Amazing Selling Machine Review (ASM 12) : Is It Still Working ?

Online working is prominent and profitable way of earning nowadays. Success is very evident to those who are eager on working online marketing in the world of business. However, there is always a chance of failure. One of the most popular and widely used today is the Amazing Selling Machine or ASM. It is considered as one of the most prevalent and successful Amazon using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) courses today.


What is Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)?

Amazing Selling Machine or ASM, is considered as essential and comprehensive training program that was developed by some experts that helps you leverage the power of Amazon to create a profitable and fast-growing business anywhere in the world or even from the comfort of your own home.

From the name and popularity of the program (ASM), it is not considered cheap and it needs a serious person that would build an Amazon FBA business that are eager to earn by following thoroughly the program. It comes from a hefty price and needs to be built systematically, thus the rewards to be received is great especially on knowledge that could change your life and the way you look at the entire digital world.

Amazing Selling Machine provides complete training guide to its members that teaches how to sell items effectively by using the biggest selling platform which is the Amazon. Moreover, that’s not the only thing that you would get from ASM. They would show you and help you on how to build a profitable brand that you can later sell for some amount that you are not expecting.

Who is Behind the Success of Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)?

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback created the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) together with their two instructors, Mike McClary and Rich Henderson. They started the program since 2012. Almost every year they produce and update their product to improve their training to keep up with the changing world that they were able to come up to their eleventh edition that is about to be released.

Is ASM for you?

The Amazing Selling Machine does not require experience in online marketing. However, it is definitely not for everyone. Success is not possible if it is not taken seriously. ASM requires someone who is willing to take a serious action. It needs someone who can dedicate the time to watch all the videos (a couple hours a week), and then do the process step by step.

Action that is needed is not only on completing the modules but also taking action on investing a large amount of money in purchasing samples and buying inventories for your business.

Selling on Amazon is not easy because of competition. There are a lot of obstacles and problems that you can encounter. It is very important to communicate with your mentors to mitigate those challenges.

Starting your business needs capital, moreover with ASM. The price is $4,997, it is a bit expensive compared to Proven Amazon Course that has a cheaper price, while they have the same process on selling on Amazon, they differ on the level of quality, which ASM has its advantages. Remember that not all success comes in a cheap price, but the result is what we are up to and the value for money.

A good investment comes back with a greater result that could last a lifetime. And another good thing is, the Amazing Selling Machine is open for all even if you are inexperienced in online marketing.

What’s Inside the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM 12)?

The Brand New 8-Module Online Web Class

Start, launch, and scale on Amazon FAST with this step-by-step program you can watch anytime right from your own home!

– Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process and Mindset

It is all about getting started by setting up your mindset that you need and be introduced to all the benefits and features of the course.

– Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List

You will be taught to set up your Amazon seller account. You have the opportunity to find and select a good product to sell on Amazon.

– Module 2: Suppliers, Samples & Profit Numbers

In this module, you will be taught how to source your product from China and the US. Samples will also be given to you in order for you to evaluate it for your potential product. You can decide whether you go or not for it.

– Module 3: Purchasing Your Inventory & Creating Your Brand

You will learn on this module how to create a brand name as well as designing your packaging and how to get your inventory into Amazon to start selling.

– Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets

It is now about building your own brand’s website and setting up your social media profiles that will attract all potential clients.

– Module 5: The Perfect Product Page

The 8 components for perfect product page will be introduced to you to make your product a success in Amazon listing.

– Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

ASM product launch ranking strategy will be introduced in this module to help you get as much traffic to make your first sale and get some initial reviews.

– Module 7: Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools

You will learn Amazon sponsored ads that will help you get more traffic. You will also learn on customer service system to make your business better with communicating with your customer.

– Module 8: Taking your Business to a Higher Level

The last module where you can learn to scale your business and how to increase revenues. It will also teach you in building a team to help your business grow.

Access the Private and Exclusive Community

Get insider-only strategies and meet top Amazon sellers in the private community. Lifetime access included with ASM!

Personal Support from the ASM Mentors

Build your business faster and easier no matter your experience level with this team of highly successful Amazon sellers ready to help you!

Private Resource Vault

This is where you can download a PDF form that is related to each video lessons from the course that will serve as your reference in reviewing everything that  you have learned.

Supplementary Lessons

Nine videos will be given to you which consists of interviews from successful ASM members and final coaching video.

What will You Get from ASM12?

The new edition which is the Amazing Selling Machine provides improvement of the course. It has newly refreshed eight modules web class. Over 120 video lessons that will guide you step by step in creating Amazon FBA business from beginning onwards.

Live coaching calls is one of the most effective ways of ASM program. In ASM, eight newly set of weekly coaching calls are provided by Mike McClary and Rich Henderson to answer all your queries on the process.

Dan Ashburn’s team manages to earn $12 million in annual sales for Amazon brands. Good thing in ASM, they are also sharing their strategies for their members to gain more success.

Amazon Branding Tool Suite will be provided as an automated set of tools that makes building your brand on Amazon even easier.

A brand new tool will be provided to help you find the trending opportunities for more sales with low competition which is the New Amazon Market Research Chrome Extension.

ASM now will help you in sourcing your product by finding three suppliers and negotiate minimum order quantity (MOQ) and price for you which is the Private Sourcing Agent Bonus.



  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • ASM 6-Month Buy Success Promise
  • There are no upsells
  • Special Discount for Buyers
  • Email & Live Chat Support


  • Price is not affordable for everyone, but worth the investment.

What I Like …

  • Complete Amazon Training System from beginning up until you can do it on your own in which having success is already on your own hands.
  • Lessons given were simplified to make it easier for the member to apply including supplementary PDF for your reference.
  • Can communicate with FB group and ASM mentors for guidance and queries.
  • It provides coaching thru calls which is very helpful.
  • It provides discounts on tools like JungleScout and ManageByStats.
  • Update and improvement is always on the go towards success.
  • It has a 30-day money back guarantee and 6-Month Buy Back Guarantee to ensure that it is a risk-free program.

What I Dislike …

  • It comes in a bit expensive price which is $4,997, and may not be in the budget range of some people.

How Much Does ASM 12 Cost?

Amazing Selling Machine 12 has a one-time fee that cost $4,997. If you wish for another option, it has an installment plan for six months which is $997 monthly payment. Amazing Selling Machine Bonuses are available from other mentors that you will be joining including Amazing Machine Bonuses.

If you are interested to join ASM, it is best for you to join as soon as you can, so it locks you in the current price point for prices may change every time there is an update and improvement. By doing so, you will get access to their new version of ASM as it comes out.

If you are looking for the best guarantees in an online course, ASM12 provides best guarantees to make you comfortable to start on this online course.

ASM has a full 30-day guarantee to go through the modules and do the process from selecting the product and sourcing it from a supplier. If you feel it is not working for you, you can request your money back.

It has also a 6-month Buy-Back Promise in which you can do the process of the course for six months. If you decide not to continue because of your own reason, the ASM will buy your Amazon business from the cost of the course up to $5,000 worth of inventory.

This will make Amazing Selling Machine as a risk-free program that will help you build your own success without the worry of not getting anything back if you change your mind for any reason.

Why You Should Buy this Training Program?

If you are looking for the most popular E- Commerce training program that would help you succeed with online marketing, your best option is Amazing Selling Machine.

Why to Enroll?

  • Make extra monthly income working from anywhere in the world.
  • Build an online brand that generates consistent cash-flow and builds an asset.
  • Gain financial freedom and be your own boss.

Who Should NOT Enroll?

Those who cannot afford the program due to its pricing.

Is It Worth the Price?

Online-Marketing world is vast, and provides much opportunity for everyone. ASM is one of the most popular that is widely used today. However, it is not accessible for everyone because of its high price tag which is $4,997.

But considering their procedures and benefits for its members towards success, it surely is very promising when it comes to achieving your goal in Online business, moreover if you do it with hard work. If you were able to follow their steps and grasp the success that you are achieving, the money that you used will be worth it for your success. You should consider it as an investment for yourself and for your business. Anyway, you have nothing to worry about the price since as I’ve mentioned earlier, it is a risk-free product.

Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam or Legit?

The most common questions before going into any business opportunity especially if it involves investment is to ask whether it is a scam or legit. That is why it is best to consider the information about the company that includes their product, how it works and testimonials from its members to ensure if it is truly legitimate.

The price tag of ASM is one of the factors to review the company if they are legitimate for earning in online marketing. The high price tag only shows that this opportunity is not accessible to everyone but if you can avail, it would be a great start for profitable e-Commerce business. Money risk is not a question because ASM has its 30-day money back guarantee and 6-month Buy Back Promise if you are not satisfied with the process.

Looking at the company’s journey when it started back from the year of 2012, it’s consistently evolving and doing all latest improvements on their products by updating their procedures to make it better.

Both Matt and Jason have reviews and testimonials that shows their credibility in online marketing world.

Members of ASM has given an opportunity to interact with real people and mentors through their private Facebook groups for additional support, training and updates.

If you are looking for more different reviews and testimonials coming from Amazing Selling Machine, their answer would entice you to join because of its success given to entrepreneurs. Thus, ASM is considered as legit and not a scam.


Making great money online is very promising yet it needs to be properly used or else it will go away in a blink of an eye. There is no such thing as easy money if you join this system. Always consider having a stretchable budget, as business always comes with a price, not only in the course itself but so does your Inventories, websites and everything related to it.

Amazing Selling Machine is full of opportunity, but it requires a lot of hard work, which will surely pays out more than what you invest and expect when you achieve your goal and become successful in this industry.

Learn more about ASM and find out how it leads your business towards success!


What is Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)?
Amazing Selling Machine or ASM, is considered as essential and comprehensive training program that was developed by some experts that helps you leverage the power of Amazon to create a profitable and fast-growing business anywhere in the world or even from the comfort of your own home.

What is Price of Amazing Selling Machine ?
Amazing Selling Machine 11 is available at a price of $4,997 (one-time) or you have to pay $997/month for next 6 months.

Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam or Legit?
Amazing Selling Machine is definitely not a scam, and it is 100% legit.

What is the refund policy?
Amazing Selling Machines comes with 30-days money-back guarantee.

How do I log in to ASM Membership Area?
The Buyers Can login to Amazing Selling Machine Membership Area by clicking here.


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I hope you have enjoyed my Amazing Selling Machine Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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