Funnel Builder Secrets Review

Funnel Builder Secrets Review – The Ultimate Clickfunnels Discount Offer

Funnel Builder Secrets succeeds Funnel Hacks as the all in one solution for building great funnels. With this program, you will become a master funnel builder and learn everything that is associated with building a converting funnel.

The Funnel Builder Secrets package was designed to help you with everything from writing copy, designing your funnel and achieving sales for you immediately after you launch your funnel.

When you get Funnel Builder Secrets you will also have full access to the ClickFunnels program as well as training materials and guides so that you can get the most out of your ClickFunnels experience.

You will have 12 months access to ClickFunnels Enterprise, which normally cost $297/month, 12 months subscription to Funnel Scripts, that is priced at $497/year.

Apart from that, there are three training packages which are Funnel Hacks, the BRAND NEW Funnel Builder Secrets Training & access to the Traffic Secrets Membership.

Who Is The Creator Of Funnel Builder Secrets?

Russell Brunson, one of the world’s most successful and well-respected Internet Marketer, created Funnel Builder Secrets which he markets under his company, Etison LLC.

Russell is very well known in the Internet Marketing space and is an expert on creating high converting Funnels. Just perform a Google search on his name and you will see everything that is related to him and his brand. This will include his Inner Circle, personal website, Facebook page, his books (you will probably see ads for these), and even news about him.

Russell has been a guest speaker at many seminars as well. Recently he spoke at Grant Cadorne’s 10X event in 2018 where he made over $3 million in around an hour of selling on stage.

To conclude, Russell Brunson is the real deal and really knows his stuff. He walks the talk as well. He is always in the spotlight and can be seen on many websites and at many events. This even includes appearing on TV shows such as ‘The Profit’ as well!

How I come to know about Funnel Builder Secrets Offer?

When I first signed up for the Funnel Builder Secrets webinar, I was directed to the following page.Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar

After successful registration, I was directed to Thank You page, which is as under:

Funnel Builder Secrets Training

My first thoughts were: “This is really impressive, how does a startup earn over a million dollars in such a short time?”

Russell shared three secrets in his webinar and provided solutions for each of them:

  1. “Whoever Can Spend The MOST MONEY To Acquire A Customer Wins”
  2. “How To Get THE BEST SALES PERSON On Planet Earth To Close Sales For Your Product 24/7… (Without Ever Complaining, Asking For A Raise, Or Taking A Break!)”
  3. “How To Get The Exact SAME Customers Who Are Currently Going To Your Competitors Funnels… To Start Coming To YOUR Funnel Instead!”

These are incredible secrets and the solution to any of them can help you to make a fortune.

But you are probably wondering if it is really possible to achieve these things?

All of this piqued my curiosity so I signed up for the webinar to find out for myself.

Towards the end of the webinar, there are three unique offers that you can take advantage of which we will discuss below.

How Much Funnel Builder Secrets Cost?

There are three pricing options for Funnel Builder Secrets and these are based on the ClickFunnels subscription and additional training that you require.

funnel builder secrets price
At the $1,997 price level, you get access to: 

  • 6 Months Of ClickFunnels Enterprise (Worth $3,564)
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass (Worth $1,997)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training (Worth $997)
  • Traffic Secrets Membership (Worth $1,997)
  • 12 Months Of Funnel Scripts  (Worth $2,997)
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

At the $2,997 price level you get:

  • 12 Months Of ClickFunnels Enterprise (Worth $7,128)
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass (Worth $1,997)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training (Worth $997)
  • Traffic Secrets Membership (Worth $1,997)
  • 12 Months Of Funnel Scripts  (Worth $2,997)
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

At the $5,997 price level you get:

  • 8 ClickStart Coaching Calls ($9,997)
  • 12 Months Of ClickFunnels Enterprise (Worth $7,128)
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass (Worth $1,997)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training (Worth $997)
  • Traffic Secrets Membership (Worth $1,997)
  • 12 Months Of Funnel Scripts  (Worth $2,997)
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

These are the most comprehensive packages available from ClickFunnels by far, and they provide everything that you need to build a successful funnel.

All of the Funnel Builder Secrets packages are designed to provide you with everything you need from generating traffic, acquiring leads (prospects), selling to your prospects and converting them to long-term clients.

Each component of every package comes with comprehensive training so it is almost impossible for you to go wrong. By going for at least the $1,997 option you will be making a very smart investment for your business.

Every one of the packages has a value of at least $10,000, and building just one successful funnel can easily cover the cost of any of the packages.

I would highly recommend the $2,997 package as you have an entire year’s worth of access to ClickFunnels. This is just $1,000 more than the least expensive package and you will receive 6 additional months of ClickFunnels access at a discounted rate ($1,000 for 6 additional months instead of $1,782).

If you really feel that you require more coaching and training, then go for the $5,997 package. The 8 ClickStart calls will help you to get your funnel up and running in the fastest time possible.

Russell Brunson delivers most of the training himself with the exception of a few courses such as “traffic membership” which is delivered by John Reese. John is an expert on traffic generation and another very famous and credible Internet Marketer.

All the training that you will receive will be focused on the ClickFunnels program, and it will provide you with all of the proven techniques and strategies to ensure that you build successful funnels.

What Do You Get In Funnel Builder Secrets?

  • Six or Twelve Months access to your ClickFunnels Enterprise Account (Depending on the Plan You Have Chosen). You also get access to the comprehensive training PLUS access to the ClickFunnels Etison Suite which includes Backpack and Actionetics as well.
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass: With this training, you also get access to Instant Traffic Hacks ($1,997 Value), Inception Secrets ($1,997 Value) and the SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequence ($997 Value).
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • 12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 8 ClickStart Coaching Calls (for the Highest Plan only): Right at the start you'll work one-on-one with an expert coach (for 8 weeks) who will ensure that you know how to use every important feature of ClickFunnels.

Are There Any Upsells Inside?

Funnel Builder Secrets is the biggest package for any ClickFunnels product. There are no upsells, but you do have the option of a done-for-you solution by Russell’s company (which can cost 6 figures or more).

So congratulations if you’ve invested, you will not be seeing any more upsells with Funnel Builder Secrets!

When your 6 months or 12 months of ClickFunnels Enterprise access expires, you will need to pay $297/month to retain access.

The other payment that you will need to make after 12 months is your access to Funnel Scripts. You will need to pay $497/year after your 12-month access expires. These are the only two programs where you will need to make monthly or yearly payments.

The remainder of your training provided with Funnel Builder Secrets is on a lifetime access basis. This means that even years into the future, you’ll be able to access all this training without any additional payments.

Is Funnel Builder Secrets Right For Beginners? What If I Have No Prior Experience?

If you’re still trying to make money online and have no clear idea about what you are going to sell then it is not suitable for you (unless you have too much money, then go ahead!).

But if you’re already in business and just discovered ClickFunnels and funnel building then definitely a YES!

And if you’re already a ClickFunnels member and don’t want to figure it all out then again definitely a YES!

Funnel Builder Secrets is suited for people who are already selling a product or service or already have a business in place. If you are a total newbie and do not even know how to make money online, I would recommend that you go for the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp which will be more suitable for you.

Funnel Builder Secrets is definitely right for people who are already in business and can start implementing funnels fast.

The main purpose of Funnel Builder Secrets is to assist you to create funnels for your business quickly which will generate profits for you as soon as possible. The aim will be to achieve anywhere from 2x to 10x your current profits!

If you are in business but new to digital marketing you will find that all of the strategies you need are fully covered so you do not require any previous knowledge. You will pick up the skills that you need fast.

Can You Really Earn From Funnel Builder Secrets?

Considering how many people hit the 2 comma club (making $1 million or more from Funnels), this is certainly very possible. There are quite a lot of people already in the 2 comma bracket and some that earn more than $10 million.

There are two ways you can earn from this program.

  • The first way is to implement the strategies from the program into your business. You will probably see increased profits and sales just by implementing one funnel and driving traffic to it.
  • The second way is to sign up for the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp here and use the strategies you will learn to earn money promoting ClickFunnels (and even earn a new car in the process!).

If you have the time I would recommend going with both methods to dramatically increase your profits. ClickFunnels can literally work with any business out there as confirmed by Russell in the webinar.

Are the Testimonials real?

In a word YES! Throughout the webinar, multiple testimonials are shown. There were quite a lot of video testimonials.

Alex & Leila

The main thing that Alex mentioned was that he crossed the 8 figure mark in this video testimonial and he claimed that “You’re just one funnel away”. I did some quick research and found this on his Facebook page actually showing his achievement. Alex & Leila are also featured on the 2 comma club page.

Brandon & Kaelin

These two people are behind a brand known as Lady Boss, and they have also achieved 2 comma status. In this video testimonial, Brandon mentioned how he and Kaelin spent their last few dollars on ClickFunnels as they wanted to take their passion online. It was literally the best investment they ever made, and also helped over 100,000 women around the world through ClickFunnels.

There are many more testimonials from people like Liz Benny, Mike Stanzyk and Simeon Cryer which I already discussed in the Funnel Hacks Review.

VERDICT: These are real and legitimate testimonials. The testimonials used by Russell in the webinar are all from real people that have achieved massive success, and they can be verified by using Google. You will never see a fake testimonial used by Russell Brunson – anyway his products work and create great results for his customers so there would be no need.

Is there a money back guarantee?

All ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson products are covered by a full 30-day money back guarantee just in case you don’t like the program for some reason and need to request a full refund. To claim a refund for Funnel Builder Secrets, you’ll need to contact the customer support on the ClickFunnels website.

ClickFunnels always uphold their 30-day refund guarantee so you can be sure that you are secure with this guarantee and can ask for your money back at any time during the guarantee period.

My Recommendation

If you’re already subscribed to the Etison Suite plan ($297/m), Funnel Builder Secrets can actually provide you with a discount for your subscription and you also receive comprehensive training and incredible tools as part of the deal! If you’re planning to use Funnels in your business, look no further and get this package as there’s a lot of proven strategies that Russell shares in the training that can easily generate up to $100 for every $1 you invest! 

Funnel Hacks Bonus Offer

When making a large investment into a product like this you need to be sure about the value that you will receive from it.  The $1,997 is a significant investment, but if I told you that you could make $10,000 within the next month after implementing the strategies in this program, it would be worth it wouldn’t it?

Here is a reminder of what you will save against the normal price for ClickFunnels:

  • 6 Months of ClickFunnels ($1,782) OR 12 Months of ClickFunnels ($3,564)
  • 1 Year Funnel Scripts ($497)

Total Clickfunnels & Funnel Scripts Cost : $2,279 (6 months) OR $4,061 (12 months)

And these numbers don’t even include the >100 hours training that you will receive with Funnel Builder Secrets. It’s around a 13% discount for the 6 months plan and a 26% discount for the 12 months plan. This is a significant cost saving if you already plan to start using ClickFunnels, so it makes total sense.

With the training provided in Funnel Builder Secrets, I don’t believe that it’s possible to fail unless you don’t take action on what you learn. Remember that this same training has made some people 7 and 8 figures. So it is definitely possible for you to succeed as well!

All I can say is if you’re serious about your business and want to use the power of funnels then Funnel Builder Secrets is the best program available. If you feel like you’re not ready for this program yet, why not give ClickFunnels a try instead on a free 14-day trial to see if it’ll help you make the right decision?

If you want to promote ClickFunnels and make money doing so, then the ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp is where you want to be! 

If you have not seen the webinar yet then this is highly recommended. You can register and watch the Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar by clicking here.

  • Best Clickfunnels Discount Offer
  • Tons of Bonuses
  • Over 100 hours of training
  • Not Affordable for Everyone

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