Gumroad Review

How many times have you encountered struggle in promoting your services and products online? I’m sure we all have struggled with that task in one form or another. 

If you are not comfortable with HTML CSS, then it will be hard for you to build responsive web resources where you can attend to website visitors then entertain, engage, pursue, and eventually convert them as your lifelong customers.

Today, so many artists out there have extraordinary services and products to offer, but they struggle in converting customers online.

Social media, blogging, and PPC are effective ways to advertise products. That said, every business, be it small or large, requires its own web resource to redirect people.

These resources are websites that allow creators to entertain, inform, pursue, and convert website visitors.

Unless you know essential web development or have enough resources to hire developers, you cannot provide lasting user experience for website visitors.

Not every creator, artist, or web business owner has the capacity, resources, knowledge, and financial stability to build an e-commerce website.

That’s when tools like Gumroad enter the picture. Gumroad is a tool that understands what creators require in the digital ecosystem and provides reliable solutions to sell online. 

Today, we are going to discuss an in-depth review of the Gumroad.

Before diving deep into the review, let’s have a quick overview about what Gumroad is all about.


What Is Gumroad?


Gumroad is an online platform that allows creators to build responsive product listing where they can sell their work effectively.

This tool allows creators to monetize their passion. The tool would be a resource where creators can redirect potential buyers and convert them to customers.

Gumroad is backed by talented human resources and is here to ensure that people can earn from their crafts.

What Does It Do? 

Gumroad provides all the development tools for people to sell their work online through a website. 

Gumroad takes all the heavy lifting of web development activities, back end and front end, and lets creators do what they love. 

Gumroad excludes all the barriers to supply chain management. 

Creators or manufacturers can put themselves directly in front of buyers. There is no need to go to a retailer, advertiser, or a marketer.

All they need to do is go to Gumroad, upload their products, set the pricing, and they are good to go.

If you have everything in place, you can literally start selling through Gumroad within minutes after creating your account. 

You get an attractive website builder that allows you to create web pages just by dragging and dropping web page elements. 

Moreover, you can also cope with the most challenging e-commerce task—that is, implementing a payment gateway. You can also apply a unique look and feel to your product pages and have a customized UI.

You can also add a form inside landing pages by just copy-pasting several lines of code.

Who Is behind Gumroad? 

Gumroad was founded in September 2011 by Sahil Lavingia. Sahil was previously part of Pinterest’s team of software engineers and designers. He served the social media giant based in California in 2010–2011.

At the time when he started working on his first book, Building a Billion-Dollar Company, in 2012, Sahil was just nineteen years old. He soon raised $7 million funding led by Kleiner Perkins, a leading venture capital.

Ever since then, Gumroad has been providing reliable solutions to creators and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Currently, Gumroad has served almost forty thousand creators to sell their work to potential buyers effectively.

He is currently located in Burbank, California. Sahil also loves to write and has an active blog on


Features of Gumroad—Sell Your Work Online the Right Way! 

Straightforward Setup

From setting up your home page to adding products to your collection, everything is very simple with Gumroad.

Creators with non-technological background can comfortably upload their work and generate sales through Gumroad and its interactive features.

Build Blogs

Being a manufacturer of a particular product and service, staying connected with your prospect is extremely important. If you are into content marketing, then having a professional blog is essential.

Blogs can help you build an audience and grow email lists.

Share Interactive Emails

Unlike social media, PPC, and SEO, email marketing is unique. It is a unique advertising platform that directly puts you in front of specific users.

On the dashboard of Gumroad, you can import your existing email list. You can also get in touch with your LinkedIn connections by uploading their email addresses on the platform.

With the help of Workflows, you can quickly build different online posts with page elements and schedule them according to your convenience.

Gumroad will ensure that your website does not miss a single chance to connect with prospects and update the content.

Highly Actionable Insights


From the Gumroad’s dashboard, you get priceless insights and very relevant data which you can leverage to plan your upcoming online activities. 

You can monitor all the website visits, sessions, and CTR for your website on Gumroad.

Gumroad also provides results of KPIs that will work as inputs to upgrade your funnel and generate more sales online.

If the creator needs a helping hand, Gumroad also provides a 30-day audience building challenge and a 10-day product launch program so that manufacturers and creators can get started quickly with the right tools and earn profits early on.

Introduce Discounts with Coupons

Gumroad understands that everybody loves discounts. 

Therefore, the platform has a feature that can help you create offer codes to give exciting discounts. 

You can implement discounts as x percent, or the fixed amount, as any of them is possible with Gumroad.

Effective Negotiations 

Gumroad also allows your customers to share their pricing with you. By adding a “+” sign, you can let customers share how much they are willing to pay for your products or services.

This will enable an interactive process of connecting with customers and ensure the effective selling of your products.


Generate Licence Keys

If you are selling software, then you can also generate license keys to ensure that users have an effortless user experience from your listing.

License keys will allow authorized users to use your product and enable a secured shopping experience.

Sell Multiple Versions of the Product

If your product has multiple versions, then you can sell each version to your audience if required.

Sellers of e-books, SaaS, and mobile apps can leverage this feature.

Support to International Currencies 

Now, creators don’t need to limit their sales to particular geographical locations.

Through Gumroad, they can accept payments in different currencies effortlessly for their products. 

Share Your Content on Rent

You can also offer your content on rent. Suppose you are selling a course or a playlist of music, you can put them on rent so users will have 72 hours to watch it within 30 days.

Selling Physical Products? Gumroad Can Help You Too

Selling physical products is also effective with Gumroad, which provides all the necessary functionalities and features so that local manufacturers can expand their market to a global platform.

  • Add Multimedia Content

Gumroad allows adding images, audio files, and videos as a cover of your online listing. You can also embed existing videos from other online resources to your website.

  • Add Variants

You can sell multiple variants of your apparel and goods, for example for male and female both.

  • Charge Shipping

If you want to charge for shipping, you can also do it by setting the shipping rates of your products.

  • Manage Customer Data

You can also provide reliable user experience and ensure transparent communication by sharing tracking numbers to buyers.

With these tracking numbers, the buyers can track their packages.


  • Run One-Day Sale

On Gumroad, you can also run the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale. Want to clear your stock by having a one-day custom sale? Do it with Gumroad.

  • Limit Geographical Access

If you want to limit your products to specific countries, you can effectively do so by setting the targeted country in Gumroad.

  • Verify Genuine Buyers

I so love this feature: Gumroad also verifies the address of the buyers. 

When someone purchases any goods from you, Gumroad will verify the entered address and notify you if there are any mistakes or errors.

  • Maintain Taxes

You can also avail of different taxes, like inclusive or exclusive, based on your products and services.

Several other features can help you obtain granular control over your product listing on Gumroad.

  • Faster Checkouts

You can also ensure in-line purchases for your website so that users can purchase your stuff without leaving your site.

This will give you excellent control over the user behavior of your website and provide more and faster conversions.

  • Have Relevant Widgets 

When you share your web page on different platforms, you need to ensure that regular widgets and functionalities are added to support particular social media platforms. 

With Gumroad, your page’s post would be automatically responsive depending on the platform on which you are sharing. 

  • Track Engagement

The tool will help you grow your business effectively through its built-in analytics platform. You would be able to understand how users are behaving to your products and content by tracking KPIs of online engagement.

The numbers under the analytics section will help you explore loopholes and opportunities to generate more sales. 

  • Track Results On-the-Go!

Gumroad also has a mobile application to track profits and sales anytime.

  • Native Support

For specific scenarios, if customers choose to save the software or files in Dropbox, or read the documents on the Kindle device, Gumroad will support all of it.

  • Get Preorders Like a Pro

Coming up with a new product line? Broadcast that news to your audience and book preorders on Gumroad like a pro. 

What Is the Price of Gumroad? 

The price of the product is a crucial element for any buyer.

To get started with Gumroad, you don’t have to pay for anything. However, the professional features of the product start at $10/month, which is very cost-effective, in my opinion.

Gumroad provides unlimited bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about website loading issues and server uptime. By the way, payments are 3.5% + 30¢ per charge.

You can also grow your audience with Gumroad Discover. That said, any sale that comes from it, the Discover would be entitled to an additional 10% fee.

Pros and Cons of Gumroad

Let’s take a look at the balance of the pros and cons of using Gumroad.

Pros of Gumroad

  • License Keys

I love Gumroad’s built-in ability to create license keys for software. This is the most unique advantage that I love of Gumroad.

Shopify or WooCommerce will need separate plug-ins or a dedicated PHP script to generate license keys. But when you are using Gumroad, you don’t need to go to any third-party support.

  • High-Quality Customisable Checkout Pages

Checkout pages have a vital role to play in generating more conversions for an e-commerce store.

Gumroad understands this feature and allows minor tweaks so that users can maintain lasting customer experience.

Gumroad gives a clean user-interface to the checkout pages so that users don’t get any interference or distraction while navigating the pages. 

Especially in smartphones, this nature of Gumroad will allow buyers to focus on essential things, and thus it generates more sales for the creators.

  • Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

You can literally build your product pages within minutes if you have contents, images, and products ready.

  • Provide Vouchers for More Conversions

You can create coupon codes easily with Gumroad. 

You don’t have to be dependent on any other plug-in for third-party resources to create unique coupons. 

Thanks to this instant discount availability, you can enjoy more checkouts and more online conversions for your products.

  • Effective Payment Gateway


One more feature that I absolutely love about this tool is its ability to accept payment from different merchants.

Gumroad supports all the leading credit card providers starting from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, and American Express.

Even if you only have a PayPal account, your customers can quickly pay for your products and services.

You no longer have to worry about payment acceptance. Gumroad will accept payments from a wide range of audiences who have different credit card and fund providers.

Your buyers would no longer have to worry about payments as Gumroad supports almost all major credit card providers. 

  • Global Currency Support

On Gumroad, you can also sell your product in different international currencies. This will allow you to target people from different geographical locations and different countries. 

Otherwise, you would have to limit your sales for a particular geographical location because of the lack of support of various currencies.

  • Comprehensive User Interface

The tool claims that it allows creators to do what they love doing

That means Gumroad wants creators to focus on their craft while the tool takes care of all the heavy lifting of the technical website management.

The robust user interface of Gumroad proves it.

You don’t have to jumble across different sections to understand how the tool works. Its intuitive and self-explanatory dashboard would help you feel more comfortable as soon as you sign up and start using this tool.

It will also take care of all the front-end and back-end website management of your e-commerce store so that you can focus only on providing excellent products to your end users.

  • Value for Money

No other tool can provide these many amazing features just for $10. 

Moreover, you can also create a free account and get started without paying any money for the tool.

Gumroad is so expertly built that you can instantly start accepting payments within minutes, considering you have everything settled.

  • Enable Subscription-Based Checkout

If you are providing a service that requires customers to be charged on a recursive basis, you can effectively enable subscription-based costing for your products. 

You no longer have to remind your customers to pay you and send them follow-up emails for that.

  • Workflows

Showing relevant products while a visitor is browsing through a specific product is an effective technique to increase sales.

Moreover, staying connected with customers after the checkout shows that you value your customers.

Through workflows, you can showcase more relevant products or send thank-you notes.

Cons of Gumroad

  • Does Not Support Apple Pay

The dominance of Apple products and the impact of the Apple lifestyle in day-to-day life is extraordinary. In 2019, there were 10 billion Apple Pay transactions across the globe. 

Considering the consumption of Apple products, not having Apple Pay as a payment option can turn many regular Apple users away from your online store. 

  • Does Not Support Cryptocurrency

Due to the evolution of blockchain and Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are now accepted in many places.

Since this development, e-commerce and cryptocurrency have been correlated, the latter changing the phase of e-commerce like never before. (Source)

So e-commerce store owners must keep an eye on the emerging fintech industry and get to accepting cryptocurrencies for the checkout procedures. 

As far as Gumroad is concerned, it does not support payments in cryptocurrency as of now.

  • Cannot Provide Free Trials

For your Saas platform for e-commerce selling, providing free or paid trials for your online software can allow your customers to try your products to make better purchasing decisions.

Gumroad does not provide any feature where customers can provide free or paid trials for their products through the platform. Although one-click rental is possible.

  • A/B Testing Is Not Possible

The market of e-commerce in this age is all about testing multiple versions of the same content. 

As an online business owner, you will have to keep experimenting with different copies, contents, product images, button layouts, color palettes, to understand which combination works best for you.

A/B testing is the method to test different versions and evaluate the performance. You can deploy multiple versions, usually two, and determine their performance.

Gumroad does not support A/B testing, which is the biggest drawback of the tool, in my opinion.

Since you have to work with one version at a time, identifying the winning combination can be time-consuming.

The process of understanding the audience without the A/B testing feature would be slower, and eventually, conversions would be less too.

  • Not an Excellent Resource Base

Gumroad does not provide any documented knowledge base to its consumers. That means, to understand how the system works—which is extremely easy, to be fair—you are mostly on your own.

For first-time users, it might seem slightly overwhelming because you won’t find any step-by-step guide or documentation on how to use the platform and how to implement particular features.

  • No Live Chat Support

Gumroad also doesn’t have live chat support. 

Although you can get in touch with a customer representative through an email address, you cannot expect a quick response because there is no live chat support on the website.

There is also no Facebook group where all the consumers and prospects can join and ask any type of questions regarding the product. Therefore, Twitter and email support are your only choices to get any query resolved. 

If there would have been a Facebook group or live chat support, people could effectively engage with the brand and connect with fellow customers of the product.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Use Gumroad?

Gumroad is an ideal solution for people who are looking forward to having an online store started as soon as possible and start making sales.

Gumroad is an ideal platform for people who don’t have any particular expectations when it comes to designing online stores. 

These people can leverage the power of robust platforms and flexible checkout procedures provided by the tool.

Designers, developers, content writers, consultants, photographers, painters, artists, or any people who have some unique skills and solutions to offer can monetize their talent by selling services through Gumroad.

Small-to-medium-sized businesses can also start selling on the web by utilizing the stunning platform of Gumroad.

Thanks to its versatile approach of product listing and easy user interface, SMB owners can quickly get acquainted with online selling without indulging into any web development activities.

On the other hand, I would recommend that if you have a little bit of understanding of website management and have a slightly higher budget, you should definitely go with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Shopify does not only provide extraordinary customer services but also has a robust platform with more features compared to Gumroad.

If you are into drop-shipping or print-on-demand business, you can implement more attractive upsell and bump-up offers on Shopify and WooCommerce, while Gumroad won’t be very flexible to such tweaks.


Your Turn

Let me know in the comments about what you think of Gumroad. I am curious to know whether you are going to try Gumroad after reading this review.

If I have forgotten to cover any point in this blog post, feel free to share it in the comments below.

Either way, let me know how you like this blog!

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