Is Aweber Really Paying Their Affiliates Partners on Time ?

Is Aweber Really Paying Their Affiliates Partners on Time ?

My name is Navjot Singh, and I am working as an Aweber Affiliate for more than one year. During the time of working, I have generated my first cheque worth $51.40, and as per Aweber records, they have sent the check to my communication address on 17th December 2015.

aweber commission check

But over waiting for three months, when I don't received the Check, I have contacted their support team via Live Chat and told them, that I don't received my affiliate commission cheque till yet, so kindly re-issue me a new check. They suggested me to wait for one more month, if I received it, then its fine, otherwise they will cancel it and reissue me a new check. I said them Okay.

As per their suggestion, I waited for the cheque again for more than two months, but it never delivered to me. So, I again contacted Aweber Support team and submitted my request regarding reissuing of the new check. They took my request and told me that they have cancelled my old check and issued a new check, which will be delivered very soon to your mailing address. Again, I keep waiting for the cheque, but over two months has been passed, but the check has not been delivered yet.

Now comes the interesting part in the story. Earlier this month i.e. on August 8th, 2016, I have created a new Aweber account to test their mailing service. As you know, that Aweber sends a personalized welcome email via post, when someone creates a new account with them. So, under this facility, they have sent me a welcome letter via post. You will be amazed to know that it takes only 16 days to receive an international mail, delivered to my home address (Patiala, INDIA).

Aweber Welcome Email

So, my question is that when aweber can deliver the welcome letter successfully to an international address, which is exact same for getting affiliate commission cheque, then why I don't received it, till yet ?

My question to aweber is that they really paying there affiliate honestly, or they were just holding the amount in their bank account?  Is their Affiliate Manager showing any interest to know, that their affiliate partners are facing any problem or not ? OR Are they are getting their affiliate payments on time or not ?

Note to AWeber Management: You are still paying your Affiliate Partners via Checks only, and don't introduced any other alternative payments method ? Do you know that long time ago, the 20th century already ended. Now, We’re living in 2016, so why don't you use Paypal, which is more convenient and fastest payment options for paying affiliate commission! Why don't you go paperless by using epayments and save trees, and do something good for the environment ? Think about that !

Now, I am thinking that when I don't recieved my first cheque till yet, then it is quite possible that I have to wait for months and months, to get my future earnings.

Aweber Commission Check

I hope that Aweber Management will take at look at my payment issue and try to resolve it on urgent basis. [I will update this post, whenever I get any positive response from Aweber.

By the way, If you're also like me i.e. working as an affiliate for Aweber and facing similar situations for getting payments, or gone through similar circumstances in the past. Kindly share your experience with me.. I would like to hear your story ? Submit your comment below. Thanks.

 —— UPDATE (Aug 24, 1:56 PM EDT)  ——

An email response received from Aweber  :-

Hello Navjot,

Thank you for contacting the AWeber Customer Solutions Team!

I'm sorry to hear you have not received your check as of yet. I can verify the checks dated 12/17/15 as outlined in your screen shot was sent from AWeber on 01/07/2016. I do apologize, however we are not able to control if a letter is lost in the mail. I can assure you the checks are sent at around that date we send your the email regarding your commissions.

All affiliate checks expire 6 months from the issue date. When an affiliate check expires, a check can be reissued and sent out upon request. Reissue requests are accepted between 180 days and 12 months from the original issue date. Requests submitted any later than 12 months after the original issue date will not be honored.

A reissue request received prior to the expiration date will only be honored if the physical check is returned. Once the check has been received, we will begin the reissuing process however, I cannot guarantee this will expedite the process. I am not able to see your check has been returned to us, if it was returned for any reason we would send an email to the email address on file to notify you.

Taking a look at your account, the minimum check amount is currently set to $200. Your next check will be generated once your commissions have reached this amount. I have submitted your information to have the check recut.

I do apologize, we do not over epayments or paypal payments at this time. I'll certainly submit this as a request to our management team, though. If we do offer this as a new feature in the future, we'll announce it on our blog at:

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!


Update : 3rd October 2016 : Issue Resolved

So, Finally, I received the Cheque from Aweber worth $51.40. Below is the image :-



I really appreciate the Fast response from Aweber Affiliate Team. Thanks very much.

with best regards,

Navjot Singh


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