How to Make Money Online in India : 25 Genuine Ways

How to Make Money Online in India : 25 Genuine Ways

It is hard to find somebody who does not want to learn How to Make Money Online in India. You may have a good 9 to 5 job, however, would you not want to explore an opportunity that could earn you some supplementary income? Homemakers, college students or retired professionals could make good use of time at their hand and earn money from the internet. Yes, you can make money through internet without falling prey to online scams. You just need to use your skills or your resourcefulness in combination with web technology and you can earn sufficient money. Internet may not turn you into a millionaire overnight; however it can definitely provide you some extra money apart from your usual earnings. Let us look at 25 different ways that you can make money online.

Earn Money Online India


#1. Freelancing: If you have the skill to write clearly and in an engaging tone, then you could choose to become a freelance writer. You can create an account for yourself on leading freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr & and then bid for projects posted there. Clients would select the most suitable post for them. You can earn decent living through freelancing depending on the consistency of your projects. A part of you earnings would go the site as their transaction fee for bringing you and the client together. You need to be consistent and should bid on different projects. It is also important that you create an impressive work portfolio as your clients would often view the work portfolio for awarding the contract.

#2. Earn Money via Selling Own Articles: Individuals who have flair for writing can also make money online by selling articles written on various subjects. You can post samples of your written articles on websites that sell articles and earn money through it. Some of the popular websites that sell articles are Hubpages, Articles for Sale, Constant Content etc. Key to getting your articles sold is to have good keywords and fresh content. Most of the articles are purchased for increasing the search engine rankings, so if you perform little keyword research through Google Adwords and other tools, you can find list of popular keywords and write articles around them.

#3. Make Money via Data Entry Jobs: If you have good typing speed, you can also start taking up work from home data entry jobs. These assignments would require you to type reams of information in a particular format. The client may choose to pay you weekly or monthly. Best thing about data entry is that you don’t need to be highly qualified, if you are good at typing and you can replicate the data provided by the client then you are good to go. You will need to devote at least three to four hours daily for this type of activity. Meeting deadlines and providing error free work is extremely important in data entry jobs.

#4. Become an Online Transcriptionist : Transcription refers to the process of writing down the conversation in an audio file. Most of the times, transcription is used in medical industry. You can listen to audio files related to patient’s history, prescriptions, case studies etc and jot them down. You can find several transcription projects on sites like Upwork and Freelancer. Medical transcription or audio transcription will require excellent listening and comprehension skills.

#5. Become a Social Media Consultant: You can use your social networking skills to earn money through internet. Several organizations hire individuals to manage their social media accounts. You can earn money by posting interesting posts and tweets on social networking accounts of the organization. Your skill and your ability to engage the audience can earn you substantial income on monthly basis. Individuals with wider network can prove to be top influencers and get many projects as social media consultants.

#6. Become a SEO Consultant: You can equip yourself with a certification in search engine optimization and start a new career by being a SEO consultant. As a search engine optimization consultant, you can get projects through different websites like Upwork and Freelancer. You can start working towards improving search engine rankings of your clients by posting keyword optimized articles, link building, guest blogging etc.

#7. Become a virtual assistant: Many start-up organizations may not want to hire a full time admin or office assistant. For such organizations, you can work as a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, your responsibilities could be varied like booking train ticket, flight or bus tickets, arranging for stationary, getting payrolls sorted, arranging ad hoc meetings or making hotel reservations etc. you can manage all these activities from comforts of your home using a phone and an internet connection. By being a virtual assistant, you can earn decent salary from the start up organization.

#8. Become a Web Designer: If you have the knowledge of web designing, you can source projects through freelance sites like Upwork, Freelancer and Odesk and work from your home. You can earn good income depending on the types of clients you work for. You can also post about your skills on social media platforms and professional networking forums like LinkedIn and increase your network to get more projects.

#9. Become an E-tutor: Individuals with flair for teaching or experience for teaching can earn extra income through e-tutoring. It means that you would not require to physically go to your student’s house, college or school to teach. You could impart tuition online from comforts of your home. You can enroll into e-tutoring sites like Smart Thinking, eTutor, Tutor Vista etc to explore this opportunity. You will need to dedicate certain number of hours per week for e-tutoring.

#10. Selling Domains: An increasing number of users are creating websites for themselves and their organizations. You can buy domain names and then resell them to individuals who require them. Key to earning money through this medium is by having stock of most desired domain names. You can find list of quick selling domain names on Godaddy India or Ebay India. You can also use list of terminated domains and buy them so that when somebody wants to restart their website, they can buy it from you.

#11. Online surveys: You don’t need to be highly skilled to make money online. Internet presents lucrative opportunities for earning money through online survey programs. You need to enroll yourself with such programs and fill certain number of surveys sent to you. You receive a monthly payment for such surveys. It is important that you exercise caution while enrolling for such programs because of numerous online scams that have taken place in past. It is best to avoid programs that ask you to pay a fee for joining.

#12. Make money through Neobux: Neobux is a decent way to make some pocket money through internet. Neobux is a paid- to- click internet service. You earn money for watching Ads and clicking on them. You will need to register yourself at the neobux site and click on the Ads that are displayed for you on daily basis. You can also refer your friends to this site and earn money for every referral. You also earn money for every click that your referral makes. Your earnings are credited into a PayPal account and you can transfer them to your bank via PayPal. It is important to understand that Neobux cannot be your primary income as it is not a site that will make you rich, it can however provide you with some extra cash to spend.

#13. Blogging: Blogs are extremely popular platforms for expressing your views and thoughts. You are not restricted to any particular industry or topic when it comes to blogging. You can simply register yourself on any blogging platform like Blogspot or WordPress and start sharing your thoughts. You don’t need to make any investment towards creating a blog account. Key to earning money through your blogs is by building a loyal group of followers. You can write about currently trending topics like fashion, smart phones etc. Once you build a loyal follower base, you can start writing paid reviews and guest blogs. You can also earn money through AdSense that places Ads relevant to your blog domains. You can get paid when visitors click on these Ads.

#14. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing can be an excellent tool for generating passive income. Affiliate marketing refers to a process where you promote or sell products of your partner merchants through blog or PPC ads. The affiliate marketer earns a good commission for very successful sale. You can start marketing online through your blogs by just posting a review of a products. You will need to paste your referral link at the end of your review. You will get paid every time a sale is processed through your referral link. You will need to dedicatedly spend few hours a day towards affiliate marketing as it would require you to build contacts and loyal target audience. It is important that you choose the right affiliate program to earn money. ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs.

#15. Write E-books: if you have flair for writing and have in-depth knowledge about a subject or creative inclination then you can write short e-books and publish them on Kindle. You don’t need an agent or publisher for these e-books. You will earn a small amount of royalty through sale of each e-book. If you have brilliant understanding of nutrition and exercising, you could write an e-book on weight loss tips or weight gain plans etc. Similarly you can publish your own recipe book if you have flair for cooking.

#16. Sell old stuff online: You might be surprised to know that you can earn money online by conducting online garage sales or by selling old items through OLX, Quikr & Ebay. If you have replaced your sofa set or any electronic item, you don’t need to discard the old one; you can just upload few pictures of these items and write a short description along with the price. You should mention your contact details in your post and just wait for people to buy things from you. Posting Ads on these sites is almost free and you can reach wider target audience through these Ads.

#17. Make money via eBay: You can make money by selling different things online. You can create an online store on eBay or through a web designer and start selling unique items through it. You may even choose to be reseller by buying products and accessories from physical markets and showcasing them on your website and selling them at a profit. You can have a higher profit margin in this as you don’t need to spend on overhead expenses like showroom rent, staff etc. you may even use your social networking sites like Facebook or Pinterest initially to showcase the products that you have. It is important that your products are displayed in a visually appealing manner to attract the customers.

#18. Selling Mobile App: There is tremendous rise in use of smart phones. This has also given rise to demand for various online applications. If you have knowledge of application development, or if you have a good concept in mind, you can hire a developer to create an application for you. You can sell these apps online through different App stores. Apps that are creative and high on utility tend to sell like hot cakes. Best thing about App creation and selling is that you don’t need to store these apps nor do you need to physically sell them. Buyers can just download the app and make payment through online payment gateways.

#19. Cash on to your hobbies: You can use internet to spread a word about your skill and earn through your hobbies. For example you love baking and are good at it, and then you can use social networking platforms and e-mail marketing for selling cakes and baked products from your home. Your baking hobby can turn into a small business venture by efficient marketing online. You can also sell your paintings, craft items etc online.

#20. Sell stock photos: If you love clicking photographs and have a knack for clicking photos, you can sell them online. You can post these pictures on websites that sell stock photos. When people buy images clicked by you, you earn money. You might not be able to earn huge amount of money though this but you can always build a gallery of your photos. More photos you post higher are your chances of selling them. Some popular stock images sites are Fotolia and shutter stock.

#21. Online contests: You can also earn money online by participating in different online contests. You must keep in mind that you will earn money only if you win the contest so it is a good idea to enter varied online contests for the same. You may choose to enter a photography contest, makeover contest, online quiz, logo-designing contest etc. This experience may also help you to start a new venture online.

#22. Make money through YouTube: YouTube is a treasure house of videos. You can start your own YouTube Channel by creating an account on YouTube. Post which you can upload your personal videos and informational videos online. Once you have a good number of followers on your channel, you can start placing Ads on your YouTube channels and earn money through them. Key to getting good number of users on your channel is by posting content that is interesting and engaging. You must ensure that you update videos on regular basis to keep the viewers coming back to your channel.

#23. Forex Trading/Equity Trading: Forex or equity trading has often being a primary source of income for many individuals who excel at it. You should have some basic knowledge of equity market in order to start Forex trading. Equity market is always fluctuating hence it is important for you to understand and predict which equity companies would rise and prices of which company would fall. Once you gain sufficient experience, you can earn decent amount of income. You must however understand that Forex and equity trading is a risky option. It is always good to start slowly by investing a small amount. Taking calculative risks is the key to gaining success in this business.

#24. Sell WordPress Themes/Plugins: If you are artistic in nature and you have the knowledge of web designing and coding, then you can create website templates and WordPress themes and sell them online. Template Monster and Theme Forest are two leading sites where you can post your themes.

#25. Webinars: Webinars are a brilliant way of earning money. If you have in-depth knowledge about a particular topic or you have successfully created a loyal fan base through your blogs, then you can earn money through webinars. Many veterans conduct webinars for new entrants in the industry. These webinars could revolve around business ethics, tricks of the trade and cautions to look out for. You can charge an entry fee for this webinar and earn substantial income. Some of the mostly used webinar softwares are WebinarJam and GotoWebinar.

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