Peter Parks’ DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Review + Bonus Deal worth $947

Peter Parks’ DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Review + Bonus Deal worth $947

I just come to know that Andrew Fox and Peter Parks, are going to launch DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 on 22nd of this month. The DNA Wealth Blueprint, is a super high quality product, and it has already setup its reputation in the market since its first launch in 2013. I have written this comprehensive DNA Wealth Blueprint Review, to help my readers. So that, they can understand what this program is all about and how they can gets benefited from it.

DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Review

But before starting the review, I would like to share some interesting facts about DNA Blueprint, which most of the customers are not aware of. Kindly go through it  :-

Do you know, When DNA Wealth Blueprint 1.0 came out in November 2013 for $1997 it produced :-

  • well over a hundred 5-figure per month income earners
  • Seventy five 6-figure per month income earners
  • Two 7-figure per month income earners

In December 2014 DNA Wealth Blueprint 2.0 was released at $1997 it produced:

  • Well over 125 5-figure per month income earners
  • three hundred and thirty 6-figure per month income earners
  • Nine 7-figure per month income earners

What is DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 ?

DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0, is a brand new high ticket internet marketing course , which teaches how to use paid traffic, particularly Facebook to promote CPA offers. However you can use also use paid traffic to promote your own offers, affiliate products also. According to an update from Peter, the average time for each module for DNA 3.0 is well over 22+ minutes, and here is the detailed outline for the course :-

Module 1 : $3200 in 3 three days :-

Simple is as simple gets, everyone wants to make easy money with CPA affiliate marketing, yet 99% of the population make this very difficult on themselves. After some instruction from Peter, watch as one of Peter students takes you behind the scenes, and shows you a full-blown case study of how he made $3200 dollars in three days from scratch.

Under this module, You get to see the offer, you get to see the landing page, you get to see how he split test the headlines, the images, the landing pages, you get to see how he builds out the campaign, you get to see how he optimizes the campaign, you get to see the traffic sources, he reveals everything in this case study. Nothing is held back.

Please note that this is a very aggressive offer it is actually for a male enhancement product, but you get to see the landing page and how his student angles the offer so it sells quickly. You get to see his blog (if you're smart) where he sells multiple CPA offers, from skin care, to supplements, to e-commence products. This is absolutely mind blowing how he positions a multitude of CPA offers from one blog. This should not to be missed.

Module 2 : Tracking With SubID’s The Super Affiliate Way :-

In this module Peter takes a behind-the-scenes and shows you exactly how the super affiliates think and track and why you need to start thinking like the super affiliates do.

  • Why Sub ID's Are Critical To Your CPA Campaigns And How To Set Them Up For Maximum Profitability
  • Which Sub IDs metrics you really want to stay on top of
  • Why 99% of affiliates drop the ball on this aspect of tracking and how you can leverage their mistakes to stay ahead of the game
  • The technical buildout to sub IDs that will help you profit right out of the gate.
  • One of the most important sub IDs that you can track, get this right and this could mean the difference between having a five figure and 6 to 7 figure campaign or get this wrong and you could go bankrupt.
  • The proper sub ID to set up for mobile campaigns and much much more …

Module 3 : Solar Panel Case Study Part A & B :-

Watch as Peter take you behind the scenes into one of the most controversial and passionate niches around.

  • some affiliates in this particular niche are making over $10,000 a day and you can see why
  • Enter Peter's mind as he shows you how to be a wordsmith that crafts ads that convert
  • Listen as he explains to you the psychological reasons why many affiliates drop the ball in passionate controversial niches
  • Peter explains to you the difference between demographics and psychographics and why it's important that you need to understand both in CPA marketing
  • In this case study Peter reveals the actual placements, the actual banners, the actual content rich product landing page
  • You'll see why it's very important to get a very specific domain for your CPA offer and funnel and Peter explains why
  • You'll be introduced to a new targeting service that some very smart super affiliates are using and how you can get access to it as well
  • You'll get a very powerful description on why keywords are very important with CPA marketing especially when it comes to media buys using this particular service
  • you’ll get everything pretty much served up to you on a silver platter. This is a very meaty module well over 22+ minutes of pure gold. This is the case study, which not should be missed.

Module 4 : The Ultimate CPA Campaign And Backend Profit Machine:-

In this module Peter shows you how affiliates become super affiliates and eventually become advertisers to ultimately own the game. The strategies revealed here other super affiliates have gone on to build their empires as advertisers and CPA network owners in excess of $168MM, $350MM, and Beyond.

  •  you'll learn exactly what your secret weapons are with the assets in this space and how to leverage them
  • you'll learn why it's important to use competitive intelligience tools
  • you'll learn what the right amount of ROI is and whether or not you can scale
  • you will learn why email is so important in CPA marketing and why many advertisers drop the ball on it.
  • you will learn how to ask for what most affiliates would never dream of asking for, and why you should ask for it to scale your business past seven and eight figures
  • and much much more this is a meaty almost 32+ minutes in length. You will need to watch this at least three or four times to grasp all the concepts before taking action.

Module 5 : Facebook CPA… (Cost Per Action) only for Advanced Users

In this module Peter shows you one of the most advanced features smart marketers are using to completely domainate FB® platform.

This particular strategy is about using CPA bidding on the blue beast platform. This is one of the most powerful forms of bidding that FB® can give you, as many simply don't use it or know about it.

  • You'll learn how do use CPA effectively that basically forces the network to send you optimized traffic
  • How to ethically “game” FB® algorithm to send you sub penny clicks and highly qualified traffic
  • how to stay 100% in control of your conversions
  • how to avoid being at the mercy of FB® bidding algorithm and
  • how to bypass it so you can stay ahead laughing all the way to the bank
  • why you should use CPA versus the other modules, failure to understand the bidding strategies will cost you an arm and a leg but get this right and its just a matter of highly profitable scale.
  • and much much more…

NOTE : This is a very meaty module for advanced FB® users only.

Module 6 : How To Build A Traffic Team Like A Boss :-

Under this detailed module, Peter finally takes you behind-the-scenes and shows you how he built out his teams and how his students and clients have built out teams over the last 8 to 9 years to eight figures and almost 9 figures. This is one of the major roadblocks for lots of marketers, lots of entrepreneurs is team building they don't know where to go, or how to go about the process. Many fail and have their businesses shut down literally overnight because of it. Or they simply hire wrong out of the gate and suffer headaches and a an endless waste of money down the drain months after the fact.

Peter shares with you his insights on…

  • What positions are the absolute most critical for growing your business
  • Where to find superstars and high-level players
  • The worst thing that you can do in regards to approaching someone to work with you
  • Why the old way of hiring people is no longer applicable in the digital age
  • The best places to vet people out
  • Why you shouldn't go to an outsourcing firm…(or should i guess if you want to burn a hole in your pocket book)
  • Peter shows you a case study in which he recently acquired a brand new “A” player team
  • You'll get the actual template that Peter uses to hire a triple AAA player Internet marketing project manager, media buyer, and the rest of the team

Module 7 Aggressive CPA Renegades :-

In this module the unthinkable is happening… this case study its not for the faint of heart, but once again in the last 2 versions of DNA Wealth Blueprint people have been asking to show them an aggressive high risk offer so you’ll see how you can push one through the big blue beast. This is a high octane testosterone booster offer, that some affiliates are making 6 figures a day from. This offer is borderline aggressive and not for some of the networks but you’ll see just how it gets pushed through.

If you run this offer you run it at your own risk and you understand that you can and will most likely lose your account and Peter and Andrew will not responsible for your actions. But with the flip side being with great risk comes great reward if you have the “advertising balls of steel”. You get the inside peek at some of the metrics and why it so important for you to understand.

  • you’ll see the FB® page and how its set up for conversion which is key and why its been working since 2013
  • you’ll see the ad and you’ll be shown how the psychology plays into it so it gets “the click” and already “pre-frames” the sale
  • In an opposite twist You’ll see the “down and dirty” blog that only serves one purpose…(can you guess what that is)
  • You’ll see the cost to build out the list
  • A hardcore lesson in banner split testing will be shown and what very few marketers and affiliates talk about, along with how and when to optimize so you can scale for truck loads of the “green stuff”.
  • Whats even better? you get to see final banners that made the cut.

Its simple over the edge type stuff that isn’t for the beginner. But, you can simply grab this course, just for this case study itself.

Special BlockBuster Modules :-

You will glad to know that cold traffic master, and master FB® PPC Ninja none other than Nicholas Kusmich has entered into a deal with Peter and Andrew,  is contributing 3 blockbuster modules for DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0. Under which, Nicholas Kusmich walks you through step by step exactly how to set up your Facebook ads for powerful results by showing you the technical side of structuring ads the right way.

  • 99% of marketers do this wrong because they miss many of the foundational steps.
  • Nicholas shows you through reason why he is considered by many to be the “go to” guy for setting up campaigns the right way that bring in powerful results. These modules will be worth the price if the course itself when he shows you all the tips and tricks to create winning campaigns from his masterful technical standpoint.
  • you'll learn the real reason to set your campaigns up using three powerful campaign set ups that most screw up
  • you'll learn why your paying too much in your campaigns because they have been set up wrong from the word get go
  • you'll learn why to use power editor and only power editor and the advantages of it, and much much more

Access to Private Facebook Group :-

On purchasing DNA Wealth Blueprint 3, the customer will get access to private FB® group. Plus, both Andrew and Peter will respond to all queries of buyers, under secret community forum.

Upsell :-

There is an amazing upsell, which offer featuring Andrew's Product Launch Warcraft videos, which sold out at $5,000 a head for $2000.

Cost of DNA Wealth Blueprint :-

DNA Wealth Blueprint comes in two versions. The first version is priced at $1999, while the DNA Wealth Blueprint Ultra Version cost you $2999.

Does DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Work?

This is the biggest question you need answered because it will be the difference between you buying or sitting on the fence, so lets answer it for you. Over the last 11 months many students have successfully implemented the DNA system and the results are impressive.

  • 40+ 5 figure per month income earners
  • 21+ 6 figure per month income earners
  • And, four 7 figure income earners (high ROI on profitable ad spend into the hundreds of
    thousands of dollars *** now these results are not typical and very impressive)

The actual numbers of successful students are way more than that, but those are the
numbers from students who wanted to step forward. Many students want to stay private with their success and are very happy being out of  the spotlight and I don’t blame them, would you? So in closing they took the DNA Wealth Blueprint system and implemented it for massive results.

These results are not typical, matter of fact they are out of the ordinary because all these students did what most will never do, they put money into the advertising machine and spend their own hard earned money, failed, lost money, recuperated, went back to work and got successful. So yes the system is battle tested and proven because you see the case studies.

How much money do I need to start?

Here’s the skinny on this one, you will have to spend money to make money. Some people have gotten results with as little as a couple of hundred dollars in advertising spend and scaled very quickly from there. They were the exception to the rule.

You will need to set aside and have money to invest typically $30-$50 per day.How much you need totally depends on your skill set, your dedication, your risk tolerance, and many other factors.

Hey I could sit here and tell you that you don’t need a lot of money but then you would know that isn’t so and your BS radar would go off in your head so lets both be honest about it, you’ll need to have money to advertise and you’ll need to make sure its enough to sustain you through your learning curve.

What happens if I get my advertising accounts shut down?

This isn’t a magical course, you have to stay compliant and abide with all the TOS of all advertising platforms if you hope to grow your business long term. Think about it this way, are you here for the long haul or just around for some quick part time income then starve for the rest of the year. When you answer that question then the question is irrelevant because you’ll want to do things right.

I’m a newbie will I have information overload, get confused and not take action
being stuck all over again and out $2K?

Many of our first members were newbies and never spent a penny in paid advertising. At first they found the course over their head but I worked with them continually and slowly. They started to get results in small wins then the small wins become bigger.

The results came quickly once they got on a roll. Thousands a month, then tens of thousands of thousands a month. Now lets be clear, yes there is actually a few (very small number of members less than a dozen who still to this day are struggling and making small amounts but at least they are hanging in there)

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that everyone is making it rain because again your BS radar would go off, so lets cut through the bull you’ll read on most sales letters. You got to work, you got to commit to the course and follow instruction. If you can do that you will see success.

In closing DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 really isn’t for beginners but if you jump on board over time you should see results and be able to change your life. Never rush wealth, there is no rush to getting rich, you have to work the system and let the system and your determination take you where you want to get to.

I’m really writing this as a “one on one” to you like we were sitting at the table just chatting about stuff and keeping it real. If you meet me half way and put in the time and effort I’ll help you get to the other side.


I personally feels that DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0, is going to be the newest and most revolutionary product released by Peter Parks and Andrew Fox to date and looking at the sales of previous versions – it’s going to make you an absolute fortune. Peter and Andrew have been working their tails off to create the best possible coaching with new and improved material over previous years. Taking such a pride in their work and their customers, past versions of DNA have seen the creation of literally hundreds of 5-6 figure earners along with a dozen or so 7 figure earners. Thus, I highly recommend DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 to my subscribers.


DNA Wealth Blueprint Bonus

To make the deal more sweeten, I have added some amazing Highly Valuable Bonuses worth $947 from my own products. These are real value products NOT CRAPPY PLR PRODUCTS – which other Affiliate Marketers are offering. Kindly take a look :-

– Your Own FREE Domain Name – Paid For 1 Year!

– FREE Shared Hosting Account for Your Website – Paid For 1 Year!

– FREE Setup Professional Email Address i.e.

– Setup your Website FREE – Installation & Customization

– Install Premium Theme with Best Plugins Available Around

– Setup Essentials Pages such as About Us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Affilaite Disclaimer, Terms etc.

– FREE Squeeze Page Setup

– FREE Autoresponder Account for Email Marketing (Upto 2000 Subscribers)

– FREE Setup of Professional Looking Facebook Page

– Plus, I will give you my Top Notch Support. Whenever you have any query or doubts, just reach me via Skype & Facebook, and I will glad to support you.

How to qualify for DNA Wealth Blueprint Bonus?

Step 1 : To be on the safe side clear all your cookies before you purchase through my link.

Step 2 : Click Here to Purchase DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 to Avail Exclusive Bonus Deal.

Step 3 : Forward Your Purchase Receipt to bonus[at] , along with your personal detail such as Name & Email.

Step 4 : Once I received your email, then I will verify the purchase with affiliate backoffice, and on successful verification, I will send you an confirmation email.

NOTE: All the bonuses will be available to you after 30 Days from the purchase date. However, If you are on the payment plan, then you will receive your bonuses, when you made both payments.

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