CB Masters Academy Review – A Fantastic Clickbank Course by Sean Bagheri

Hello! My name is Navjot Singh and I extend you a warm welcome to my review of CB Masters Academy.

In the current COVID19-affected world, online business has taken the lead in helping people generate income safely from the comfort of their homes. If you have made your way to my review page, then it must mean that you are planning to look into some online business options.

You must have found out about the CB Masters Academy course and have been thinking of buying it or researching more about it before you can take your decision to buy it. Certainly, you must be thinking if the course is worth investing in or not?

Well, you are here now and not to worry, I have these answers for you!

In this course review, I will provide a detailed review of the CB Masters Academy course, a training program created by Sean Bagheri. All the questions you have in mind will present my full effort to address every one of them.

All topics will be covered here, such as what are the Pros, what are the Cons, What is the Cost, Whether it will suit someone like you or not? I will also explain all the exclusive contents that only members can access to know what you are getting when you become the program’s member.

NOTE: All those of you that have visited my site before or know me to know this. But for those who are new, I want to make sure that you know this. I never suggest or review any programs without using a paid version of the program myself. I always take the course, test the learning in real life, and check if the course works out as promised. Only after this, do I review and suggest any product.



What is CB Masters Academy?

It is a comprehensive online course that promises to teach you how to use certain techniques and strategies to earn high income by being an affiliate marketer on the ClickBank platform. Even in 2020, ClickBank has maintained its position as one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers to generate very handsome revenue figures.

The CB Masters Academy course is divided into nine modules, each prepared by Sean himself using his personal experience to become a super affiliate on ClickBank. These are not some shortcuts or tricks that he teaches to make you rich overnight, but these are the genuine educational content that has given him success on the ClickBank platform.

But yes, the course promises that you will start earning a recurring amount once you understand the learnings and start implementing them properly. And guess what, if you do it right, then you need not even be actively present online for earning; the system will keep earning for you even when you sleep!

And if all of these were not enough, Sean’s company offers you a full refund guarantee!

Still in doubt whether to buy this course? Let me take you through the course details, and you can decide for yourself if it is worth buying.


Who Is Sean Bagheri?

Sean Bagheri, the course creator, is also the founder of one of the largest and successful online companies that train people in creating successful online businesses – the Aversity.

The basis of creating the CB Masters Academy is the actual experiences the course creator faced while he started his journey in online affiliate marketing.

Just like everyone else, Sean also dreamt of achieving financial freedom, but he had to face very tough challenges from the beginning. Dropping out of college, juggling between part-time jobs and devoting time to his online business ventures, he had to struggle for more than ten months to earn his first online commission.

Determined to make a positive impact on others and ease the journey of his students in online affiliate marketing, he founded the Aversity, where he teaches not only the CB Master Academy course but also many other training courses as well. Through the Aversity, he also provides a critical support system to many online businesses to generate profitable incomes and upscale their business revenues sustainably.


What Do You Get In The CB Masters Academy Course?

Here is an insider’s view of what you get when you buy the CB Masters Academy course. The course is split into nine different modules:

cb-masters-membership area

Module 1 (The Winning ClickBank Strategy) :

By now, you must know that ClickBank is one of the most widely used platforms for successfully generating online revenue. The flip side of this advantage is that ClickBank is crowded. Many experienced affiliate marketers have already established themselves on this platform, so it will be extra hard for you if you are planning to start now.

This first module from Sean will cover the strategies that he recommends making sure that you stand against all the odds and make your business successful on the already crowded ClickBank platform. He will guide you through the technicalities of all the promotional and affiliate processes of ClickBank and how you can stay ahead of the competition when you provide a better value proposition to your prospective customers.

Module 2 (Choosing the Right Product to Promote)

The products that you choose to promote to your prospective customers establishes your credibility amongst them. Also, with many experienced marketers already promoting several products, it becomes pertinent for you to choose how you can get a better success rate.

In this module, Sean guides you through the various qualities and features that should be present in ClickBank products to enable you to shortlist them for your business. He also provides you with lists of products based on your interest areas, which could benefit your business.

Module 3 (Your Core Business Strategy)

In the previous modules, you get coverage on the marketing platform, and the products offered to prospective customers. Now comes the question that why these prospective customers will choose you and not any other affiliate marketer. This module takes you through the process of value addition that you can do to establish yourself as the preferred choice for any prospective customer. You get access to strategies that you can use to create and subsequently offer bonuses to prospective customers to attract their attention and generate more sales.

Module 4 (Build Your Website)

Websites play a central role in any online marketing business. The website acts as an interface where visitors come to see your content and offers, and based on what they see; they decide if they want to buy your products. So, you can very well understand how important creating the right website is for your online business. Sean and his team will guide you through how to build one.

Not only that, they are also going to show you how and what content needs to be added to the website. And the best part is that all of this will be explained to you in LIVE sessions. This means that you can directly watch how all of this is done. After going through this module, you will be able to build the website to promote your online business and run all your marketing campaigns. Through this module, you can launch your website and generate traffic from all the internet search engines.

Module 5 (YouTube Traffic)

YouTube has become a very popular platform where people come to see videos of almost everything. It is always perceived that a prospective customer looking to engage with a seller will be better convinced and will bear a higher chance of conversion when there are video content strategies involved.

Using YouTube as an effective channel to attract your prospective customers has been a proven technique used by many affiliate marketers. In this module, you will be taken through the steps to create engaging video content and YouTube marketing strategies that will not only help attract more visitors to your business but will also generate an alternative income source from YouTube itself.

Module 6 (Search Engine Traffic)

With your website created and launched, once you have been through the previous modules, it will be ready to host the visitors that come to your website. But how do you let people know about your website? How to direct the required amount of traffic to your website to make sure that it becomes a successful venture?

You must be aware that people use search engines like Google to search for everything from their daily needs to costly purchases. So, it is obvious that you need to ensure your presence on these search engines. In this module, you will get answers about ranking your website among the top search results on search engines like Google. Getting continuous inflow of traffic is essential for any online business. This module will tell you how to optimize your web content to keep getting relevant traffic flow from these search engines.

Module 7 (Email Marketing)

Another established online marketing strategy is the email marketing process. This has been time and again been the go-to method for online marketers to generate traffic and engage with prospective and existing customers. This module will take you through the fundamentals of email marketing and how you can get the best benefit for your business by implementing the right email marketing strategies.

Module 8 (Solo Ads Traffic)

One of the best ways to run a successful campaign on ClickBank is to use Solo ads traffic. With your website and email content ready, you can get the relevant list of all emails that you can target to generate the business using solo ads traffic.

Relying on just organic traffic from search engines may not be enough in the current business scenario and hence, paid traffic techniques could yield far superior results. This module will take you through how to get solo ad traffic and the parameters you must assess before you purchase any of these solo ads. After you have been through this module, you will have a holistic idea of how to use solo ad traffic to run your business.

Module 9 (Elite Training & Weekly Updates)

This is one of the most crucial modules that will come in handy for you when your online business is up and running. Here you will get access to updates from Sean and other members of the CB Masters Academy program. The latest tutorials and ClickBank strategies will be made available to you through this module.

How Does The CB Masters Academy Program Work?

The program works on a simple principle of letting the learners learn at their own pace. Even though the Aversity offers many other services, this specific program focuses only on training you to do it yourself. You are taught the various strategies through live interaction sessions, personalized coaching sessions, weekly updates, additional learning material, and critical strategy sessions.

What’s the Cost Of CB Masters Academy?

The program is being offered on the Aversity website for $97. There is a current discount offer of 50% ongoing on the Aversity website, with which you also get access to many bonus contents.

Moreover, Sean also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. However, to qualify for any refund, you need to prove that you have followed the course instructions and guidance of the coaches. There are certain action-based terms and conditions set out by Sean’s company to prove that you have put in the requisite effort. These conditions are very simple:

  • You must at least stay engaged with the program for 7 days. You are not allowed to place your refund request before 1 week from the date of the start of the course.
  • You must regularly have interactions with the course members and coaches on the private Facebook group set up.
  • You must raise a minimum of 1 request for a personalized coaching session.
  • You must finish all the assignments given to you in each of the tutorial videos.
  • You must implement all the learnings you have obtained from the course and prepare a minimum of 1 campaign by yourself.


OTO & Upsell Offers

Once you purchased CB Masters Academy, then Sean will show you an upsell offer Aversity Gold Masterclass, which cost $297 (one-time). You can checkout the quality of content by signing up FREE for Gold Masterclass Bootcamp.


  • The program is designed to make it easy for beginners to learn the concepts of ClickBank affiliate marketing.
  • The program is offered at an affordable rate, along with a transparent action-based refund policy.
  • The program offers a personalized and self-paced learning experience.
  • The program receives updated content weekly, which makes the program even more relevant to the current times.


  • The program is more effective for beginners.
  • The program is oriented towards setting up and running an affiliate marketing business on the ClickBank platform only. Most of the strategies may be limited for usage only on ClickBank.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is ideal for anyone looking to start their online marketing affiliate business on the ClickBank platform. You can enroll in this program only if you can devote your efforts to follow the course content and guidelines. You don’t need to have an established website or previous affiliate experience to join this course.

Who Is This Program Not For?

This program is not ideal if you are looking to scale up your affiliate marketing business on the ClickBank platform or if you are someone who wants to expand their affiliate marketing business to other affiliate marketing platforms. This program is not for you if you cannot follow instructions from coaches or complete assignments given to you after each learning session.


Online businesses had started growing significantly in the last couple of decades, but with the impact that the COVID pandemic has had on the lives of all people around the globe, this growth has seen a drastic surge.

Due to the pandemic, most people are stuck inside their homes, and online business models are the only way to generate incomes and run their families successfully. The CB Masters Academy course provides you with impactful strategies and learnings that you can use to tide your way through these tough times.

In my honest opinion, after going through this program, I felt that the best part is the personalized experiences it has to offer. Most of the time, tutorial programs like these are prepared without considering the learner’s learning pace. However, even if you are a newbie in this field, you can take your time to gradually learn all the stuff about online affiliate marketing and test each of the learning for yourself.

With lifetime free access to the course content and the transparent 14-day refund policy, for me, this is one of the best training courses available currently to get you started with your online affiliate marketing business.

However, as I have said before, this course may not be of interest to you if you are an already experienced professional in this field. This course doesn’t cover much about the intricacies of scaling up an inline affiliate marketing business.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for going through my detailed review of CB Masters Academy. I hope you can now decide if you should buy this course. If you still have more questions, then please do let me know in the comments section below. I will revert to your queries to the best of my ability.


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What is CB Masters Academy?
CB Masters Academy is an online training course that teaches you how to get started with online affiliate marketing and establish yourself as a super affiliate on the ClickBank affiliate platform.

What Is Its Price? Is There A Payment Plan?
The CB Masters Academy course is being offered on the Aversity website at $97. There are no instalment payment plans, and you can make the payment using your credit or debit cards.

Is It A Scam Or A Legit Program?
It is a genuine initiative to help beginners in establishing their online affiliate marketing business. The fact that they offer refunds even for a learning course lends credibility to the course content.

What Is Their Refund Policy?
The program has a 14-day money-back guarantee. You need to prove that you have studied the course and have put in your best efforts by following their simple action-based refund policy.

Where To Get The Help Of The Support Team?
The program provides 24/7 personalized coaching access and any time support from the program community members available on its private Facebook group.


I hope you have enjoyed my CB Mastery Academy Review. If you have any doubt or query, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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