Jim Edwards’s Copywriting Secrets Review

Copywriting is definitely one of the most essential skills that an internet marketer should have. Even if you only know the basics of copywriting, that would still set you up for a brighter future in internet marketing. And by a brighter future, I mean you can potentially improve your business by quite a lot.

And if you master the art of copywriting, you will surely be driving a whole lot of traffic to your website and generate an unbelievable amount of sales every single day. That is how powerful copywriting can be. It entices your visitors into interacting more in your websites and eventually buy something from you.

This may be vague, but I personally think that copywriting is the heart and soul of internet marketing. Without a quality copy, no one will even bother visiting your websites. That is because they found nothing interesting in it. Imagine creating a website with only a bunch of pictures and products in it—no words, description, or anything else whatsoever.

It does not make any sense, right?

That is where copywriting comes in. It improves your entire website’s demeanor and overall quality. As long as you know the basics of copywriting, you will not have any problem with luring in potential customers.

But the thing is, how can you improve your skills, assuming you already know the basics? Well, there are training programs out there that include a course about copywriting, but will it be enough?

In this particular write-up, I will be reviewing one of the most effective books on copywriting that will surely set you up even if you do not have the slightest idea of what copywriting is. It involves the basics as well as the advanced mechanics of copywriting that will help you garner a lot of attention with only just a single copy.

But first, let me explain what copywriting in general is.


What is Copywriting?



Before we discuss the product, let’s look at the importance of copywriting and how it can generate leads.

But of course, just because you can write a proper sentence and a clear description of a product does not necessarily mean you can expect a sale within a few days or so.

You actually have to be compelling in order to lure in customers. In this context, a copy is connected to quality, and believe it or not, quality is very important in internet marketing, especially now since Google’s algorithm is now focused on quality content.

Copywriting is basically getting customers to do something like buy, subscribe, fill out a form, and other things that will benefit your online business. Without it, you will never earn even a single penny. It is not just a paragraph that details everything, it is definitely more than just a simple description.

In copywriting, you make use of keywords, phrases, a few links (if needed), and other things that will surely complement search engine optimization. And yes, it is heavily useful for search engine optimization, which adds more to its importance.

That’s how important copywriting is. And even if you put an exceptionally good graphic on your website, it probably won’t be as effective without a copy to support it.

What is Copywriting Secrets?

Copywriting Secrets is a book that reveals all of the strategies and secret techniques that you can use to garner more leads, drive more traffic, generate more sales, and basically create a fandom for your websites. It may seem a bit too much, but it can actually be the case since all of the formulas mentioned in the book are proven by experts and will surely get you outstanding results.

The contents of the book are pretty straight-forwards, which is what I really like about it. It does not stray from its supposed purpose and provides a comprehensive explanation of each secret. Plus, you will not find a lot of promotional material in this book; rather, you will be presented with more useful information.

Another great thing about Copywriting Secrets is that it acknowledges your current copywriting skills. It does not tell you that you are doing something wrong that is why your business is not progressing. In fact, it tells you the things you need to improve to keep things running smoothly as they should be.

Who is Jim Edwards?


Jim Edwards is an expert on copywriting who now focuses on guiding people who are having trouble with their current copywriting skills. And when I say he is an expert, I really meant that he knows the twist and turns of copywriting and is equipped with all the copywriting secrets that you could find.

He has also authored a bunch of eBooks and hundreds of articles detailing his experiences and expertise, all for the sake of helping novices to get a great start on internet marketing, particularly in copywriting.


What You Learn Inside Copywriting Secrets?

Step by Step Training on Copywriting

Copywriting Secrets includes step-by-step, detailed training on how you can maximize your copywriting skills and implement it on your websites seamlessly. It improves your current skills in copywriting by providing you with secret techniques and strategies that will surely help you generate more leads and convert more into sales.

As I have mentioned before, it is a very straight-forward training that will not lead you to a maze of information that you are not even sure if it will be useful to you or not. As the title suggests, all of the contents in this book are specifically related to copywriting, nothing else.

And that is where the beauty of the Copywriting Secrets book lies, it maximizes your learning through a sheer focus on a single subject.


Aside from the physical book, you can also get the audiobook, which is sold separately. This offers the same content as the physical book, but this one caters to those who prefer to listen to than reading. Usually, I prefer reading slowly and surely; but every once and a while, I also go ahead and listen to an audiobook. It is both relaxing and informative at the same time.


The PDF is also sold separately. It can be bought on Amazon Kindle and unfortunately, this is the only possible legal way of getting your hands on the PDF. It offers the same information as that of its physical counterpart. I am not really a huge fan of eBooks since I prefer physical copies. The reason for that is because sometimes, it is better to get your eyes off of the digital world—it is a refreshing change if you ask me.

How much Copywriting Secrets Books Cost?

The pricing of Copywriting Secrets is something that is commonly offered on books and eBooks. Much like other books on Click Funnels, you can actually get Copywriting Secrets for free. All you have to pay is for its shipping fees and nothing else. The usual shipping fees you will be covering is $7.95 if you are in the United States, and if you live outside of the US, you will need to pay $14.95. It is pretty cheap if you think about how the book itself is being offered.

As for the PDFs and Audiobooks, you will have specific pages to have access to them. For the PDF, you will need to buy it off on Amazon. It is the only legal way to acquire it and add it to your Kindle. For the Audiobook, you will click on the option on the Upsell page and buy it there. It costs $27, which is definitely more than the physical copy’s shipping fee. Nonetheless, if you prefer audiobooks, you should definitely not pass on this one.


Audio Book: $27

Sales Story Secrets: $97

Funnel Scripts: $697


  • Highly informative
  • Very straight-forward in what it is teaching
  • Written by a real expert in copywriting
  • Is associated with Click Funnels, especially with Funnel Scripts
  • Absolutely free


  • The audiobook is quite expensive, unlike its physical counterpart; It may be cheap, but it would have been great if it is a bit cheaper than $27.
  • The PDF should be available along with the physical copy.


I personally enjoyed the book. It provides the necessary information to maximize your skills and improve your copywriting tremendously. Even if you do not have any idea on how to write an amazing copy, Copywriting Secrets will help you get started. The training is pretty laid-back and provides a non-confusing explanation of each strategy.

Plus, the fact that it is being offered for free makes everything a lot better than it is now. The shipping costs are not too bad since they are all at their regular prices. The only problem I see is that the variations are scattered and actually costs more than the original one.

All in all, it is a great book that a lot of marketers should read. It may be intimidating to some marketers, but it is still a great book to start your career.

So, what did you think about Copywriting Secrets? Do you plan on getting it? If you have any thoughts on the book, let me know in the comments down below. And if you have any questions that need answering, feel free to send me a message on Facebook Messenger.


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I hope you have enjoyed my Copywriting Secrets Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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