Funnel Hacks Review: PROS & CONS + Funnel Hack Bonus Offer

Funnel Hacks Review: PROS & CONS + Funnel Hack Bonus Offer

Russell Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels & DotcomSecrets, is the creator of Funnel Hacks System. The Funnel Hacks is a video training program, under which you'll learn that how to run a successful business online using ClickFunnels. It’s a step-by-step training from Russell Brunson that how he reverse-engineered, his competitor's sales funnel, and become successful online.

The Funnel Hacks training suite will walk you step-by-step through building almost any sales funnel you possibly can think of: Opt-In Funnels for Affiliate Marketing, Product Launch Funnels, Membership site funnels and much more.

To learn more about funnel hack system, you can register for Funnel Hacks webinar totally free of charge, and find out what a funnel that’s currently generating $17,947 per day for Russell Brunson looks like? And, what if you could Fairly (And ethically) knock-off this SAME funnel, within just 10 minutes (Making use of web-based tools)? Now, this funnel is in supplement niche, but you can use the framework to develop million dollar funnels selling info products, coaching program, local products and services and more…

Funnel Hacks Webinar


Under Funnel Hacks Autowebinar, you'll learn three main secrets, which are as under:-

  • Secret #1 – How to legally steal over $1,000,000 of funnel hacks from your rivals, for under $100.
  • Secret #2 – How to replicate their PROVEN Funnel within just 10 minutes
  • Secret #3 – How to get the same customers which are presently visit your competitor’s website to start coming to your website instead.

What You get under Funnel Hacks Offer:-

When you order Funnel Hacks today, you're going to get lots of cool stuff. The detail is as under :-

Six months or 12 months Clickfunnels Enterprise Account ($1672 or $3,564 value): The the very first thing you're going to get is access to the entire Etison Software Suite completely free for the next six months or one year as per your subscription. That’s the top-level account, and it offers following features:-

  • The ability to set up to Unlimited funnels
  • The ability to make use of up to Unlimited pages
  • The ability to handle traffic up to Unlimited visitors per month
  • The ability to have an infinite number of members on the membership site

Funnel Hacks Pricing Plan

In addition to that, you're also getting access to Backpack, which is the affiliate platform. This means that you are also going to be able to run your own personal affiliate programs free of charge.

Apart from this, you're going to get Actionetics totally free. Does that make you excited? Now You don't have any lame excuses not to be successful as you have access to all the resources you need to bring about your own success.

With ClickFunnels, you'll be able to build:-
– Optin Funnels – Build your subscriber list fast and without the hassles
– Webinar & Auto Webinar Funnels – Develop awesome webinar & auto webinars with just a few clicks
– Sales Funnels – Revolutionary sales funnels that integrate with just about everything
– Launch Funnels – Launch your new product using these proven launch funnels
– Membership Funnels – Set up professional membership areas for your online courses

6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class: The master class that you're going to receive, together with your Clickfunnels enterprise account access, provides you with everything which you need to know to be successful at building sales funnels. Throughout this 6-week period, the Cickfunnels team is going to cover all of the types of funnels, which are: Opt-in Funnel, Sales Funnel, Webinar Funnel, Automated Webinar Funnel, Product Launch Funnel & Membership Funnel.

Instant Traffic Hacks: Inside of this program, Russell is going to share all of his favorite traffic sources, which includes Solo Ad Hacks, Media Buying Hacks, Facebook Hacks, SEO/Social Media Hacks, Affiliate Hacks & much more.

Inception Secrets: Do you suck at creating sales copy? The majority of people do. But that’s going to change with the Inception Secrets training. Make your way through the training curriculum, and you'll emerge a sales copy master. Make use of these skills to produce amazing copy for your own funnels, or charge for your recently acquired talent and assist other marketers with their copy.

SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences – So you’re building an email list, right? However are you aware of how you can leverage your list to the maximum? It’s all in the follow-up emails. This course shows you the most efficient follow-up techniques for both immediately after a new subscriber joins your list and how to build a long-term relationship with your readers. This is an email message and Series to Convert Subscribers to Buyers.

Funnel Hacks Price:-

The Funnel Hacks system cost you $997 for six months subscription and $1997 for 12 months subscription. Click here to visit order page >>>

How much You can Save with Funnel Hacks Subscription:-
By availing Funnel Hacks Offer, the average ClickFunnels user saves over $1,000 a month. That’s more than $12,000 a year on average. You can save your money on following products because Clickfunnels offers all that functionalities. You can cut cost on following items:-

  • Landing page software
  • Split test software
  • Shopping cart (or integrate)
  • Email auto-responders
  • Text message
  • Automated Webinar
  • Affiliate Software
  • Membership Site Software
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • Website Hosting
  • Programmers
  • Designers
  • Web Masters And so much more…


So, with all that said, as you can see, that Funnel Hacks is a pretty amazing deal. You observe that having a one-year Clickfunnels Enterprise account would usually cost you $297 per month, Which comes out to be about $3,600 per year. You’re getting this account for free when you invest in Funnel Hacks. You're saving $300 a month just by starting out.

Russell Brunson, the creator of the program, has been doing Internet marketing for more than ten years and has built a very good reputation for all his products and services. Funnel Hacks System certainly delivers on its commitment to teaching you every little thing you’ll ever need to know about developing your funnel.

Thus, at last, I simply want to suggest you there are lots of possibilities with Funnel Hacks, for e.g. you might sign up today, sign in to Funnel Hacks, go through all of the training modules, learn it, put it to use, and become successful in Internet Marketing. Additionally, you go deep into ClickFunnels and build funnels for yourself, or perhaps build funnels for clients. You can use Backpack and Actionetics for more advanced functionality. You can also do a massive product launch, and make as much money as possible. You will find endless opportunities with Funnel Hacks' special deal.

The best thing, Funnel Hacks comes with 30-days money back guarantee. You don’t need to make this decision right now. The only decision you need to make right this moment is to get started and give this a spin. Discover how much money you will make within the next 30 days, and after that evaluate if it’s worth it or not. If you don't count it suitable as per your needs, then you can simply submit a support ticket and Clickfunnels team will issue you the full refund. No Question Asked.

Funnel Hacks Bonus Offer


What if I already have a Clickfunnels account?
Excellent question! Don’t worry; your present Click Funnels account will simply be placed on “pause.”
for the next six months or full year as per your subscription.

How the checkout page looks like if I am an existing customer or new customer?

Clickfunnels Existing Customer

If you’re already a ClickFunnels member, you’re going to view a page such as the one shown above in the screenshot. Your credit card is already on file. Therefore the page will probably ask you if you want to use the card associated with your account. You either agree or disagree, and then you click on the ‘Upgrade My Account’ button. What’s going to happen is your Clickfunnels account will probably be upgraded to the Enterprise level.

If you’re not a ClickFunnels member already, the page that you arrive on will look like the one on the below screenshot. You should be prompted to create a FREE ClickFunnels account, and then you’re going to be asked for your credit card or PayPal info. You’ll be upgraded to the Enterprise level.

What’s going to happen after once my funnel hacks subscription expires?
You’re going to get Click Funnels for free for 6 months or 12 months as per your subscription. Thus, a year from now, you’re going to get an email that states “What level would you like to be on? Clickfunnels offers two plans i.e. $97/month, and $297/month plan. You simply go ahead and let the support team know what plan makes the most sense for you at that point. You don’t have to make the decision right now. You can just make your mind up at that point. Use funnel hacks to create an insane amount of funnels. In fact, make it a goal to generate as much money as you can this current year, and that way, when the re-bill comes through it won’t even make a difference.

If I buy Funnel Hack System right now, are there any upsells?
There’s absolutely nothing left to upsell. You’ve got everything that you'll need to be successful is included in your membership.

Who owns the data generated?
That’s a fantastic question. When someone comes in and joins your list, that person is yours. Russell and his team do not add that person to their database in any way. Your data is 100% yours. It would be both illegal and immoral for Russell and his staff members to do anything with it. You don’t need to bother about them emailing to your list or sending your customers anything; those customers are all yours.

Is there a PayPal option to purchase Funnel Hacks?
Yes, you can buy the Funnel Hacks System via Paypal also. The best thing that 12 months Funnel Hacks Subscription is only available through Paypal. It's not available if you pay through credit card.

Do I need an auto-responder anymore?
Click Funnels has a basic email auto-responder in place. So, let’s say someone signed up for a webinar, it can do email sequences and some cool smart triggering so that if someone leaves early, they’ll get a different email sequence and things like that. If you want to do broadcasts and things like that, however, you will need an auto-responder. Russell recommends AWeber or GetResponse. That’s the only tool you should need on top of Click Funnels.

Do I get support if I get stuck?
Yes. As a matter of fact, people have told Russell that his support team is the best in the market. They didn’t just hire people off the street. They found actual Click Funnels members
who understand the marketing and psychology behind it, and they paid them a lot of money to provide excellent support. They understand the marketing, they understand the funnels, and
they understand the software. They are amazing. They are there to help around the clock. All questions are answered within 24 hours, and usually in a lot shorter time than that.

What’s the difference between Click Funnels and Lead Pages?
Leadpages allows you to make static pages. You can edit the headlines and the images, but that’s it. You’re stuck with the template that they give you and that’s it. Click Funnels, on the
other hand, does the same thing and much, much more. You can edit the template in any way that you wish; you can move things around with the click of a button, you can do webinars, you can do sales funnels, you can do membership sites. You have a shopping cart and an affiliate platform. Leadpages is like a calculator. It’s awesome in its own way, but in comparison, ClickFunnels is more like an iPhone.

Will my websites say “Click Funnels” in the website URL?
By default it does, but you can create a custom URL without the name. You can use any kind of
the domain you like for this, and that’s the only domain that your users will see.

Are the pages mobile responsive?
Yes, they are. They work on your iPad, iPhone, Android, etc

How do Click Funnels compare to Kajabi?
Kajabi is like a membership site builder that was built seven or eight years ago. Conceptually, it
may be a bit similar, but if you play around with Click Funnels, you’ll find that it’s much easier to

Can Click Funnels offer data tracking feature?
Every single Click Funnels page has tracking codes, analytics codes, and retargeting codes. That
way, you can do all your own split testing externally. There is a lot of tracking that happens
inside of Click Funnels as well. So, both options are available to you.

Will this work for my business?
If your business can benefit from generating leads or selling products, it will work for
your business. It works for supplement businesses, coaching businesses, info product
businesses, local businesses. Russell commonly sees it being used by chiropractors, dentists,
personal trainers, financial planners, and real estate agents. There are even people using it for
some of the strangest niches out there.

I have more queries, whom should I contact?
If you have more queries or doubts, then feel free to send an email to I will be glad to support you. Apart from this, you can schedule a FREE Consultation Call with me by clicking here.

[box title=”PROS” bg_color=”#81d742″ icon=”thumbs-up” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle” align=”left” text_color=”#FFF” height=”auto”]
  • User-friendly, well-structured program & easy to understand step by step program
  • Very transparent from the beginning in regards to what you need to succeed in Online Marketing
  • Effortlessly set up different funnels using Clickfunnels such as opt-in funnels to generate leads, create a sales funnel to sell your products, including one-click upsells, and downsells.
  • Also, you can create automated webinar funnels, membership site(s).
  • Easily replicate any Clickfunnels with the help of Clickfunnels share codes.
  • Superb product reviews since its launch
[/box] [box title=”CONS” bg_color=”#F44242″ icon=”thumbs-down” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle” align=”left” text_color=”#FFF” height=”auto”]
  • Not Affordable for Everyone due to its pricing.
  • Persistence is extremely important to succeed in any program of this kind. You need to be consistent and stick to the plan of action laid out in the program.
  • Special Clickfunnels discount pricing is only available on your first invoice. After that, you have to pay regular Clickfunnels subscription charges i.e. $297/month for Clickfunnels Etison Suite or $97/month for Clickfunnels Startup Plan. However, the customer has the option to buy Funnel Hacks subscription for the maximum duration of 12 months through Paypal to get the maximum benefit from the deal.

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