Chris Record’s Internet Marketing College Review + Joining Bonus

In the latest update, I just come to know that Chris Record, is going to launch a new and lucrative business opportunity named INTERNET MARKETING COLLEGE alias IMC. This announcement has first made in a closed-door event. Please note that IMC just a working name for now, however, the official name will be revealed during the official launch in August 2016.

Chris Record is a Super Affiliate and has developed several of his own products, which includes Dark Post Profits 2.0 (about Facebook advertisements) and SmartMember (a web-site membership software/system).
Chris Record Internet Marketing College

What is Internet Marketing College?

Internet Marketing College will be a real internet marketing college, where people from all over the world can come and attend the classes in person as well as Online. The IMC will give classes on different topics such as copywriting, Facebook Marketing, Shopify, SEO, etc. The courses and curriculum will get updates regularly so that the students gets latest and up-to-date information. The classes will be structured, with pre-tests and post-tests. The college will be open from Monday to Friday. The first ever college will be open in December.

Apart from Physical College, there will even be a digital version made available so that “international” students can attend as well. The international client will be able to participate in the class via live Webinar or Live Streaming.

internet marketing college

Chris Record resides in Roseville, but he is building a new second office and home in Scottsdale, Arizona. He already has an office, and employees in Arizona, establishing the Internet Marketing College. The office has room for 30 staff members now, expanding to 50 already.

Who will be Teachers for these Course?

In an interview, Chris Record has revealed that the most teachers, who teach these courses, will be 6 or 7-figure earners. Furthermore, Chris will also give tuition in this college as per his expertise and skills. Do you know that Chris Record has an incredibly simple to follow teaching style that many beginner entrepreneurs Enjoy and appreciate when it relates to understanding the internet marketing basic principles?

The tuition is good for two people and includes 120 Hours of Structured Education (four weeks) with the “best of the best” teachers for each class. There will be The typical week consist of 30 Hours, and the classes will be held quarterly, and the $10K covers your tuition fees (applicable for both offline and online students).

NOTE: Please note that the tuition fees as mentioned don't include travel and hotel expenses, so you have to bear these charges separately.

How much I have to Invest for this business ?

During Prelaunch, Chris is offering a special discount offer to join this business opportunity, under which you have to spend $12000 (All-In).

Third-Party Financing Option: If you reside in the United States or Canada there may be a financing option available for you.You may also request for payment to be split up into multiples if you’d like.

How to Join?

To participate, you first have to become Founders Alumni Members, called as F.A.M. Members by investing $12000 (All-In).>>> Click Here to Join IMC >>>Fortunately you found this page and can join right now to move “fast.”

Please note that Joining The F.A.M. Is A Non-Refundable Business Decision. If You Need Clarification Before Joining, contact me via me Facebook.

What is the Benefit of Early Joining during Prelaunch?

There are many reasons to join this fantastic business opportunity during prelaunch. The biggest benefit is entering early during prelaunch that you get automatically Grandfathered in the Internet Marketing College.

Other advantages are listed below:-

– You start to get training immediately.

– One of the biggest perks, those who joins this business during prelaunch that they will get auto-certified by Chris Record at all three product levels, which means that you don't have to make your first two certification sales, and will skip directly to the compensation plan. However, for everyone, who joins this business in August 2016, has to pass up first two sales to his sponsor as roll up sales for activation of account i.e. their first two sales will be pass-up or rolled-up sales (trainee sales). Thus, joining right now during prelaunch, you can bypass two sales activation process, which puts you on the fast track for making money asap without having to roll up two sales at each level first and only earn half commissions – this is a HUGE incentive!

– You become as an Affiliate and Start referring people right now.

– This early movers advantage gives you the approved ability to start promoting members during pre-launch and building your organization. So that, you can launch in August with tremendous momentum. This benefit alone is worth the price of admission!

What do I get on Joining?

  • You will receive 120 hours of in-class education at the Internet Marketing College for you and your partner to redeem for an entire year & activation for the tuition product in the compensation plan.
  • As F.A.M. member, you will be grandfathered into the Internet Marketing College when it launches in August 2016 with a full $10,000 tuition which you can share with your F.A.M. partner if you have one.
  • You will also be grandfathered into the $2,000 home study product, as well as a full year of the $100/mo inner circle product, so you don't need to pay recurring subscription worth $100/month for one year. Plus, it will also facilitate you to earn commissions on this products as well.
  • When you join the 7 Figure Traffic Academy, you are also joining our Founders Alumni Members, called the F.A.M.
  • When you subscribed to the 7 Figure traffic academy, you get access to dozens of hours of recorded content from previous masterminds conducted by Chris Record, along with access to a private Facebook group to connect with like-minded Academy members.
  • Detail of Internet Marketing College's Product:-

T.E.C. ONLINE (THE ENTREPRENEUR CLUB) – This inner circle product will act as Online Community and cost $100 a month.

As isn’t your typical music subscription or anything like that. With TEC, you’ll gain access to a FULL Forum with lots of types of subjects for example Facebook advertisements, E-Commerce, Shopify, ClickFunnels, Smart Member, YouTube, Client Selling, and much more!

The real difference maker here is that successful entrepreneurs in those groups will be “INCENTIVIZED” rewardingly to talk about what exactly is working for them, and exactly how properly to create success in those specific industries at all levels – specifically, if you are an inexperienced just starting out. The Entrepreneur Club is for you!

IMPACT SERIES (INTERNET MARKETING PRINCIPLES AND CORE TRAINING) – The Impact is a “home study” course which includes Coaching on how to begin online with Chris Record, who has produced 7 Figure Product Launches. Please be aware that Chris Record on a regular basis generates 6 or 7 Figures through various monetization methods every month (outside of being the co-owner of the internet marketing college). The price of the course is $2000 (one-time).

MASTERS TUITION – (COLLEGIATE STYLE EDUCATION FOR ENTREPRENEURS) – This is Tuition Class for the Physical Internet marketing college situated in Scottsdale, Arizona. You've got the opportunity to fly out to this internet marketing college for a week at a time to take classes face-to-face or attend it Online via Live-steaming on several subject areas such as Search Engine Optimization, Ecommerce, Video Marketing, Facebook advertisements, etc. The classes will be coached in ISD format (Instructional Systems Design) which usually is the same style used by UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX and essentially “Every” learning institution in existence.

ISD is precisely the same learning structure that you'd take a high school student and turn them right into a successful medical expert within ten years. Even Though Some folks enrolling for programs, who currently in internet marketing have already been online for a decade, but, have not made their first dollar online – simply because they still don’t discover where to get started.

This tuition course will cost you $10000 (one-time).

Internet Marketing College Compensation Plan:-

When you join this business opportunity during pre-launch, you will get up to 40% Commissions on all products. Any product you own, you automatically become an affiliate for that product and make commission only on that. To get the commission on all products, you have to go all-in.

Furthermore, all buyers get Hardcoded on their first purchase, so that you get the commission on future product sales also.

However, all those who joins this business later during official launching in August 2016, will get affiliate commission between 20% to 40%. For more detail regarding compensation plan click here >>>

Affiliate Marketing with Leverage: Two Tier Commission Model

Internet Marketing College also has Two Tier Commission Compensation Plan, under which on every fifth sale, out of 40% commission, your sponsor will get 20% commission, and you will keep the rest 20% commission. Please note that this is only applicable on every 5th sale only i.e. on 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, etc..

Unique Matching Million Bonus Offer:-

Under matching million bonus offer, Chris Record is offering cash bonus worth $100,000, when anyone make their first $100,000, and a matching $1,000,000 bonus on making your first $1,000,000. This bonus will be paid immediately via pay card.

Affiliate Contest to win a six-figure BMW i8 Hybrid Car:

Apart from this, Chris Record has announced an affiliate contest for its affiliate partners, under which for every $100,000 you earn, you get an entry into a raffle to win a six-figure BMW i8 hybrid car. This contest will run till 11/11/2016, and the winner will be chosen through a lucky draw.

How I Get Paid?

You get affiliate commission payout via pay card, which will be sent to your mailing address while joining the business. The card will be loaded with funds so that you can withdraw the money from the world. The Payment will be made minimum two times a month.

Do You have any Special Offer or Bonus, If I join under You?

Yes, of course, I am offering special bonuses to those, who enters this business under me. I Want To Assist You To Reach Your Goals. The More People I Help The Much more My Business Grows. Therefore, I Have A Vested Interest In Viewing You Get Results. Here's what you get when you join my team:-

  • Access to Our Team’s Membership website (Value worth $1000)
  • Done for Your Service (value worth $1999) – As a member of our team, you will get my Done-For-You services for FREE. NO Tech Skills Needed. Under this Service, you get access to Promotional Material, Follow-up Emails, Sales Funnels, Lead magnets etc.
  • Private Facebook Group: (value worth $500) You will get FREE access to Private FB Group so that you can ask me anything you want to know.
  • Exclusive CO-OP Opportunities for Promotion of Business (value worth $500)
  • Weekly Live Webinars to Discuss Marketing Strategies (Value worth $500)
  • Top Notch Support via Skype & Facebook (value worth $500)

Final Verdict:

After doing my research, I have come to the conclusion that Internet Marketing College is a Once-a-Lifetime Business Opportunity, through which some people will make money right away, while some will take a bit longer, and worst scenario some will make no money. That's the law of averages. There are so many factors to consider. However, my goal is to help my students get the fastest Return on Investment (ROI) possible, while at the same time making sure they get a quality education so that they can apply that knowledge in any business and gets benefited. So, If you are looking to join Chris Record's Tecademics, then join under me, and you don't regret your decision.


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