Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Hello everyone! My name is Navjot Singh, and I’m glad as well as thankful that you’re taking the time to read my review on the Affiliate Tube Success Academy program. Since you’re here, it’s safe to assume that you’ve heard of the program. You might be interested in buying it, or simply want to know the inside details of the program before you make a decision.

I’m here with this review to help you get a clear idea about the program. Affiliate Tube Success is an affiliate marketing training course using some clever and efficient methods. It’s designed by Paul Murphy, a successful marketer himself.

I am going to review this program in as much depth as possible, explaining its content, cost, pros, and cons, whether it’s effective, and much more. And that’s not all – I will also show you what the membership area looks like so you can get an exclusive sneak peek into the actual program beforehand! So let’s get into the details of Affiliate Tube Success.

Note to Readers: All my reviews are based on programs that I have personally purchased and tested. I only recommend programs that I have tried myself and ensured that they deliver what they promised.


What is Affiliate Tube Success?

Affiliate Tube Success is a training program on affiliate marketing, mainly using YouTube videos. The program has a specific goal-oriented approach. It teaches you to create captivating YouTube videos for products, and then draw organic traffic to those videos by promoting it with search engine optimization.


A major attraction of this program is that it claims to teach unique white hat techniques that ranks your videos on the first page of Google search in a short time.

As a result, you will be using YouTube videos as a free advertising channel for your products. And since you will be focusing more on organic traffic instead of paid traffic, it cuts down your costs and provides higher conversion rates. While YouTube affiliate marketing is the main focus of the program, it also includes lots of lessons on other aspects of affiliate marketing.

Who Is Paul Murphy?

Affiliate Tube Success is created by Paul Murphy, a successful affiliate marketer, and a public speaker and consultant. His specialty is promoting products as an affiliate through the YouTube platform. Over the years, he has developed his own promotion technique through YouTube and Google without paying for ads and traffic.

Having made a substantial income with his method, he designed the Affiliate Tube Success program to share his techniques with other enthusiastic marketers. The program mostly revolves around the combination of video and search engine marketing because that is where his specialization lies.

If you want to know more about Paul Murphy, you can find multiple videos on YouTube, where he discusses his program as well as affiliate marketing in general.

What is the Course Content of Affiliate Tube Success, and What Does It Offer?

The Affiliate Tube Success program consists of 9 modules. I want my readers to know more than just the name or topic of the modules. That’s why I’ve briefly explained what is taught in each one of them.

Module 1: The 24-Hour Ranking System

The first module explains Paul Murphy’s 24-hour ranking system. He teaches how his system works so that you, too, can follow it and rank on the first page of Google search in less than 24-hours.

Module 2: Live Ranking Case Studies

Here, we see him present various case studies on the implementation of his technique. He demonstrates live examples to show how his methods land YouTube videos on top ranks in Google.

Module 3: What is The Best Free Traffic Source

In this module, Paul brings our attention to different free traffic sources. He then discusses the efficiency of each source and also justifies why YouTube videos are one of his highly preferred source for free traffic.

Module 4: Where to Find Untapped Products to Promote

The efforts of an affiliate to promote a product are all in vain if the product itself is not worth it. So this module shows where aspiring marketers can find products with the most potential and how to promote them.

Module 5: Using the Power of 3 to Explode Conversions

This section has Paul explaining the behavior of consumers when they search or purchase a product. Understanding the mindset and behavior of buyers is tremendously useful in convincing people to purchase your product.

Module 6: Equip and Setting up YouTube

Since YouTube is going to be the main platform, you need a YouTube channel to implement what you learn in this program. So this module covers the A-Z of starting your YouTube channel from scratch and getting used to making and uploading videos regularly.

Module 7: Magic of the 24-Hour Ranking System

Now, this is where you learn the full details of Paul’s method as he teaches you the exact steps of his 24-hour ranking system. So you finally get to know how you can rank your videos on top of Google search results within 24 hours.

Module 8: How to Cheat Finding Golden Key Words

This module focuses on how you can find the best keywords to rank for. It teaches you to understand the different aspects of keywords, such as their popularity, search volume, etc. And then you use that info to find Golden Keyword – the ones which have higher search volumes but lower competition.

Module 9: Proven 1k a Day Formula

The final module of the program wraps things up with another valuable lesson – Paul’s proven formula for generating 1k traffic every day. It helps you to get stable traffic on your videos for the long term.

Apart from these nine modules, you will also get access to the Affiliate Tube Facebook Group. There, you can find more experts as well as learners and discuss affiliate marketing related topics together as a community.

How Does the Program Work?

Paul’s technique of affiliate marketing is fairly simple to understand. Here’s how it works:

  • Find the right products to promote.
  • Make YouTube videos on the products and add affiliate links in the video description.
  • Promote the videos using his 24-hour ranking formula.
  • As the video takes top spots in Google search results, it draws lots of traffic.
  • Convert the visitors into paying customers.

Of course, all of these are easier said than done. But the course is designed to teach you all of it from scratch. And the training also moves forward step-by-step, as we already discussed in the course content. You start by understanding the basics of Paul’s entire system, and then you learn to find products, make video content, create your own channel on YouTube and promote your videos, then use Paul’s formula to get the videos on high Google ranking.

Due to the clear and well-defined schematics of this program, it’s not that difficult to follow through the course. The main thing is to put the lessons of every module into practice immediately.

What is the Price of Affiliate Tube Success Academy?

Affiliate Tube Success has a price tag of $997, which you can pay as a one-time cost or in three monthly instalments of $397. There’s no doubt that it’s an expensive product. So anyone will think twice before readily spending almost $2000 on a program. But the main highlight of the program is that it boasts teaching a technique that allows you to achieve top rank in Google search in less than a day.

Normally, it can take months for a page to even get it into the first page of search engines. If you can learn a way to do it in 24 hours, such information is definitely worth more than a few thousand dollars. Having said that, it would be better if the pricing was lower as many people can’t afford it even if they want to.

Upsells, Downsells, and Additional Purchases

There are no upsell offers.


  • Focused on video marketing, which is less competitive compared to social media marketing.
  • Based on free organic traffic, so it’s a cost-efficient method.
  • High value content where one can learn how to achieve top spots in Google searches very fast.
  • Short lessons in each module, so it doesn’t feel tiring.
  • Private Facebook group where you can get additional tips, motivation, and suggestions from the community.
  • Transparent and step-by-step approach makes the program easy to learn and implement.
  • No Upsells


  • The pricing may be issue for some students. Even though it has valuable content, the price tag will simply be out of reach for many aspiring learners.
  • Lack of versatility; it’s centered on video marketing and doesn’t teach much about promoting affiliate products through other channels.
  • Not suitable for people who are not comfortable with showing themselves on video.


Testimonials by People Who Tried the Program

Here’s what people who have tried this program have to say about it:

“I went on YouTube, and I put in the category that I’m involved with, and it was unbelievable! I’m actually the first video on that page!” – Ahmed

“The techniques that Paul uses, I haven’t seen anywhere else online. Most of all, what I really like about how he created the course is he makes sure you understand why you are using these techniques and how it all works together rather than just throwing information at you.” – Nicole

After thinking long and hard about whether I should pay the hefty price to purchase this product, I, too, did it for two reasons, which are as under:

Firstly, I wanted to see for myself is the program lives up to its claims to inform my audience about it.

Secondly, I wanted to get my hands on YouTube marketing as well since I already love the platform and personally feel like videos are an excellent way of communicating with customers.

I went through the entire course and was baffled to see it work. The first video I used the technique on was on top of search results in about 24 hours. The ranks are never constant and keep changing, but the program delivers strongly on its promise.

Who Should not Enrol for This Program?

This program is not made for you if:

  • You don’t like making videos or don’t want to operate a YouTube channel.
  • You are shy and don’t want to show yourself on videos.
  • You don’t want to limit yourself to just one source of traffic and want to learn in general about all the different channels of affiliate marketing,

A Summary of My Review on Affiliate Tube Success

Most marketing courses repeatedly mention that there are no shortcuts in marketing. But Paul Murphy’s Affiliate Tube Success breaks that notion and shows that there is a method to gain high search engine rankings incredibly fast.

Of course, the search result ranks are just one piece of the puzzle. Even when you draw in a large number of organic viewers on your videos, you have a long way to go from closing in the sales. But getting the traffic in the first place is where most affiliates struggle, and this program takes care of that. To make things better, it’s all organic traffic, so you don’t need to pay for costly ad campaigns!

Of course, Affiliate Tube Success is by no means a perfect program. It has its downsides, which some people may overlook, but others may not. The pricing is the first thing that might dissuade people from this course. Many people might consider spending a similar amount on a course that covers multiple aspects of affiliate marketing and not just work around YouTube and search engines.

The program has worked great for me so far, not financially but in terms of producing visible results. How much I can actually earn using Paul’s methods depends on my efforts too, such as the quality of my videos.

But the program works as it claims, and that strengthens my trust in it. Now one reason why I could successfully implement what I learned from Paul is that I already had an interest in video marketing.

So that’s what the main decision should be based on. If you’re particularly interested in YouTube affiliate marketing, this program will prove to be exceptionally valuable. If you’re somewhere in between where you don’t have a specific preference, but still willing and eager to explore the YouTube platform, the program will still work great for you.

That is as long as you stick to it and don’t change your mind midway. I wouldn’t recommend this program when someone is not interested in YouTube and videos-based affiliate marketing.

If you’re still having trouble forming a fixed decision, then why not try out the program yourself to find out? They have a 30-day refund policy so that you can try it out risk-free for a month. But there’s a catch – you need to follow these specific steps to claim a refund:

  • Complete the program and implement all that it teaches by making ten videos.
  • If those videos fail to rank top on Google even after using Paul’s formula, send them to his team within 30 days of purchasing the program.
  • They will check the videos to ensure that you followed all the steps from their formula. Once they confirm that the videos for the product you chose can’t rank on top of Google using their system, your money will be refunded in full along with an additional $100 for trying their program.

Try Affiliate Tube Success Risk-Free for 30 Days

Don’t want to take our word on it? Why not try the program for 30 days, and if it fails to bring the result that it promises, your money will be refunded along with $100 more for investing your time on it!

If you’ve read till here, I’m really grateful that you took the time to check out my review. And I hope that I was able to justify the time you spent by providing in-depth and concise information on all details of the Affiliate Tube Success Program. If you still have any doubts or confusion regarding this program, feel free to leave your comments and questions below. Having completed this program myself, I will be glad to assist you in any way I can.

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What is Affiliate Tube Success?
Affiliate Tube Success is a training program that teaches you to promote any affiliate product successfully through a combination of YouTube and Google.

How much does the Affiliate Tube Success cost?
The program costs $1997, which can be paid in a single payment or three monthly installments.

Is this a scam or a legit program?
Thousands of aspiring marketers have already used affiliate Tube Success, and they have even shown their results. They have strong credibility, so it’s a legit program.

Does Affiliate Tube Success have a refund policy?
There is a 30-day refund policy where if you complete the course and implement the formula but still don’t get the promised results within 30 days of purchase, you will get a 100% refund plus another $100!

I hope you have enjoyed my Affiliate tube success academy. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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