Funnel Graffiti Review: Is it really worth it ?

[su_highlight background=”#fdff99″]Update: Recently, I have found that Clickfunnels has stopped selling these adhesive stickers. I tried to place a new order, but I found the Funnel Graffiti Link is not working anymore and it takes me to the Clickfunnels Signup page now. However, If you are looking for Digital Drag & Drop Version to understand or Optimize your Sales funnel, then you should definitely check Funnelytics.[/su_highlight]

The Funnel Graffiti was first revealed during the Funnel Hacking Live 2016. Actually, during that event, Clickfunnels has distributed all of its attendees a cool gift named “Funnel Graffiti.” Those who were not at the event, have been begging and pleading for some ever since, thus due to high interest, Clickfunnel has decided to make it available for everyone.

As we all know, Building the sales funnels requires a whole lot of effort in brainstorming and strategizing. And to understand more about your sales funnels, you need to have a visual presentation of it. You may need to fill up your whiteboard with scribbles and boxes, but it would still be not enough due to your ideas being piled up simultaneously.

Well, believe it or not, ClickFunnels offers an amazing solution to remedy that problem. It may not be quite groundbreaking, unlike their other products, but it still gets the job done.

This product is called Funnel Graffiti. 

What is Funnel Graffiti?

Funnel Graffiti is a set of reusable white plastic stickers that stick to a plain surface and help you map out or build your sales funnels easily.  You won’t be needing a bunch of markers anymore since you can place them anywhere you want. Plus, they are not that big, which means you can have more space on your board.

Funnel Graffiti

Not only does this benefit you, but it can also be used if you are building a sales funnel for your clients. You can use these stickers to provide a visual presentation for your clients to understand more about what kind of funnel they need for their business or niche.

Let me clarify that these are not magnets. It's more like a vinyl that sticks to a whiteboard without adhesive. You can use ClickFunnels Funnel Graffiti anywhere you like. These can be:

  • On your Whiteboard
  • Refrigerator
  • Windows
  • Walls
  • And just about anywhere—even in your car or the television!

Russel Brunson also produced a hilarious YouTube video that you should watch. It showcases the uses of the stickers in a comedic way.

Funnel Graffiti: Unboxing Video

These stickers are much better to use than using a whiteboard. You don’t have to erase everything and start over again, you just have to remove the stickers and place them back again with ease.

How much does it cost?

As of this moment, you can get ClickFunnels Funnel Graffiti for FREE! All you need to pay is for its shipping fee, which costs $5.95 anywhere in the world! Funnel Graffiti initially retails at around $19.95. Good thing they offer it for free nowadays because it is quite unreasonable to buy stickers for almost $20.


Who is it for?

Funnel Graffiti is for anyone who is into building their own sales funnels. Although, is it’s most likely marketed towards ClickFunnels members than those who are not. That is because the stickers themselves cater to ClickFunnels’ way of building a sales funnel.


There is not much to talk about regarding Funnel Graffiti aside from it being a fun product. 

That being said, it is still a good product, nonetheless. It did not disappoint my expectations because they did not promise more than what it is capable of. It is a sticker that is used to ease up your sales funnel building process by providing a visual presentation for you.

 Plus, it is a perfect example of a “Free Plus Shipping” Funnel that you can use for your online business. Russel Brunson created a video regarding this sales funnel and will guide you on how to incorporate it into your business.

The video’s audio is quite awful, so fair warning!

Personally, I would recommend Funnel Graffiti to anyone who wants to spice up their funnel building procedure. It is a fun product that you can stick to any surface—and they’re reusable too!

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