should have been included to maximize the potential of your businesses.
  • Moonis Ali Do Not Offer Refunds on their Digital Products. Thus, all sales are final.

Who is This Training Program for?

If you want to learn:

  • How to Get a killer product that never fails?
  • How to do the Right Targeting to siphon Buyers from Facebook?
  • How to Properly test your Products with Facebook Ads without wasting your test budget?
  • How to launch a Six-figure ad campaign?
  • How to Scale your Campaigns Rapidly to 5X your Revenue every month?
  • How to Get Your Facebook Ad Account Back and stay out of Facebook Ban Zone?

Who Should NOT Enroll?

  • If you’re completely broke.
  • If you can not simply afford the program due to its pricing.
  • If you don’t want to work.
  • If you think you can get rich overnight.
  • If you have to use the money you don’t have, or that would be needed for your family, then don’t join.

Is It Worth the Price?

Absolutely, because eComX University deliver very informative contents inside the Course. Thus, it is totally worth the price.

Is eComX University a Scam or Legit?

No.. eComX University definitely NOT a scam, because a lot of Moonis Ali’s students are getting results through his training program. Check out a few reviews given by his students:

ecomx university testimonial
ecomx university reviews


Although I may have said that it lacks a significant deal of content, you can never deny the effort Moonis Ali has done to make EcomX University a successful and informative training program.

I, for one, enjoyed the lessons included in the training program and can honestly attest that the information taught in each module were very much valuable and will take your businesses to great heights.

Of course, you can only make that possible as long as you invest a lot of your time and effort to your online business because like I previously said, EcomX University is not an easy way or a shortcut that will lead you to your riches.

You would have to work hard, which is a requirement for almost everything if you want to achieve more than what you currently have.

Starting up an online business or store may seem like the easiest way to earn money, you should still remember that even if it does not require you to work in a corporate office or a 9 to 5 job, you are not guaranteed to earn almost immediately. It takes time—and sometimes, a long time before you earn your very first penny.

That said, I would recommend Moonis Ali Course. because of how straightforward the lessons are. I personally learned a lot of additional information about dropshipping and ecommerce, which helped me a lot in optimizing my online store successfully.

So, what do you think about my EcomX University Review? If you have any questions regarding the training program, let me know in the comments below!


How to Get $20 or Rs. 2000 Discount on eComX University Purchase ?

If you’re looking to buy Moonis Ali’s EcomX University Course, then I have an exclusive offer for you.

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What is eComX University?
EcomX University is a Course that teaches you how to setup ecommerce store, How to Find the Perfect Dropshipping Products and  How to run Profitable Facebook Ads.

What is Price of eComX University?
Inbox Blueprint currently available at a price of one-time payment of $110 or Rs. 7999.

Is eComX University a Scam or Legit?
No.. eComX University definitely NOT a scam, because a lot of Moonis Ali’s students are getting results through his training program.

What benefit will I drive from EcomX University?
After the program, you will run Facebook ads for your eCommerce with better understanding and efficiency.

Are there any Other Investments required?
For becoming an Ecom Ads Marketer You simply need to Implement the strategies shown in the training and invest in your store’s advertising, nothing else is required.

What are the Methods that will be discussed in the Training Videos?
In this course, Moonis Ali has revealed the advertising strategies he has used to build multiple 6-7 Figure Dropshipping stores.

What is the Refund Policy?
Sorry, Moonis Ali Do Not Offer Refunds on their Digital Products.

How do I log in to eComX University Membership Area?
You can Login to eComX University Membership area by clicking here.

Where to Contact for Getting Support?
You can contact Moonis Ali through Facebook.


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How to Claim Your Bonus?

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I hope you have enjoyed my EcomX University Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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