Dan Henry Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs Review [BONUS worth $1997]

Dan Henry’s Funnels & Ads For Entrepreneurs (FAFE), previously known as Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs teaches you how to generate low-cost leads through Facebook that easily turn into sales for your own business or your client's’ business. It has allowed many entrepreneurs to experience financial freedom. What would you do with an extra $1,000 a month? An extra $5,000? An extra $10,000? You could pay off some debt, take an exotic vacation, or put your kids through school. The possibilities are endless.  But does it really work? Check my comprehensive review to get detailed information about Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs Course.

Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs review

Course Overview :

The course content of Dan Henry’s Funnels & Ads For Entrepreneurs is all laid out in an organized manner, which makes it is suitable for both Facebook Beginners and Advanced marketer. The course is divided into the following five modules:

  • The Overview Module – The Nutshell: Provides an overview of the process and guidelines on how the right mindset can bring about success.
  • Module 1 – The Bait: Describes how to create an offer that targets your customers, drives them to respond to your ad, and prompts them to enter your funnel.
  • Module 2 – The Funnel: Describes how to create a funnel that gets your customer where you want them to be, whether that’s on an email list, a webinar, or on the phone.
  • Module 3 – The Ad: Provides everything you need to run a successful Facebook ad. This includes scripts, pixels, targeting and retargeting, ROI tracking, split testing, scaling, and more.
  • Module 4 – Agency: Teaches you how to put these methods into practice to start your own Facebook Ad Agency and get clients who will hire you.

In addition, when you purchase the course, you will receive the access to following contents:

  • Lifetime Access to the Private Mastermind Community – This group includes more than 800 people who can help you navigate through the course and answer your questions.
  • The 2-Question Close – This gives you the two questions you need to ask a potential client to close the deal.
  • Automated Client Acquisition Funnel – This funnel helps automate the way you acquire new clients.
  • Inside a Million Dollar Campaign – Watch as Dan edits a campaign that made more than a million dollars.
  • Complete Ads Cheat Sheet Bible – Provides a quick reference for everything in the course.
  • Access to Recorded Coaching Calls – Provides access to the questions and problems of other students and how those issues were solved.

Apart from these, you also get access to following bonuses :-

  • BONUS # 1 : Automated Client Acquisition Funnel so you can fill in the blanks and run ads to acquire new clients on autopilot. ($4,997 Value)
  • BONUS # 2 : The 2 Question Close so you can easily close clients over the phone by asking 2 simple questions. This technique gives me over 80% close ratios. ($997 Value)
  • BONUS # 3 : Recording of Dan closing a client so you can see how it's done in actual real life. ($497 Value)
  • BONUS # 4 : Student Nugget Database so you can see all the tips and tricks students have learned along the way and utilize them so you don't make the same mistakes and can get success faster! ($497 Value)

Basically, Dan Henry teaches you how to Run Successful Ads for Your own Business or as an Agency. So that you can implement that knowledge and expect same good result for your Facebook campaigns also. 

How Dan Henry Made $10,000 First Month Running Facebook Ads for Clients and How You Can TOO Even if you Start with ZERO Results

I hope that you have watched Dan Henry’s FREE $10k Webinar Training. If you NOT, then i highly suggest you to stop reading this article.. and register for this FREE Webinar Class first… because it one of best and highly informative training available on the internet about running your own facebook ad agency. Click here to register for FREE Training >>>

What you will learn under the $10k Webinar Class :

Under the $10k FREE Webinar Training, you will see examples of 6 people that took notes from this webinar, and hit $10,000 or MORE per month in income.  The best part, 4 of them were TOTAL beginners! So, now you will understand that how powerful the training is ?

Under the webinar, you will learn three main secrets, which are as under :-

Secret # 1 – How to land your first client within a few hours People often think you need results first to get clients, but that isn’t necessarily true. Dan teaches that you can present yourself as the Curious Student instead. People will give you a chance if you know just a little more than they do. You can offer a trial where the potential customer pays only $100 for an ad. If the ad is successful, you can ask for the sale. As part of the course, Dan provides a sample of the Curious Student pitch.

Secret # 2 – How to score easy results for clients at almost no risk to them. The best way to get started is to go after easy clients, such as dentists, restaurants, bars, gyms, massage parlors, etc. They have a high return on revenues and people already use and want these services. Use the crazy discount funnel to get easy wins for these clients. Your job is simply to get people in the door, using the following steps:-

  • Use a Facebook Ad to offer something of value either free or at a steep discount.
  • Send those prospects to a landing page, where you can capture their name, email address, and phone number.
  • Use your Thank You page to offer an upsell, something even better they can receive if they take action now, for example, booking an appointment. This can lead to a lifelong customer.

Secret # 3 – How to scale to $10,000 a month quickly

  • Ask your very first client for a testimonial if the ad campaign is successful. Once you demonstrate success for one client, it will be easier to get more clients.
  • Create a simple case study video showing screenshots of emails that show the revenue earned.
  • Specialize in a niche. If you decide to work with dentists, stick with dentists. If you work with real estate agents, stick with real estate agents. In this way, it will be easier to duplicate your success.

Pricing Information

The Price for the Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads for Entrepreneur course is $997. However, apart from there is an upsell product named “Star Student Workshops”, which is webinar-style workshops that allow you to see the step-by-step process used by Dan’s top students for sales copy, ads, funnels, etc. The upsell cost $497, but it is totally worth it. You get following following bonuses when you purchase Star Student Workshop :-

  • Real Estate Buyer Leads Workshop – A workshop to help you get leads for real estate buyers.
  • Client Acquisition Mastermind Call – A recording of a discussion with Dan and other students about what works and what doesn’t work.

Like any program, Dan Henry’s Funnels & Ads For Entrepreneurs also has its pros and cons.


  • Availability of payment plan
  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates
  • Moneyback guarantee if you’ve completely followed the steps and they didn’t work
  • You don’t need an email list or website to succeed
  • Course can be accessed at your own pace and on your own time
  • Works for all types of businesses
  • Results have been tested and proven


I personally don’t found any cons in the program, except its high pricing, which may be not budget friendly for many newbies, who are looking to try their hands on Facebook PPC ads.

Final Verdict :

I personally purchased this FAFE course to learn the Facebook advertising skills to get clients for my SEO business. I have done lot of research before buying this course, and finally decided to purchases FAFE (Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs ) for the price of $997. Apart from that I also purchased the Upsell – Dan Henry’s Star Student Workshop at special discounted price of $497. I have attached screenshots of both invoice below as proof of purchase.

Dan Henry’s Funnels & Ads For Entrepreneurs


Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs

After going through whole course, I confidently say that Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs is one of the best course to learn Facebook Ad Skills, because once you successfully completed the course then it will give the confidence to run FB Ads for your business, affiliate products or services, even if you’ve never ran a Facebook ad before in your life. The course teaches you how to choose the right clients that will not consistently bug you for new ads as long as you are bringing them leads and sales they will be happy and should not taking your time. Dan teaches how to pick the clients that don't take a lot of time. The best thing about Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs is that the knowledge which you will acquire after going this course will help you & your clients to improve their business by running and managing profitable facebook campaigns.

At last, I just want to say that if you are looking to learn facebook ad skills for yourself or your managing client’s business, then don’t overthink. Just invest in this course, and i am pretty confident that you won’t disappointed with your decision. This course works for people in all types of businesses and industries, i.e. whether you’re running online business or offline business.

Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads is one of best and too the point course, and thus I highly recommend this course to my readers without a doubt.

Special Bonus for Course Buyers

I have decided to offer exclusive bonus to those, who will buy Dan Henry’s Facebook ads for entrepreneurs course through my affiliate link.

Here is the list of bonuses :-

  • I will setup One FREE Funnel under Clickfunnels for you or Your Client.
  • I will offer you FREE 2 Hours of Consultation. Under which I will personally review your ad campaign, ad copy, targeting options, and your funnel.
  • I will offer you support through Skype/Facebook/Email. So, that you whenever you have any query related with Facebook Campaign, you just to need to send a message and I will respond back to your request within 8 hours.

How to Claim This Special Bonus Pack

STEP # 1 : Click here to register for Dan Henry’s $10k Webinar.  

Dan Henry $10k webinar

Once you register, you will redirect to below page, in which Dan Henry will give you a 10 minute lesson on “Easy ROI Clients”, which will teach you that how to select and work with only best clients. 

Dan Henry $10k webinar registration

Once the 10 minutes lesson ends, the page will automatically redirect to Webinar Page, where you can watch the $10k Webinar Class.

To order, you have to play and watch the webinar till yet. I suggest you take notes during the webinar, because this training is highly informative. If you already watched the training, then you can let it run in the background. Once the webinar is over, you will see a button (below the video) to buy the course.

NOTE : If due to any reason, you don’t decided to buy at that time, then you will have to again click through my affiliate link and re-watch the webinar to make the purchase, so that you claim my exclusives bonuses.

STEP # 2 : Once you purchased the Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs by Dan Henry using my above affiliate link. Just forward your invoice to bonus@navjotblog.com

I hope you will found my comprehensive review about Dan Henry’s Funnels & Ads For Entrepreneurs useful. Kindly feel free to contact me, if you have any query or doubts.

******* FAQs *******


Q: I already know how to run Facebook ads I am wondering if I will learn anything new?
A: Dan teaches you how to do all these things well. The course really focuses on sales, and all the things that happen before and after the ad that really matter. An ad that converts, is one that converts in terms of our ROI. There is one module on ads, the rest is funnels, psychology, Sales, etc. Dan teaches you how to make sales with ads, not just get a lead or something else that means nothing without an actual ROI. The difference here that most people don't get is, Dan teaches how to do these things well. So yes the course may go over things you may have heard before, but Dan guarantees you to teach you how to do it 10 times better then you know how to now.

Q: Does this course tell you how to manage your clients after the first month and keep the ads fresh and new?
A: The course teaches you how to choose the right clients that will not consistently bug you for new ads as long as you are bringing them leads and sales they will be happy and should not taking your time. Dan teaches how to pick the clients that don't take a lot of time.

Q. Will the course will work for eCommerce?
A. It depends on what you are selling but yes it should. The only thing we will like to note is that you should have a profitable value ladder set up otherwise it will be difficult to earn tons of profit off of front of sales if you are selling low cost products.

Dan Henry Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs Review [BONUS worth $1997]

Dan Henry’s Funnels & Ads For Entrepreneurs (FAFE), previously known as Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs teaches you how to generate low-cost leads throu

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