Aweber Review – Best Email Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps the reason why you have probably stumbled upon this review is that you are considering choosing Aweber as your email marketing service provider.

Well, that is not entirely unusual given that Aweber once dominated the email marketing platform for quite some time. It was a solid platform back then, but its meaningless updates eventually led to its downfall—which is a shame since I personally loved using it back in its glorious days.

But going back to this day, how well does Aweber hold on its own? Is it still a viable email marketing service despite its new, unappealing features?

In this review, I will be discussing everything about Aweber, whether it is still a good platform to use or is it better to choose an alternative instead.

Well, let’s find out.


What is Aweber?


As mentioned before, Aweber Communications was one of the most recognized and popular email marketing service providers, which accrued over 115,000 customers throughout the years.

Aweber was launched in 1998, which says a lot about its experience in service and popularity. Most of the praises they get are mostly directed to their high email deliverability rates as well as their amazing customer support. This means that Aweber makes sure that all of the emails that you have sent are 100% delivered to your all of your subscribers included in your list—which is what everyone wants.

Aside from that, Aweber also has one of the most simplistic autoresponders out there. With all the customization capabilities as well as reporting tools and analytics, no wonder it once reigned over the market for quite a long time. It gives you full control over the most important steps in email marketing, which is what every marketer need.

That said, you might be wondering why did Aweber fall behind its competitors. Well, to put it simply, a lot of its competitors are basically offering more accessible features than what Aweber currently has. Newer internet marketers crave for something more usable and accessible without any complications when using these services. 

Another thing these marketers want is up-to-date software that constantly adjusts to all of the trends and techniques available in the market. They want something more flexible and engaging when automating an email process.

That being said, I am not here to just say that there Aweber is not a good choice for an email automation service. It is actually still a pretty decent program that can be a solid choice depending on what business you have or what purpose you are using it for.

Well, enough of that. Let’s look at its current features.


Features of Aweber

Features-of -aweber

Drag & Drop Campaign Builder

The drag and drop feature has always been my favorite feature on all types of building software. It allows for an easy and hassle-free way of creating something, like sales funnels, email campaigns, landing pages, and other things that can be designed by this feature.

Aweber did not fail to incorporate this feature when building their campaigns. It also allows you to build automated follow-up sequences quite easily. 

Another thing is that you also have the option of adding and removing tags, which are automatically added to subscribers who have accomplished a specific action (e.g., clicking links, opening emails, etc.).

Although it is a solid feature, it is not as flexible like its competitors.

Create Multiple Forms per list

Aweber allows you to create multiple forms for each subscriber list you have. Through this, you can grow your email list quite easily and effectively with the use of content upgrades.

Content upgrades are valuable bonus content that is related to whatever blog you have created. It is like a cheat sheet or checklist that can be beneficial to your subscribers. The only catch is, they can only get this in exchange for their email address. It ultimately means that these content upgrades act like lead magnets that can drive more traffic and produce more conversions on your email marketing process.

Not only that, your subscriber list will skyrocket quite tremendously once you have correctly incorporated this technique with Aweber’s feature.

Create Tags Automatically

This Aweber feature allows for you email automation process to become more personalized depending on your subscriber’s actions. If they click a link within the email you sent out, it automatically registers that action and assigns a tag based on whatever they clicked on.

For example, if you are currently offering something related to cars and included a link on something about choosing the right fuel; there is a chance that one of your subscribers will click on that link. This will then automatically let you tag this action, which will give you the prime opportunity to send them a newsletter about fuels. 

Keep in mind that personalized email newsletters are more likely to convert, unlike those that are not. This lets your subscribers know that you truly care for their wants and needs—which is a huge plus on your part.


This is where Aweber started to feel really outdated. The templates they offer are not in line with today’s generation. The templates have this 90s feel to it that makes it extremely unappealing to your subscribers—making it achieve little to no conversion at all. 

The only thing that saves Aweber from these templates is the fact that you can easily create your own design by using its own editor. You can also use third-party applications for this feature, but why to bother if you can use its own form editor—plus, you would probably prefer to avoid paying for more tools.

Split-Testing Opt-in Forms

Split-testing has always been a feature that most marketers want their service providers to have. Thankfully, Aweber has this feature when it comes to testing your opt-in forms.

This will allow you to put your two forms against each other to see which one performs well. All you have to do is create two copies of the same form you want to split-test and change its design, font, content, or whatever you want. 

After that, Aweber will generate a code for you to install to your website, which is programmed to show these two forms to your audiences in an alternate manner.

Automatic Follow-Up Emails

Whenever someone becomes your subscriber, it is important to have a follow-up email to them as a form of a welcome email. This will help solidify your relationship, which will keep them entertained and be part of your loyal subscriber list.

Aweber has an automatic follow-up feature that lets you automatically send out a welcome email, regardless of what contents it may have (that is for you to decide).

  • Sending a free eBook – If you’ve ever wanted to send a free eBook to people who joined your subscriber list, you can include it here. It is actually an amazing lead magnet if done correctly.
  • Ensure that they know more about what you are offering – A new subscriber might still be unfamiliar with your content or offers, which is why this follow-up email will let you send them everything they missed out prior to joining your subscriber list.
  • Create an announcement of an event or a special offer – What better way than sending out an announcement of upcoming events or special offers that they might want to know about. This will create a very solid relationship.
  • Establish the things that they should expect from you – This is important, especially if you want to them to stay longer. Letting your subscribers know what they should expect from you is essential because if you did not, they might not enjoy your content—making them unsubscribe from you eventually. So, let them know firsthand as to avoid these instances.
  • Promote your affiliates – This feature also lets you promote your affiliate links quite efficiently. The only problem is that most subscribers are not very fond of overly promoting products, especially if they are from affiliates. Your approach is entirely up to you to make it more genuine and less robotic in tone. I suggest relating to the products you promote to your customers.

It is an amazing feature that lets your subscribers interact with all of your emails.

Customer Support

A lot of Aweber users will definitely agree with me when I say that Aweber has one of the best customer support systems in the marketing world. 

They are incredibly good at helping you solve any issues that may pop up on your way. Plus, their response rate is quite fast. You can actually get valuable answers through email in less than 24 hours. The reason for that is they are available 12 hours per day, Monday to Friday. 

You can contact their customer service agents via phone, live chat, and email support. If you contact them regarding some problem you have encountered, they can actually solve it within minutes depending on the gravity if the issue.

So, hats off to them for doing their job tremendously.

How much does Aweber cost?  

Aweber offers a pretty affordable price range. The rate specifically depends on how many subscribers you currently have, and will only ask you to upgrade your plan once you go over the subscriber limit.

The great thing about Aweber’s pricing is that it does not limit you from any of its features, only the number of subscribers. This is quite rare when it comes to email marketing programs since you will have to pay for more in order for you to enjoy some advanced features.

Here is the pricing information:




  • Supports automatic tagging per action done by a subscriber.
  • Has a full-featured 30-day free trial.
  • It offers an amazing interface for creating autoresponder emails.
  • Integrates quite efficiently with a lot of 3rd party tools and services.
  • Unparalleled customer support.


  • Duplicate subscribers and unsubscribers are counted towards your limit.
  • The templates of forms and email designs are very outdated.
  • Limited automation.
  • Clunky email and form builders with limited customization options; it is only made better with its drag and drop feature.
  • No split testing support for emails; it is only limited to its form opt-ins.

Aweber Affiliate Program

Aweber also has an affiliate program, which you can join quite easily. All you need to do is sign up here, and you are all set.

Aweber’s affiliate program offers quite a handsome commission percentage whenever you make a sale. You gain 30% commission for every sale, and that is quite a lot if you ask me.

Is Aweber the email service provider for you?

Well, that depends on what you are planning on doing for your business. That is because the usage of Aweber has is only applicable to small businesses and bloggers of sorts.

If you want to build a solid business with a significant following, then I believe that Aweber is not the one for you. It is not recommended if you only plan on making it big.

That said, if you just want to run a small business or a blogging site and eventually generate a consistent profit, then Aweber is perfect for you.

Although it can still be used if you already have a bigger following, I highly advise against it since there are tons of email marketing services that cater to bigger businesses, examples are ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit.

Aweber vs. MailChimp


Aweber and MailChimp may have some similarities, but then again, each also has features that are not present on the other. 

In this section, I will be comparing the two in a straight-to-the-point manner, without having to elaborate too much. That way you do not have to waste too much time on reading long paragraphs since if we are going into too much detail, we may have to write a whole article about it.

Reasons to choose Aweber than MailChimp

  • Aweber is cheaper.
  • You can create or code your own templates on any Aweber plan, unlike MailChimp, which charges a premium cost for this.
  • Aweber’s autoresponders are easy to set up than in Mailchimp (although it is pretty basic).
  • Aweber has a lot more templates available than MailChimp (700+ to Mailchimp’s 100).
  • There are no limits in sending emails.
  • Aweber’s user interface is a bit outdated and looks quite unappealing than what MailChimp has; however, it is much easier to use and less confusing than MailChimp’s.
  • The e-newsletter builder is a bit easier than what MailChimp has.
  • You have access to a library of stock images that you can use in your layouts for free.
  • You can create forms and send them to multiple lists in Aweber; Mailchimp does not have this feature/option.
  • Aweber has a very extensive support system that is very useful, especially if you encounter a lot of problems along the way. The support team is very hands-on and responds to queries at an incredible speed.

Reasons to choose MailChimp rather than Aweber

  • MailChimp has a free plan.
  • You can host an email list if you have less than 500 subscribers.
  • MailChimp’s Autoresponder and marketing automation functionality is significantly better than Aweber’s.
  • MailChimp provides a preview of what your email will look like on a mobile device.
  • Its RSS to email functionality is better than Aweber’s.
  • Has a much wider range of integrations with third-party apps.
  • It has an available send time optimization functionality.
  • Using different languages for thank-you and confirmation pages is more achievable out-of-the-box.
  • You get a free landing page creator.

In the end, it is all about preferences on what you want your email marketing program to have. Each is good in its own ways, and personally, I prefer Aweber because it has features that are useful for my business.


Aweber has a lot of useful features that are beneficial to all bloggers and small-time online business owners. Although there may be some limitations in its all in all features, it is still a solid email service to use.

I may have mentioned before that Aweber is now running behind its competitors, unlike in its glory days where it is in fact, one of the best email providers available on the internet. That is because of its unnecessary changes in the recent updates. Plus, its interface is pretty outdated, which leads to a lot of users switching to another email service provider.

And in that respect, I recommend Aweber to those who are still starting out their email marketing careers, bloggers, and small business owners because of its basic features. If you are looking to increase your following, you will have more chances of success in using an alternative email service provider.

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