Legendary Marketer Review : Can David Sharpe Make You Rich?

Hey Folks, Navjot Singh here and thanks for stopping by to check out my Legendary Marketer Review. For those who don’t know, I never review a product unless I actually get it first, go through it, use it, and pretty much make sure it delivers what it promises.

A few months ago, Every single day I have been losing money faster than earning a few dollars from the marketing process that I have been using back then. 

It surely is a hard time for me to move forward with internet marketing, but fortunately, I stumbled upon an amazing program called Legendary Marketer.

 You may have already heard of Legendary Marketer, and if you do, you will definitely agree with me that it has an overwhelming number of supporters as well as positive testimonials coming along its way.

With that, I was pretty impressed with the results and decided to join it to see what it is all about.

That is why I want to document and tell you my journey through Legendary Marketer to let you know how it can also help you with your current process and potentially maximize your earnings altogether.

Apart from this, I also started a VIP Group exclusively for Legendary Marketer’s Business Challenge Buyers to offer Top Notch Support to them.

Before Joining Legendary Marketer, went through different legendary marketer reviews, to better understand the program, but since the program is constantly updating and adding more to the stuff in the pot, I immediately realized that these reviews are pretty outdated and in need of revisions.

That is why I grabbed the opportunity to write an in-depth product review on Legendary Marketer to help other internet marketers understand and be properly informed on what Legendary Marketer has to offer. Whether if it is the best program for you or if you just want to know how much will you earn with its affiliate program—I will do my best to tell you everything about Legendary Marketer.


What is Legendary Marketer? 

Legendary Marketer is an educational marketing platform that is founded by David Sharpe. It is a platform that helps people shape their own online businesses from scratch through different training courses. 

It offers tools and resources that both aspiring and experienced marketers can use in the long run. Their product line covers different internet marketing areas like driving traffic and online ads. It has the same concept most affiliate marketing platforms have. 

Though the concept of affiliate marketing is the same with other platforms, Legendary Marketer offers a different twist and approach to online entrepreneurship. 

Who is behind the Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is founded by David Sharpe

Legendary Marketer is founded by David Sharpe to share his proficiency in internet marketing to everyone who aspires to become successful over the internet. He is undoubtedly very professional and extremely passionate in his works, which sparked a lot of attention from internet marketers—including me.

David was also a co-founder of Empower Network, a company that went bankrupt a few years back. He actually left before the company’s downfall, which also aided his new beginnings without the worry of being affiliated with a company that can harm his reputation—which actually checks out due to several issues that lead to Empower Network’s downfall. 

This is exactly the reason why I initially hesitated to jump on this opportunity right away. 

He then proceeded to start three multimillion-dollar companies from scratch due to his 9-year experience as an educator and a prominent digital marketer. This, by itself, is a good enough reason to trust his affiliate marketing platform.

This program educates people through online classes and live events on the way to make money online. Unlike other types of programs on the internet that are full of fluff, Legendary Marketer is straight to the point with its teachings.

What’s included in Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is made up of many unique products. So, what you will get from it as a customer will depend on which product you have purchased. 

There are actually two ways to join the Legendary Marketer program. It is either through the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge or the Legendary Marketer’s club. And regardless of what you choose, you will still be able to enjoy all of the Legendary Marketer’s products and features.

Legendary Marketer offers a whole lot of useful internet marketing courses that will assist anyone interested in starting their own career on the internet. The products available have their own specific topic and an expert in that area who will teach you the basic and advanced level of online marketing.

The basics that you’ll learn are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing Strategies
  • Lead Generation

It also provides extremely helpful resources to help you promote products more effectively through banner ads, landing pages, ad copies, videos, and email copy sequences.

But believe me, we are just scratching the surface of what Legendary Marketer has to offer. Let’s go through all of the available products see what topics they cover.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge


As it is aptly named, this is a series of videos that span for over 15 days that will teach you all the fundamental concepts of building your own online business. I personally adore the recent changes to the 15-day challenge because of the added information that are appropriate in 2019. All the videos are very valuable that even if you do not have any prior knowledge in marketing, you will still learn a lot from it.

And it is not just the video lessons that make it great.

This is also where you are going to get a call from your assigned business coach. The professional coach will be there to assist you with all your questions and concerns questions that you may have and will actively be giving you advice on what you should do with the lessons you have learned from Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

Keep in mind that the coaching calls are mainly there for helping you get through the 15-day challenge and keeping you accountable. And having a live person that you can ask questions to if you need help.

The price of the 15-day challenge used to be free of charge. Now, Legendary Marketer has decided to put a price on it and changed it from $0 to $7, which is a one-time fee.

And also, please note that during the challenge, the coach will reveal an upsell offer. But do not worry, they will not pester you on it, and if you have no interest in taking it, they will not pressure you into doing so. 


Legendary Marketers Club


The Legendary Marketer Club is basically a set of training modules that feature all the interviews with 6 to 7 figure marketers plus amazing training videos on other online marketing topics.

All members will have access to new classes every month, that was conducted by professionals on topics that are related to operations, management, sales, and marketing. It is an amazing way to grow your online business as well as your skills without being overloaded with too much information. 

This is a subscription-based product (much like Netflix) in which for $30/month, you will be given exclusive access to the training resources that will surely help you start and grow your own online business. All of the members are given access to live webinars and fresh monthly classes, which are headed by marketing experts on a particular topic that are related to either marketing, management, sales, or operations. 

And once a live webinar is done, the replays of it will be available after some time in the Legendary Marketers Club. These are extremely helpful, especially if you want to replay the webinar to help you understand it more or if you did not have the chance to attend the said webinar.

Traffic Rolodex

It cannot be denied that traffic is the lifeline of any affiliate marketer or internet marketer for that fact. You need the traffic to help your brand be seen by people, and once your brand is visible, you will then be able to generate sales.  Legendary Marketer has the perfect product for that; and that product is called Traffic Rolodex, which teaches how to use several paid traffic strategies properly.

And just as the name suggests, the main topic that this product will discuss is how to drive a significant amount of traffic on whatever platform you are planning on using. It will cover all top paid traffic sources like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more. This bundle currently has eight individual courses that will guide you until you generate maximum leads without the risk of losing your accounts. 

Each lesson will be conducted by AdSkills, which is a training company that mainly focusses on proven paid advertising methods. AdSkills is run by Justin Brooke who built his own 7-figure digital ad agency that managed to help his clients earn millions of dollars online.

If you are already a part of the Adskills community, you will have to pay a pretty sizeable amount of $5000 access this training. But since they are the ones conducting the Traffic Rolodex training, you will have access to all 8 modules for only $247.

I have not really completed all of the modules, but believe me when I say that their training on Facebook Ads is extremely helpful, especially towards novice marketers. And I firmly assume that the other modules will be as helpful and informative as the Facebook Ads training.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

The Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint will teach you how to go through several products online which you can promote to find one that can help you make an easy sell. It’s basically a course specifically made to teach everything about affiliate marketing and on how to choose the best product you can promote.

Digital Product Business Blueprint

Much like the previous product, this blueprint will teach the members how to convert their passions and ideas into audio, video, and written format that are definitely worth sharing and of course, selling. It helps the members plan their own curriculum and create a strategy on how to effectively deliver these ideas.

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

In this blueprint, they will guide you on how to turn your expertise and passion into a service type of business where you will become a consultant or coach. You don’t need to have an office or any advanced tech skills. In this blueprint, you’ll be able to learn how to easily identify your niche, create your offer, clarify your pitch, and deliver your services with minimum stress.

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

If you become a member of this product, you will learn how to plan, host, and profit from your live events. You will also be able to formulate a strategy that will help cut your monthly or annual costs, what kind of services you should hire, where the event should take place. This blueprint also helps you become an effective facilitator that can create a fun and meaningful atmosphere that your clients will surely love.

Live Events

The Live Events are part of the high-ticket products that Legendary Marketer is offering. As of now, the current event lineup is:

  • DFY Brand Builder
  • The Legendary Marketer Mastermind
  • The Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind
  • The Legendary Leadership Group

To me personally, I firmly believe that DFY Brand Builder the event that I am most likely to be attending at because the Legendary Marketer team will basically help you set up an entirely new online business and brand from scratch in a hands-on workshop.

I have not really attended any live events that are hosted by Legendary Marketer so I cannot say anything about it. But I will be more than happy to attend one in the future and will update this section with my personal experience.

Video Walkthrough of Membership Area (I’ll Create It)

How does it work?

To put things into perspective, Legendary Marketer differs from other educational platforms out there. It is not your traditional online business startup that proves to be quite difficult to succeed most of the time. Instead, David went on a different route—and that is franchising.

It is also apparent that franchising has a significantly higher success rate, unlike its counterpart. According to David, 9 out of 10 affiliate marketers succeed through franchising. And that’s what made Legendary Marketer quite relevant nowadays.

Its purpose is almost the same as other educational marketing platforms, but David’s model offers a much more effective way to produce solid results and a higher profit.

David has developed a proven sales funnel that work and requires minimal effort since he will guide you through it step by step until you get your desired income. And that’s where franchising comes in.

All you have to do is work with him and use his business model to earn money. This is the reason, why Legendary Marketer is also called Duplicate Dave since all you have to do, is literally follow everything he does and you’re good to go—basically “duplicating” his process of earning commissions.

The training somehow boils down to you reselling the products and memberships to earn commissions—and that’s basically it. It may seem relatively easy, but it’s only possible by going through the courses in which you’ll learn how to be part of the “franchise” and many more marketing-related topics.

Pros & Cons

What I like about Legendary Marketer (Pros)

  • Very High-Quality Training 

This is the best reason that I think a lot of people will surely benefit from, and since it helps their online businesses flourish and be more effective in a meaningful way once they take the proper action.

  • The Affiliate Program is Very Lucrative

Legendary Marketer has one of the best affiliate backends I’ve seen. 

You can Promote the low-cost Challenge can still earn you $1,000 affiliate commissions. Their low price tripwire products contain Business Challenge, Marketer Club and Legendary Book, who’s the whole goal is to bring your visitors into their ecosystem and provide massive value so that they can buy high price products

  • Constantly Improving

Legendary Marketer always makes sure that the courses and webinars are always up to date. The entire product line is always subject to change, which I find plausible because I have actually seen my fair share of outdated training programs that contributed absolutely nothing to my business.  And when I said that everything is being changed, I really meant that—including the 15-day Business Builder Challenge.

  • Super Responsive Support Team

When I joined Legendary Marketer, I immediately got shrouded with lots of questions and doubts, mainly because it was fairly expensive and because of David Sharpe’s previous company. 

During that time, I was looking for someone who can clarify my doubts. So, I contacted their support team, which is built on an intercom platform and submitted my query. 

And within one hour, the support team responded back! I was really amazed by their response time because they were super quick and literally caught me off-guard. To others, it may seem like a little thing, but most marketers really appreciate a very responsive and helpful support team to clear their doubts and answer their questions.

And my advice is to check a program’s support team or feature always, trust me, it will definitely help a lot.

What I do not like about Legendary Marketer (Cons)

  • Missing PDF, Audio Transcripts & Webinar Replay Titles

Not every module, especially inside the Marketer’s Club, contains pdf transcripts and an audio mp3 version.  Some have this included, and some don’t, which is quite frustrating. Having audio mp3s or PDF is very crucial because you can listen to it offline or read it anytime on a mobile device whenever you have free time. 

  • The webinar titles and descriptions are very vague

It is very difficult to know which webinar contains which training. Currently, these are usually named Live Weekly Training Replay 6-17-19 or something along those lines. This titles and description make no sense until you actually watch the videos.

  • You will need to Upgrade to Pro Subscription if you want a higher percentage of affiliate commission

You can indeed become an affiliate of Legendary Marketer without having to pay for anything, but this affiliate option will only allow you to earn a fixed commission rate—and the fact that it has the option of letting you increase your commission is more than enough to convince us, right? 

For that to happen, you would have to upgrade to Pro to be eligible to earn the highest percentage of commissions on Legendary Marketer. All you have to do is to go for the Pro subscription, which is $29.95 per month. With that, you will be able to earn 40% to 60% of commissions per sale—which is pretty high, given the fact that all products are high ticket.

  • Joining the affiliate program is quite tricky

If you want to join the Legendary Marketer affiliate program, you will have to go through the 15-Day Challenge or Marketer’s Club. And if ever you join through the Legendary Marketers Club, you are still obligated to complete the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge.

Not only that, you are also inclined to have scheduled and made at least 2 calls with your respective business coach, which I believe is a confirmation that you are really serious in your decision. Only then will you be able to apply as an official Legendary Marketer affiliate.

How to join and become an affiliate member in Legendary Marketer?

The prices of these products will automatically push you to promote these and get a higher commission to earn back the money you’ve paid. Once you’ve gained access to their affiliate plans, you can choose between two options:

The Basic – This is the fixed option for free affiliate account owners. You can usually earn 10-30% commission on sales based on referrals and promotions. It will not go higher.

The Pro – This becomes available the moment you’ve subscribed to the $30/month membership. This allows you to get a higher commission, which is 40-60% on product sales.

Legendary Marketer’s Pro Affiliate Subscription comes loaded with very powerful features, such as it allows you to add a tracking id (sub id) so that you can track the traffic source of the sale. 

Apart from that, it also can add your Facebook pixel (to retarget) or ClickMagick tracking pixel to your links from the dashboard.

You also can directly integrate your choice of email autoresponders such as Aweber, GetResponse, or SendLane for doing email follow-ups yourself. 

Under Affiliate Pro subscription, you get the option to choose Legendary Marketer to do a followup on your behalf, or you can do email follow up yourself. The Affiliate Dashboard also allows to export your leads anytime in a csv file or import to your autoresponder for email followup or running retargeting ads.

There is also a leaderboard ranking that I personally enjoy because of the motivating vibes I get whenever I see it. It keeps my spirits up, and I believe a lot of people will agree with me on this one.

But there is one problem that should be addressed. And that is the fact that Legendary Marketer prefers experience affiliate marketers rather than novices. Although they did not directly say it, it can still be said because the screening process is a bit complicated and experienced affiliate marketers are most likely to be accepted.

I personally am not a fan of this because of the limitation, but who knows? They might have changed their screening processes.

However, there is also a big benefit of their approval process, which is the fact that you will have less competition in the market. This means that the likelihood of getting your potential customers stolen by other marketers is pretty low. Therefore, you can easily make a sale without having to worry about getting “robbed.”

As for the commissions you will get, here is a table that shows how much and what percentage you can earn with each Legendary Marketer product:

The Legendary Marketer Pricing

Since Legendary Marketer has so many different products, the cost of Legendary depends on which products you end up purchasing. Here’s a quick summary of the current pricing for each product:

The only downside to Legendary Marketer is because it is a high-ticket affiliate marketing company. Yes, it does mean that you’ll earn a significant amount of commission if you managed to promote and sell their products.

But to become an affiliate, you have to pay a substantial amount of money. In other words, you have to buy their products to promote them—and they’re really expensive!

Let’s look at the prices of each product:

  • Legendary Marketer’s Club – $30/Month
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass – $2,500/One-time payment
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass – $5,000/One-time payment
  • Traffic Rolodex Bundle – $247/One-time payment
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint – $2,500/One-time payment
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint – $2,500/One-time payment
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint – $2,500/One-time payment
  • Events and Mastermind Business Blueprint – $2,500/One-time payment

You can also create a free affiliate account which grants you permission to promote these products for a lower percentage of commission on sales based on referrals. 

Other affiliate marketers who promote these products are giving away links that will redirect you to a landing page where they’ll offer a 15-day free trial course that covers the basics of affiliate marketing. And for some reason, David guarantees you’ll make a profit on the 15th day. On the other hand, it’s common knowledge not to easily get drawn to such a claim.

Who is Legendary Marketer for?

Legendary Marketer is initially aimed for beginners or aspiring internet marketers, but for some reason, I find it to be not as accessible to most of them. Due to its price range, newcomers may find it hard to join and use the platform.

Affiliate marketers, who seek to increase their sales and generate more leads can benefit from the comprehensive courses Legendary Marketer has to offer. It can help them drive more traffic and increase their following.

In the end, only those who have already acquired a huge following (or just plain rich) can afford these courses and training. Leaving behind those who are really interested in pursuing this career.

Who Should Not Enroll for Legendary Marketer? 

  • Novice marketers who are broke/do not have enough funds
  • Lazy marketers
  • If you are afraid of investing huge sums of money



Legendary Marketer is definitely an incredible program with products that are useful and informative. It’s complete with training resources that come in handy in the long-run, a monthly subscription product that is packed with great content, and products that are up to date. These, along with potentially high profit, are what makes an affiliate marketing and educational program perfect on all aspects.

But the problem solely lies in the price range of the products. They are too expensive and are not accessible to a lot of aspiring online entrepreneurs. It seems like it focuses on marketers who already have a sizeable following on their websites or blogs—which is convenient to Legendary Marketer since its primary focus is to promote their products.

But other than that, I still believe David Sharpe did an incredible job in creating Legendary Marketer because the webinars are extremely valuable and are actually worth the money. 

On a side note, if ever you want to try Legendary Marketer, I highly suggest going for the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge since it is free.

What did you think about my Legendary Marketer review? Will you give it a try? Let me know in the comments below!

My Bonus Offer

What did you think about Legendary Marketer? Did you like my review?

If you liked it, I could help you further your career with my exclusive Legendary Marketer bonuses that will surely benefit you and your business.

At first, I was extremely skeptical with David Sharpe, the founder of Legendary Marketer. The reason for this is because of how he was a part (a big part, actually) the infamous MLM company known as the Empower Network. The only thing that made me move forward is due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews as well as the fact that David left Empower Network before its downfall.

The products were pretty expensive, but still, I went on believing that it will be a good investment—which it was!

I learned so much with Legendary Marketing, and the affiliate program is one of the great ones out there.

Trust me, I am not like those marketers who only joined for the sole purpose of promoting the said product. I actually went through (and still going through) all the training lessons available to further understand what it is all about before convincing others into buying it. 

Believe it or not, a lot of marketers actually promote products like Legendary Marketer without really going in-depth with what the program is offering. And that causes a lot of confusion and wrong decisions—making it a terrible purchase for novices.

The reason why I am saying this is, not only to tell you my intentions but also to let you know that I am willing to support you if ever you join Legendary Marketer. I will be giving you my exclusive bonuses to help you get a fresh start with Legendary Marketer as well as your whole internet marketing process.

To show you how legitimate my process is (with the help of Legendary Marketer), here is what I earned in just a few weeks:

—- My Income Screenshot with Affiliate Disclaimer ———-

Affiliate Disclaimer: I sincerely hope that you enjoyed and found my Legendary Marketer to be of value. Keep in mind that the links found in this review are affiliate links. This means that if ever you purchase the product through one of my links, I will receive a commission which helps me run this site smoothly.

And I am grateful if you clicked through any of my links. Seriously, I really appreciate it!

*I am not aware of what bonuses you will be offering, so I just left this section as is.*

Here is what you will get:

Bonus #1: Unlimited FB Messenger Support ($997 value) – Get unlimited email and FB messenger access to me where you can ask me anything you want about using Legendary Marketer or how to promote it as an affiliate.

Bonus #2: Tier5 Mega Software Bundle – Get personal access to 6 software.  ($15,984 value)

Bonus #3: CF Follow Up Pro access – Automatically follow up with your ClickFunnels affiliates with the ActiveCampaign automation, which will help you boost your stick rate and earn you more commissions. ($297 value)

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Bonus #5: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library White Label Rights – Get the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs are running right now. ($197 value)

Bonus #6: Free Group Convert silver account – this is my favorite chrome extension to automatically collect the email addresses of members in your FB group. ($197 value)

Bonus #7: Free copy of DotCom Secrets or Experts Secrets book ($7.95 value)

Premium Bonus:

My Private Legendary Case Study (Step-by-Step Videos), which shows you that what Strategies I am using to promote Legendary Marketers and get results. But this will be offered to those who upgrade to Blueprint Bundle worth $2500. 

To qualify for my bonuses just purchase ANY Legendary Product using my affiliate link.  This includes the 15 Day Challenge or Marketer’s Club.

— Special Bonus for Our Readers —

I have an exclusive offer for my website readers. Legendary Marketer is a great program, but still, you need guidance from someone, when you get stuck with tech things. That is why I created an awesome bonus package for those who will join the course through my affiliate link.

So, If you’re looking to buy Legendary Marketer… then I’ve got a special bonus package for you. If you purchase the product (by clicking any button on this page), then you will not only receive EVERYTHING that program creator is offering you (including his official bonuses), but you will also receive special bonuses for me as well for FREE!

Bonus 1: Access to my PRIVATE Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group ($1997 Value)

I have created a private affiliate marketing Facebook Group, under which you will get a fully transparent look at how I’m promoting different Affiliate Products. 

Also, under this group, you can ask me anything about affiliate marketing, which I have been doing for the past 10+ years. I personally answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION that gets posted. I don’t care if it’s purely beginner or super advanced, I’m going to take the time to answer each and everyone that you post.

This is a huge asset for you because this is a private invitation-only group. But, by purchasing the product listed on this page,  you will get access to this exclusive group. 

Bonus 2:  Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + White Label Rights ($297 value)

I’ve created a Google Sheet that currently contains a list of over 100+ lifetime recurring affiliate programs. I keep it updating this list as I find new programs.  

So, under the bonus, I not only provide you access to this list, but I also offer you exclusive white-label rights, so that you can use it as a bonus for your customers.

Bonus 3: 90-Days Email Support (Priceless)

If you purchase the product through my link, I’m going to give you the most valuable thing I have to offer: my personal time. 

You can send unlimited emails to me, under which you can ask me anything you want to know about starting an online business or affiliate marketing. This means you are going to get your very own 6-figure mentor, who will help you to grow your online business. So, whenever you feel stuck or overwhelmed or have questions, I’m just a quick message away. 

How to Claim Your Bonus?

  1. Clear your browser cache.
  2. Click this link to make the purchase.
  3. Send me your receipt via this contact form.

    That’s It! within 24 hours, I will send you an email with instructions on how to get your bonuses.

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