Legendary Marketer Tuition Reimbursement Program

Today, I will tell you about the Legendary Marketer Tuition Reimbursement Program. I am pretty confident that you will found this information very helpful if you’re looking to join Legendary Marketer.

There is no doubt that Legendary Marketer’s Products are very expensive. Personally, I would not recommend it to novice marketers since it is really unwise to spend that much on something that is not guaranteed to help you become successful. However, my view on this has changed quite a bit because of their new program that is surely beneficial for novice marketers who joined Legendary Marketer. This program is called the Legendary Marketer Tuition Reimbursement Program. It is an amazing program that will get you your money back in two years, turning your expenses to zero.

Legendary Marketer Tuition Reimbursement Program

What is the Legendary Marketer Tuition Reimbursement Program?

The Tuition Reimbursement Program is a way of earning back the money that you have invested in Legendary Marketer’s products. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. There are requirements that you should fulfill first before you are eligible to reimburse your investments.

The first requirement is that you should sell 10 of the same product in 2 whole years. Take note that this is only applicable to a single product. This means that you would have to sell 10 of each product for you to be able to apply for a reimbursement.

Second, you should have an active affiliate account on Legendary Marketer. Just because you have an account does not automatically make you viable to apply for this program. You would have to be active, have a good standing, and overall performing well. The reason for this is because some people would see this as a way to get a refund since the most expensive products only offer a 3-day refund policy.

And lastly, once you have completed the previous points, you are then required to write a report of your referral sales along with a testimonial that states your experience on Legendary Marketer. After that, you will be asked to submit the product that you are trying to reimburse along with the report via their email address.

After completing these steps, the support team will verify the information that you have sent them; this will take about 48 business hours. And if ever you accomplish the requirements, you will receive the check within 3-5 business days.

That is all you need to do in order to claim your reimbursements.

Here is the exact quote from their Tuition Reimbursement Program page if ever you are still confused. You can check by clicking here.


If you think that you are eligible for a reimbursement request under the Tuition Reimbursement Program, you should complete the following steps to move forward with your request.

  1. Include the dates of all your qualifying referral sales on a specific course/product that you wish to be reimbursed. This form can be located by logging into the Affiliate section of your back office.
  2. Next step to submit a testimonial about your experience with Legendary Marketer in the past two years.
  3. Send the name of the product that you are requesting for reimbursement along with the dates of all qualifying referral sales to support@legendarymarketer.com. Write in the subject line “Legendary Marketer Tuition Reimbursement Request.”
  4. The Support Team will then review your request within 48 business hours to verify the information that you have provided. Once your request is valid, the reimbursement check will be sent to the mailing address that you have stated in your file in 3-5 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How I can join Legendary Marketer?

The best way to Join Legendary Marketer by enrolling for 15-Days Online Business Builder Challenge for just $7. You can join by clicking here.

I have the Basic Affiliate Plan, is that applicable? 

Yes. It does not matter what plan you are currently in as long as you complete the criteria mentioned above.

Does the Tuition Reimbursement Program apply to all products?

Yes, it does. As long as you sell 10 of the same product, you can file for a reimbursement.

Is the Legendary Marketer Tuition Reimbursement Program a scam?

The totality of Legendary Marketer is pretty reliable in terms of delivery and legitimacy based on my experience as well as other members. This basically means that this program is as legit as what Legendary Marketer is as a whole.  In fact, you will be directly communicating with the support team through email or call.

If you ever have more questions, feel free to send me a message through Facebook Messenger or leave a comment below! I will make sure that your questions will become answered as soon as possible.

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