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Expert Secrets Book Review – Must-Read Book for Internet Marketers + Special Bonus

I just come to know that Russell Brunson is going to launch his new book called Expert Secrets. In case you don’t know what Expert Secrets is, well it's the second book of Russell Brunson that's going to be released in the market on 18th April 2017.

Now, before discussing his latest release, his previous book – DotCom Secrets – The Underground PlayBook For Growing Your Company Online deserves a quick mention. The book was based on his coaching business in which he has shared lots of strategies to boost and excel in your business. The book was a fantastic masterpiece and a pure bliss to read, which motivated me to dig into his latest launch.

Insider view:

Russell Brunson's upcoming book Expert Secrets is a playbook for creating a mass movement of people that are ready to pay for your help and advice. The book will assist you to find out who you are and assist you to create the message you wish to share and give you the confidence to become a leader in your specialized niche. It will also teach you how you can create a massive following of people whose lives you can transform for the better and show you how to make this new voice a full-time profession where people will pay you for your advice and help.

Expert Secrets Book

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Lots of people undervalue themselves and assume that they don't have anything to share with the world. But Russell claims that everybody has a story to share with. Expert Secrets promises to coach you how you can tell your story in such a way so that others will pay to listen.

Russell Brunson wrote in his book that your message has the ability to improve someone’s life. The impact that the right message can have on someone at the correct time in their life is immeasurable. It could possibly assist to save relationships, fix families issues, improve someone’s health, grow a business or more… But only if you are aware how to make it into the hands of the individuals whose lives you've been called to change. The Expert Secrets Book will put your message into the hands of people who need it.

In addition, In Expert Secrets, Russell walks you step-by-step through case studies, drawings and illustrations demonstrating how you can build a hungry audience to order your knowledge. He also shows you the resources and methods you need to turn your knowledge and skills into products and services to sell to your hungry audience of followers.

Who is Expert Secrets Book For?

  • Any person who really wants to make money by selling information products. Either by selling the knowledge or making use of your expertise to improve the visibility of the business.
  • Anyone who makes use of Clickfunnels, well-famous funnel software.
  • Anyone who wants to figure out how to become an authority or expert in his niche and build a following.

How much Expert Secrets Book will Cost You:
The Expert Secrets Book will normally be available on at price $19.95, but under this limited time special deal, it will cost you nothing. However, you have to pay just $7.95 pocket as shipping charges.

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About the Author:
Russell Brunson is a famous entrepreneur who specializes in making money online with his superb business tactics and knowledge. He is successfully running two businesses – a software company called ClickFunnels and an online coaching business, DotComSecrets.


Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets Book is an Awesome Book. This book, is generally a guide for taking all your specialist knowledge, expertise and hidden talents and transforming them into a business where one can earn money from them.

Russell Brunson, the author, puts out some really solid information inside this book and makes it really simple to understand and apply. This book is an excellent addition to the series of success reading materials that Brunson has launched. I personally believe that the expert guidance offered in this book will make a difference in the life of many readers.

Furthermore, The foreword of Expert Secrets has been written by the one and only Robert Kiyosaki which speaks about its usefulness and the high-quality of material. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced marketer in the online business, this book has something for everyone. I highly recommend this book to everyone, who wishes to make a good career in Digital Marketing.

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